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Not having got much sleep last night, allow for some misspelling and or typo’s as I bang away on the keyboard in a coffee reduced stupor. The “ chance” that President –Elect Trump represents is just that, a chance to reshuffle the deck, starting with a quiet and diplomatic removal of Paul Ryan and Mitch […]

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On Trump: Women are much smarter than the media thinks

Each of us have unique gifts that most people hone over their lifetimes. Intellect is something that can be acquired, so even for folks who might start out with a lower IQ they can acquire deeper knowledge & understanding by simply exerting some time and energy to learn. That said, it is clear that their […]

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A Little Perspective Might Help

We learned yesterday that Donald Trump isn’t who you would want your daughter to bring to dinner with a quiet declaration “  Daddy, I think he’s the one”. We also had reinforced what a conniving lying criminal Hillary Clinton truly is. But I digress. Imagine if Jack Kennedy, Grover Cleveland or even Slick Willy were […]

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Michael Savage’s Version or Anthony DeFazios?

In an article entitled “ Are Refugees Really a Threat, the Numbers say No” that ran this morning on Bull Elephant author Anthony Defazio ,President of American Individualists , who also serves on the communication team with the Loudoun County Republican party attempts to make the case citing a variety of statistics that the threat […]

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“Necessities of Conservative Action” Premise Needs to be Challenged

Reading Steve Tucker’s article last week on Bull Elephant I was as usual appreciative of the knowledge , writing skill and perspective Steve always brings to these discussions.  He is a thoughtful and very deliberate observer of all things politic. He does however in this instance miss his mark. The article deals with the ineffectiveness […]

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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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