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A Bridge Back To George Allen

“The bridge back to me supporting Radkte has been burned, blown up and nuked to the stone age. I would vote for her in a primary if she was the only candidate against Allen, but that is how much I loathe an Allen candidacy.” ~ Chip Tarbutton comment on Sara for America blog It is […]

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What is VTPPF Drinking

VTPPF Gives Tim Kaine Early Christmas Gift

Do you hear what I hear?… it’s Democrat Senate Candidate Tim Kaine and his campaign staff laughing all the way to elections day. Today, Mark Lloyd, Chairman of the Virginia Tea Party Patriot Federation issue this press release,  specifically to call out George Allen because he dare to have people in the tea party people […]

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Virginia Businessman, Floyd Mays, provides answer to “occupy richmond”.

Floyd Mays, a local businessman and a Henrico Resident has released a Youtude video in response to the Occupy Richmond and Occupy Wall Street: He makes an excellent point, “We don’t have to occupy Richmond, but we do have to get involved”.

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Candidate for 56th District House of Delegates

Dr. David Brat seeks 56th House of Delegate Seat

Note: If you are searching for Dr. Brat’s Eric Cantor challenge in the 2014 primary, that story is located here. And if you were wondering what happened in this Va. House race, a group of 6 establishment Republican insiders went behind closed doors, met in secret to decide between the 6 candidates. They decided in […]

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Liberal “Civility” Alive and Well Right Here in Virginia

The new age of civility seems to be getting off to a rocky start. This video was brought to my attention and is both disturbing and a little shocking because I felt that even in Virginia there was still civility with in the political process, but I guess I was being optimistic. This is from […]

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Herman Cain Takes Early Lead In A New Iowa Poll

While we are at the just at the beginning of what is sure to be a heated GOP primary, a new poll released yesterday gives Herman Cain double digit lead, favored by 24%, over other potential GOP candidates. Coming in second is Mike Huckabee with 12%. The Iowa poll is important because, since 1972 the […]

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Conservatives in VA: Wake Up

There are some disturbing numbers being reported on the Public Police Polling website today. Just 4 short months after Republicans in Virginia ousted 3 incumbent democrats congressmen Obama is consider STRONG in Virgina. Here are the numbers as reported by Public Policy Polling blog, if the election were held today: Obama leads Mitt Romney by […]

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Obama Admin pays billions for foreign mosques

All I can say is this is the kind of reporting that SHOULD be done by MSM. This is from WSBTV Channel 2 out of Altanta. Kudos to them for having the guts to report.

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Is DNC Chairman, Tim Kaine, “stand in” organizer for Obama in WI

Yesterday, Politico’s Ben Smith posted this: The Democratic National Committee’s Organizing for America arm — the remnant of the 2008 Obama campaign — is playing an active role in organizing protests against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s attempt to strip most public employees of collective bargaining rights. OfA, as the campaign group is known, has been […]

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Teacher re-writes the Pledge of Allegiance

This is just wrong on so many levels, were do you even begin. First, a teacher has decided that the Pledge of Allegiance is too difficult for our kids to recite and has revised it to a “kid friendly” version. This is from the NEA website: Michael Szewczyk, a fourth grade teacher at Berkeley Terrace […]

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Growing Pains of the Tea Party

There was an interesting article in Washington Posts blog by Peter Guluszka, “Virginia Tea Parties need to grow up”. His article brings up some interesting points and some things I have pondered myself. Like this: The well-organized party movement was riding a wave in the run-up to the midterm elections in November. It was taking […]

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George Allen Respects Senator Webb’s Service

Today, Senator Webb announced that he would not seek re-election in 2012. George Allen, who had announced his intentions to seek the GOP nomination for the seat issued the following statement. “I respect Senator Webb’s service to our country and the very personal decision that he and his family have made. I did not enter […]

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George Allen credits Reagan “as man who drew me to public service”

Tomorrow, February 6th is not only Super Bowl Sunday will mark the anniversary of President Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday. Conservatives everywhere have been taking time to remember and pay tribute to one of the great Presidents of our life time. This includes Former Gov. and Senator George Allen, who recently announced that he was indeed […]

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Senate Is Expected To Vote on Obamacare Repeal…

… as soon as tomorrow! The momentum is really picking up to stop this law.  The Republican controlled house passed H.R. 2. just a few weeks into the 112th congress.  Yesterday, Federal Judge Roger Vinson became the second federal judge to rule Obamacare as unconstitutional.   In the U.S. Senate, Sen Jim DeMint was able to […]

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Virginia Senate Democrats Didn’t Get the Civility Memo

Yesterday,  Tom White posted about the Virginia Senate Democrats disregard for the rules. So, today I was not the least bit surprised when a friend in Sen. Stosch’s (R-12th) district call to tell me she just got a robo call from a group called Commonwealth Victory Fund, which is a Democratic Party 527 group. The […]

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Virginia Senate Republican Caucus 2011 Legislative Agenda

At a press conference on January 18th the Senate Republican Caucus announced their Legislative Agenda.  It includes measures to increase transparency and strengthen accountability in Virginia’s budget process, to oppose tax increases, to protect Virginia’s status as a Right-to-Work state and prevent the implementation of Card Check. Some of the legislation that the Senate is […]

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Repeal Amendment: Not The Right Solution

There has been much buzz lately about the possibility of a proposed Repeal Amendment that Speaker Howell has co-patrons in the Virginia General Assembly. (HJR 542) The problem it wishes to address is the over reaching power of the federal government is a real problem, but this amendment is not the right answer. I came […]

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The Consitution of the United States

112th Congress will read the Constitution

Thanks to Rep. Goodlatte’s (VA-06) idea with some help from our VA A.G. Cuccinelli (according to his press release), Republican are starting to walk the talk.   Is this a result of the “shellacking”?  Could be.  The grass root movement loud Nov 2 message was just as much for Republican as it was to Pres. […]

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Anger Still Simmering For GOP

Even with the GOP landslide on Nov 2, the mood of the country is still one of skeptic and distrust. That was pretty evident this afternoon when a article in The Hill proclaimed that Rep. Cantor wanted to keep certain parts of the current Health Care Law. This, of course, went completely against what the […]

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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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