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Henrico Sheriff Mike Wade is Cantor’s Puppet (Music Video)

Henrico County Sheriff Mike Wade just won re-election to another term. However, Wade has been convinced by the Cantorites – the Bitter Cantor Clingers – to run against Dave Brat, the current congressman from the 7th District and the man that defeated Cantor. Political insiders know that Mike Wade cannot win, but it is typical […]

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VIDEO: Remember. A Re-make of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ Without the Socialism

Imagine was a pretty tune and when John Lennon first released the song in 1971, we all sang along. And it was a very popular song. The problem is, as many of us that loved the song have grown up, we realized the utopia that Lennon sang about was a Socialist world. And Lennon’s simple […]

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New Song and Video: The Eric Cantor Blues (A Smack the RINO Production)

Fresh off the presses and and studios in the Virginia Right! Bat cave. You got the Eric Cantor Blues? You do now!    

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Freedom Lullaby – The Martha Boneta Story in Song

Note – The song is included in the video below, but I have had requests for the MP3, so click (or right click and select save in some cases) here and download to listen to wherever. If you live in Virginia there is a good chance that you have heard of Martha Boneta. And even […]

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New Music VIDEO: I’m An Eric Cantor Zombie

After many years of voting for and supporting Eric Cantor, enough is enough. How many times over the last 14 years that we have sent him to Washington have we heard him promise to balance the budget, pay down the debt, stop Obamacare, bla, bla, bla. In 14 years Eric Cantor has voted to increase […]

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‘It’s Christmas in Richmond Tonight’ – New Christmas Song by Tom White

One of my hobbies, when I am not throwing verbal bombs at politicians, is music. (And I sometimes combine the two!) I love writing music as much as I love writing about politics. Maybe more. And I have promised myself to spend more time writing and playing music. Most of the music I share on […]

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PARODY VIDEO: Where the Hell Was Tim Kaine?

Ok. I admit I had a lot of fun with this one. Remember when Tim Kaine was known in these parts as the Absentee Governor? Obama made him the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee and he abandoned Virginia to stump for his Puppet Master Barack Obama. Virginia went from a $1.5 Billion surplus when […]

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VIDEO – ‘A Million Souls up in Heaven’ – Pro Life Song Written and Performed by Tom White

Why Pro Life? Every year, over a million babies are aborted in the United States. These children are not just an unwanted collection of cells growing in the mother. They are the collective culmination of generations going back countless centuries. Each child has the genetic makeup of the parents, as well as uncles, aunts, grandparents, […]

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Rage Against the Fed: Punk Rocker Releases Pro Ron Paul Video!

I am surprised that my fellow blogger Sandy here at Va Right! has not already posted this. There is little about Congressman Ron Paul that escapes his notice. Perhaps Metallica will do a version. Not that the song is bad, it’s actually quite good. But Kirk Hammett would be a brilliant addition with a bit […]

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Another Parody Video from Va Right! “Just Like a Real War” Music Performed by Tom White

Almost a year ago I did a Parody Video “Obama’s Mama” where I performed all the music and vocals and used the Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show tune “Sylvia’s Mother”. As proof the lunacy cannot be stopped, I have done it again. Meet “Just Like a Real War” inspired by the Bob Dylan Classic […]

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Song in Honor of Michelle ‘Rich Girl’ Obama by Hall and Oates (1977)

You’re A Rich Girl Now, Michelle! What a vacation. $75,000 a day on Taxpayer’s expense. Oh, she’s pad for her room. Oh, her Gynecologist lost her Dad. Sorry about that. But why does that give Michelle Obama the right, in the worst recession in American history, to soak the taxpayers? It’s that elitist mentality. She’s […]

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Video Flashback: 1973 – Shambala by Three Dog Night

Where were you in 1973 when Three Dog Night launched a Number 3 Hit with Shambala? I was attending Virginia Commonwealth University, letting my hair grow and following the road to fame and fortune with an old electric guitar and an old 2 piece Silvertone amp. Sometime that year I gave away the guitar and […]

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Rock Video of the Day – AC/DC Let there be rock (1977, Unedited video version)


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Virginia Right! Produces First Parody Video

Ok. All those years of piano lessons didn’t go to waste. Well, actually I never took piano lessons, but I play around a bit with writing and playing music. I thought it might be fun to produce a parody and video to go along with it. In my misspent youth, I acquired some eclectic musical […]

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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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