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Social Conservative Politics is dead in the Virginia Republican Party : Let’s Kill the Convention, too

By Kim Singhas Recently  I submitted an article to Virginia Right calling Closed Primaries and Party Registration “Voter Disenfranchisement,” also known as “Incumbent Protections” for the political ruling class. http://www.varight.com/opinion/are-the-cuccinelli-rule-changes-an-incumbent-protection-plan-for-the-republican-party-or-just-voter-disenfranchisement/ With this post, some in the  So-Con branch of the Republican Party of Virginia’s  Conservative Fellowship are going to be irritated.   They are party […]

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The Economic and Spiritual Desert: “Donald Trump is the dangerous candidate? Really?”

By Michael Giere Years ago I traveled out of Salt Lake City by car headed to Laramie, Wyoming. To make this trip, you first have to cross over the imposing and rugged 11,000 foot Wasatch Mountain Range that broods over the city. Coming down the other side of the mountains and crossing into Wyoming, you […]

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Hillary Rally

McClatchy Report Poll Has Hillary +15 – Polls 50% Democrats and Only 38% Republicans – Unbelievable!

The McClatchy / Marist poll shows Hillary Clinton with the largest lead of any of the national polls, standing at a 15% lead over Donald Trump. the media is hyping this pol and others like it as proof Trump is sinking fast and Hillary is on the rise. So should we be worried with poll […]

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Are the Cuccinelli Rule Changes an ‘Incumbent Protection Plan’ for the Republican Party? Or Just Voter Disenfranchisement?

By Kim Singhas Fellow Patriots:   I urge you to read the blog posted on The Bull Elephant written by Ken Cuccinelli which outlines the controversial rules changes proposed  at the RNC Convention in Cleveland by a minority in the Republican Party.  The Bull Elephant’s Co-Founder Steve Albertson, some of his Conservative Fellowship members, along […]

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McAuliffe Doubles Down on Restoring ‘Felons for Hillary’ Voter Rights

Let’s call this what it is. Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe doesn’t give a rip about the rights of felons. His only concern is delivering votes for Hillary Clinton. His unconstitutional blanket restoration was struck down yesterday by the Virginia State Supreme Court 4-3. Fortunately, the beginning move of McAuliffe’s plan to stack the Virginia Supreme […]

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Cruz Fails. Trump Sails. Either You Are Part of the Solution – or You Are the Problem!

Back when the GOP Primaries were still in progress, I had hoped that once everyone but Donald Trump was mathematically eliminated from the nomination, things would settle down and people would begin to unite behind the obvious winner. That didn’t happen. And I also held out hope that once the news was released that Donald […]

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Was McAuliffe’s Appointment of Roush to the Va Supreme Court Related to his Convict Voting Order?

Normally I am not one to delve too deeply into “conspiracy” theories, but we all know that when we are dealing with anyone named Clinton or any of their lackeys, like Va Governor Terry McAuliffe, it is hard not to at least consider that two things are related. Especially when the dots seem to connect […]

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VIDEO: We The People Stimulus Package

MUST SEE! 12 Million Views……

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Nancy Russell Zombie

TONIGHT MARCH 10 STOP ERIC CANTOR ZOMBIE – Nancy “Pelosi” Russell – Come Vote Hanover!!!

Tonight March 10, 2016. Hanover Courthouse – Board of Supervisor’s Meeting Room – 6:15 PM Event: Defeat Nancy Russell as Chairman of the Hanover County Republican Committee Elect Russ Wright to Replace her! Who can vote? ALL REGISTERED HANOVER RESIDENTS IN AGREEMENT WITH REPUBLICAN IDEALS Please come out tonight to defeat one of the last […]

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Trump Doesn’t Have to be Conservative, Humble or Polite to Fix America

In most elections I find myself gravitating to the most Conservative candidate. I have supported Conservatives for every level of office. Sometimes my pick wins, sometimes not. Now I don’t fall for that “most Conservative that can win” claptrap. That is a dog whistle call for a RINO. They believe that chasing after the Democrats […]

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Iowa 1-12

Trump Roars Back in Iowa

Donald Trump has been lagging in the polls in Iowa, but it appears his strategy is working. The last three polls taken in Iowa show that Donald Trump has moved back into the lead in Iowa, as he is in pretty much every other state. Trump began running ads in Iowa and elsewhere along with […]

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Bill Bolling Facebook

Bill Bolling: A Case Study in Classic Delusional RINO-ism

We have a lot of RINO’s in Virginia. And in the nation as a whole. RINO’s – Republicans in Name Only – are responsible for the leftward lurch of the Republican Party. And one thing I have noticed is that they all believe themselves to be Conservatives and they all believe they are moderate Republicans. […]

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The Republican Party of Virginia

The History of the Republican Loyalty Oath and Why the RPV is a National Joke

According to the Republican Party of Virginia’s Chairman John Whitbeck, the “Statement of Party Affiliation” isn’t about voter suppression, it is about ensuring that only Republicans vote in the Republican primary. The party wants to keep Democrats from voting in the Republican primary. These “crossover” voters are assumed to have ill intent and wish to […]

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Our Troubles With Islam

I am uncomfortable with the tone many conservatives have begun to take with regard to the religion of Islam. As always, my principle concern is with my own liberty, individual sovereignty, and constitutional rights. When we begin singling out religions for arbitrary treatment by the federal government, I immediately see red flags and slippery slopes […]

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Polling Trends GOP Primary – Who is Trending UP? Who is Trending Down?

I am a frequent reader of Real Clear Politics. Most political junkies are very familiar with the site. They gather together a large number of polls and average the results. In theory, this smooths out the outlier  (which are sometimes outright liars) and uses the average of the polls to give a better look at […]

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Obama Mocks American Liberty and Spits on the American People

Tonight, December 6th, 2015, the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, in response to the first Islamic State inspired terror attack on American soil, spent twenty minutes lecturing the American People on what it means to be an American and threatening further controls against our second amendment rights. What’s more dangerous? The […]

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Donald Trump Defies and Survives Unprecedented Onslaught

In today’s national Quinnipiac Poll, we find the Teflon Don, Donald Trump, untarnished from weeks of tireless assaults from the Democrat and Republican Establishments, the Media, and the Blogosphere. The Donald has not merely survived these attacks, he’s actually risen in the polls. I tend to use Quinnipiac because, of all the national polls, I […]

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President Obama Embraces Climate Change Hoax

This week, 195 nations participate in a Global Climate Change Summit in Paris, France to combat “man-made global warming” by virtue of the production of Greenhouse Gases. Man-made Global Warming, just like its parent Man-Made Global Cooling, it’s brother Climate Change, its’ sister Climate Disruption, and their dog Climate Wierding, are all members of the […]

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Cruz Campaign Capitalizes on Carson’s Inexperience

Senator Cruz continues to capitalize on Dr. Ben Carson’s inexperience, gaining ground against Carson in Massachusetts. In October, Massachusetts polling data showed Trump with 48%, Carson with 14%, Rubio with 12%, and Cruz with only 5%. In one month, Trump has dropped to 32%, Rubio up to 18%, Cruz at 10%, and Carson dropping all […]

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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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