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The Inevitability of Ted Cruz

As the Republican Primary takes shape, I feel increasingly confident in the electoral viability of Senator Ted Cruz. While those who make a fortune working for, lobbying for, contracting with, and benefiting from the Republican Establishment in Washington D.C. will remain cantankerous toward the Cruz Campaign, the Senator has a great deal working in his […]

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Susan Minarchi: Last Minute Emergency Endorsement in Caroline County

Republican Susan Minarchi, with years of experience serving our courts in Caroline County, is running for Clerk of the Caroline County Circuit Court. After the retirement of her predecessor she’s already been doing the job. She’s been involved in this job for years. Sadly, like most Republicans (in and out of the closet) in Caroline […]

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Networking Your Counties: Developers and Businesses are Doing It. Are You?

We’ve all heard of the “Good Old Boys Network” referring to wealthy networks for businessmen, developers, and politicians. These networks are not magically manufactured. Regular folk, who just happen to be wealthier and more powerful than everyone else, network amongst themselves to secure their interests against the rubes and rabble that outnumber them in their […]

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Obama DOJ Declares Open Season On TEA Party

With great power comes no responsibility. The Spiderman writers clearly never consulted with the Ruling Class in Washington DC before peddling their old school moral propaganda in theaters. Justice Department: No Criminal Charges for Lerner, Others in IRS Scandal The Justice Department announced Friday afternoon that it will not bring criminal charges against Lois Lerner […]

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The Trials and Tribulations of the Grassroots Activist

The sheer amount of emotional fortitude required to be a conservative, constitutional, or libertarian grassroots activists is broader and deeper than anyone could imagine. Faced with the most frustrating realities, activists are forced to soldier on against impossible odds. Groups of average Americans come together to take on impossible enemies like the Mainstream Media, Wall […]

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Paul Ryan’s Dangerous Game

After some inquiry, I find it impossible to believe that the Freedom Caucus would arbitrarily cave to the ascendancy of Paul Ryan without specific preconditions. No one was more surprised than I at the news that the HFC (House Freedom Caucus) was intending to back Ryan for Speaker, but as I reflect upon the nature […]

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Washington Post Reports: Freedom Caucus Surrenders. Stabs Constituents In The Heart.

These are amazing times. It is a rare thing that within just a few hours of writing an article I am given cause to retract it. Earlier today I wrote an article praising the Freedom Caucus for their strong principled stand for an open process and a principled, transparent, and deliberative House of Representatives. Whether […]

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What Is The Freedom Caucus Really After?

The 36 members of the House Freedom Caucus have created a great deal of turmoil in our nations’ capital. While they are too few to control Congresses legislative agenda, they do have enough members to influence the race for Speaker of the House. Many are accusing the Freedom Caucus of trying to hijack the agenda, […]

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There is Stupid & Then There is Primary Season Stupid

Primary season tends to make us all unrealistic. Our favorite candidates can do no wrong, every poll we post to facebook proves that they are doing better than they actually are, and every other candidate is an idiot. My two favorite unrealistic, tinfoil hat-wearing articles devoid of perspective, are entitled Surprise! The Trump Campaign is […]

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My Plea to the Conservative Grassroots in Virginia’s Historic 1st District (If Such a Thing Even Exists)

I live in Virginia’s historic 1st District. Congressman Rob Wittman is my Representative. I have often felt that we in the 1st District were poorly represented, predicated upon the fact that Congressman Rob Wittman is rather low-key, doesn’t vote for the most aggressive conservative bills, is easy to get along with, is never in the […]

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Hillary Clinton, The Lesser of Two Evils, and The Pertinacious Right

While Republicans rip their cloaks and gnash their teeth over the executive abuses of the Obama Administration, the Hillary Campaign is doubling down on authoritarian executive power; and she isn’t being shy about it. Worse even, this is exactly why Democrats still love her, scandals and all. Hillary Clinton knows what Democrats want from their […]

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How To Bag a RINO: A Book Review

Gray Delany and Zach Werrell are household names to activists in and around Virginia’s now infamous 7th District. Once again, these two young gunslingers have teamed up to write an account of the campaign that shocked a nation, humbled the Washington Elite, and inspired grassroots activists from Hanover, Virginia, across every county and district within […]

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PSA: Give Rand Paul a Pass on Cruz Attacks

Much ado has been made throughout the day about Rand Paul going after Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz supporters are understandably upset and disappointed. However, we really ought to stay focused on the nature of primaries and understand that for Rand Paul to win the nomination, he has to beat Ted Cruz. Where do you think […]

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associated press

The Questions Left Unasked

I would argue that the media is, as per usual, driving the focus of the Republican Primary, were it not for Donald Trumps’ celebrity rocketing Illegal Immigration, Carly Fiorina’s face, and America’s overall decline amongst the worlds’ powerful Nation States to the forefront of this election cycle. That said, I believe we are still ignoring […]

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Open Request To Congressman Rob Wittman On Behalf of Virginia’s Historic 1st District

I’ve called Rob Wittman’s office and requested an open line, forum, or request for his constituents input into his vote for the next Speaker of the House. For this reason, as a constituent of Congressman Rob Wittman, I will not offer a suggestion publicly. Instead, I simply ask that the Congressman consult his constituency on […]

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Ted Cruz and the 54 Million Evangelicals

“”In this last election 54 million Evangelicals stayed home,” asserted Cruz on Tuesday. “If we can simply bring Christians to the polls, is it any wonder that we have the government we have, we have the leaders we have, if believers stay home and leave electing our leaders to unbelievers? We get exactly what we deserve.” […]

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Debunking Conspiracy Theory Driving Droves of Conservatives to Trump

In my pursuit of understanding the inexplicable, I finally stumbled across a conspiracy theory posted at The Last Refuge detailing the RNC’s plan to nominate Jeb Bush. Before I begin quoting this theory for you, please understand that I am in no way endorsing this theory, nor am I even remotely bothered by its assertions. […]

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Covert Republican Guerrilla Tactics Have Zero Chance of Success

I’ve heard it said that the secret to breaking the back of the Republican Establishment is to find ourselves an outsider, like Donald Trump or Carly Fiorina, to destroy the RNC from the inside. I’m told that this is how we defeat the GOP establishment once and for all. Smart people have listened to this […]

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Conservatives Abandon Conservatives For Big Money and Big Fame

Conservatives are tired of losing. Even when they “win” they lose. They give the Republicans the House of Representatives and nothing changes. They give the Republicans the Senate and watch as their own Republican Party works more closely with Obama than with the voters who put them into power in the first place. This long […]

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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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