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Our Weasel Of The Week!!

Once again, It’s time to present this week’s statuette of shame, The Golden Weasel!!

Every Tuesday, the Council nominates some of the slimiest, most despicable characters in public life for some deed of evil, cowardice or corruption they’ve performed. Then we vote to single out one particular Weasel for special mention, to whom we award the statuette of shame, our special, 100% plastic Golden Weasel. This week’s nominees were all disgusting,but the votes are in and we have our winner…the envelope please…

Squeaker of the House, Obama Doormat and RINO extraordinaire John Boehner!!

The Noisy Room : John Boehner for betraying his conservative base and aligning himself with Obama and the Progressives on the Left. In the CRominbus bill, he gave everything and more to Obama on every Progressive issue addressed. It was a breathtaking act of treason against conservatives and the Tea Party.

I agree wholeheartedly with Sean Hannity:

“John ‘Gruber’ Boehner, two days after the midterm elections, talking tough on the issue of amnesty, but unfortunately, that’s all it was. Because today it’s conservatives who feel like they’ve been burned as the Speaker aligned himself with the president, with Harry Reid, Steny Hoyer and Joe Biden to pass a spending bill a short time ago,” Hannity said.
“John Boehner ‘Grubered’ conservatives tonight and by that, I mean, the conservative base in particular, and Michele Bachmann hit the nail on the head,” he continued. “He never would have done this before the election. He has no inspiring vision and to me, he is everything that is wrong with Washington. He is a Democratic Party-lite. He doesn’t have those bold colored differences that Reagan talked about. And he should, in my view, he should not be the Speaker and should be replaced.”

Boehner would not even speak, much less negotiate with conservatives on this and he implemented a provision that would effectively raise the amount that high net-worth donors can contribute to political party committees from $97,250 to $777,600, was an egregious slap in the face to the Tea Party and conservatives. It basically ensures that fat cats are the only ones who can afford to run and it is a blatant attempt to shut out Tea Party candidates.

Time to go RINO hunting as Sarah Palin put it. Lock and load.

The Independent Sentinel :John Boehner is unquestionably my choice for weasel of the week, perhaps for the month, no the year. He said he would stand up to Barack Obama before the election, but the only ones he has stood up to are conservative Republicans. When it looked as if the budget wouldn’t pass, he pressured conservatives and when that didn’t work, he went to the far-left Steny Hoyer and Barack Obama to get the bill passed.

Boehner tweeted this on December 11th: “By the House’s action, we are setting up a direct challenge to the president’s unilateral actions on immigration next month… 3/4″


Boehner pushed through a budget that funds amnesty. The Republicans have nothing to fight with next year. We can’t defund the DHS.

They won’t fight anyway.

Any fight is always pushed off into the future with this phony.

He betrayed the people who put Republicans in control of the House and the Senate. My second runner up for weasel is Karl Rove who is pleased that we are on our way towards having a budget as if that were the end all and be all. We passed an exorbitant spending bill that funds all of Obama’s lawless actions and neither Karl Rove or John Boehner appear to care about the Constitution in all of this.

VA Right: I’m going to go with John Boehner and his lead from behind deal with Barack Obama on the Omnibus bill.

The voters made this a wave election, not to get the Republicans to work with the Democrats, but to get them to push back. Boehner gave up an entire year of leverage and opportunity. He managed to prove that Republicans are not the answer either.

Yes, John Boehner came out ahead in a crowded and despicable field to walk off with the honors.Like some of other winners, this is something of a life time achievement award for excellence in Weaseldom rather than simply a recognition of his extraordinary performance during the current lame duck session. Remember when he first took over as Speaker back in 2011 and had us all convinced he was a fine, conservative choice?

Woo yeah, Mr. Speaker, boy did we fall for that one! And I bet you and your friends had a big laugh over it too!

Well, at any rate, I at least want to commend you for being a good sport and showing up in person to get your well-earned Weasel..please come to the stage Speaker Boehner!

Speaker Boehner…umm Speaker Boehner, I realize…I know it’s an emotional moment for you sir, but could you please stop…no I don’t want a hug sir…yecch, you’re getting it all over me! Please, someone get me a towel…!

Well, there it is.

Check back next Tuesday to see who next week’s nominees for Weasel of the Week are!

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Our Weasel Of The Week!!

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

One Response to “Our Weasel Of The Week!!”

  1. Bianca says:

    The site has a promising name, but what a disappointment. Obsessing with the federal government issues, the personalities in nation-wide level politics, and in general — giving strength to everything that is diminishing the chance of citizens’ interests to be protected. Unless we can get states to become the defenders of their citizens, we will just continue feeding into the hopelessly corrupt system, where there are really no differences between parties, as most of them are managed by powerful oligarchy in the background. Our obsession with party politics is primitive and easily manipulated — and is nothing more then a sport to those that practice it.

    We need to get back to the wisdom expressed by the remarkable set of people we call the founding fathers. Not only that those principles did not get outdated, quite the contrary, they are more vital to our interests today then in their time. Ideologies and ideologues of federal world are ideologically colored simply because that is the only way to have the masses respond to their manipulation. They do not introduce “sanctions” and spray them around the globe to protect our interests and even less to defend some “principles”, but to advance the private interests of various interest groups, clans, and individuals. We have the same clans of wealthy people sponsoring both republican and democrat candidates for the president. The financial system has privatized the gains, and socialized the losses. Federal government decides to declare some schools “failed” and then give them to various foundations to manage them, knowing full well that that money is the funneled into special political projects. One (not the only) example are Gulen foundations where billions are sucked out of our education to be directed into paying corrupt officials in Turkey to undermine their system. Who else, if not state, can protect the interests and the rights of citizens? They have many constitutional tools for that purpose. To start with, states can enforce the freedom of trade with the world, and not be manipulated by the corporate interest games of sanctions. That is the only way to revive PRODUCTION, PRODUCTIVITY and INNOVATION. All other talk on federal level is clap trap, geared to find another way to suck up our tax money. States need to take control of education and not be chained to federal games. Privatizing is not of any use if it is done for profit alone, and with no concern for the community needs. Defend the interests of citizens by demanding that Federal government accounts for the use of money — be that Social Security Fund, or taxes. Demand compensation of citizens for the disposal of assets that belong to them, stop the federalization of police forces, demand fair compensation for federal facilities and their uses of our services. If our elected officials keep on following their party orders, and not act on the priority issues of their states, then there are ways to make them irrelevant, and use state institutions to act on citizens behalf. Virginia was not that long time ago known all around the world for its tobacco. Today corporate interest do not care for quality but for image. And the more these corporate mediocrities try to force their products on the world, the more will the world reject us, and the more sanctions will be put on the disobedient around the world. Not a good way to make friends and influence people. The sanity can be restored only by entities like states taking responsibility for economic growth that is focused on the productive impulse of the population — not Fed interest rate.

    And the silly example of Cuba. Now, the drama queens of both parties will be rolling in that media hype — and gaining their popularity points. How about — who cares? Why are we spending money on maintaining an embargo on a country that has a political system we do not like. Really, do we like the systems of our friends and staunch allies like Saudi Arabia, or Israel? There are hundreds of various systems around the world, why do we care? If they want friendship and trade, good. If not, who cares. One day they will come out of their self-isolation, and want to trade. Such is life — in private lives or lives of countries or nations. We are not their babysitter, their preachers, and especially not their air force or army. When it comes to global security, if our federal government has any leadership skills at all left and is not absorbed in counting their likes on Facebook — there are really only few powers in the world that posses the means of global security impact. With those, we should cut a deal — and keep in touch that the global security is in place. This requires maturity — the one clearly lacking in Obama’s administration and his silly Victoria Nuland. That on whim started and paid for a revolution in Ukraine, undermining the security of a global nuclear power, Russia — and now are asking us to jump into this destabilized global world without a parachute. Good work, and well paid — to bad we do not know what are we paying for. This is even stronger reason that States take stronger interest, to safeguard citizens that have no power at all. And if the money bags tried to corrupt all fifty states, that would cost them more then they can afford. It is easy today to focus on getting the funding for the election of president, senators and key representatives in order to swing the balance the way they like. And we, the citizens, just watch this, like it is a show — partake in the silly arguments that have little to do with the reasons why some candidates are more marketable then the others. Their auditioning to money people is sickening — but we contribute mostly to the scam, but partaking in this circus performance, and like in the days of Rome, pick favorites, indulge in irrelevancies, while nobody is being ACCOUNTABLE for anything that really matters to citizens. While we, like the primitives interpreting the meaning of a can of Coke, indulge with just as much passion in the meaning of Fed interest rate performance. My take — who cares. I want to know who is accountable for economic development, education, free trade, and the protection of funds, assets, leases and other goodies that Feds manage on our behalf. System is broken and cannot be fixed on the federal level, it has to come from another level in the union. And a good start is to get away from the fascination with personalities, and focus on priorities that matter to people. No ideology — please. The globalized world does not need it. It wants to be left alone, if it so desires, or engage in trade, or friendship based on affinity, commonality or other ties that bind. But not on the basis of ideological nonsense that divides, makes some rich, and others both stupid and poor.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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