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The Virginia Political Blog Rankings for 9/11/2011

Finally back in the swing of things with the blog rankings. The week of 8/28/2011 was a wipe-out due to Hurricane Irene and the week of 9/4/2011 was the Labor Day weekend and I was busy moving my business office from one location to another about 3 blocks away. We had been in the same shopping center for 9 years, and it was time for a move. I did make the effort to compile the rankings last weekend, but one of the ranking engines (Compete) made major changes and I had to rewrite the software I use to grab the standings. And on top of that, WebArbiter looks to be off the air. I had noticed that they had remained static the last few weeks and had thought that they were going to a monthly update, but it appears they simply went away.

More software changes. They are no longer counted in the rankings.


The Overall Standings:

RankBlogNameWeekly TrendLast WeekAlexaTechnoratiCompeteAverage
1Virginia Right!Upwards 43.69%11957497224074797910
2Bearing DriftUpwards 46.03%3264958142202754101448
3Vivian PageUpwards 33.22%22179661809-1109887
4Not Larry SabatoUpwards 42.42%5351857499-1176178
5Too ConservativeUpwards 182.56%912267231744407531204637
6NoVa Town HallUpwards 73.48%6821197511411899206205
7Snapped ShotUpwards 104.59%810722121880486060243970
8Citizen TomUpwards 267.31%1536563631280604251302765
9Blue VirginiaUpwards 12.68%7424930-1253992339461
10Crystal Clear ConservativeUpwards 388.80%209786342552758627379589
11The RichmonderUpwards 195.81%1627499641103790579395841
12Black Velvet Bruce LiUpwards 111.01%102109301686861107430896
13Project VirginiaUpwards 139.28%1455480062474900131451302
14The American Civil WarUpwards 271.57%23516571058491123373564611
15On The Right in VaUpwards 51.84%131069647258491415079710464
16Va VirtuconUpwards 35.16%121591776617-1796196
17Waldo JaquithUpwards 50.18%1922917622199-11146980
18The Green MilesUpwards 72.83%2526408422397-11321619
19Bacon's RebellionUpwards 59.86%2427507472139-11376443
20SWAC GirlUpwards 10.62%182913049308-11456678
21VB DemsDown (10.15%)17977557-120745411526049
22From On HighUpwards 125.30%3035549311051-11777991
23Fishersville MikeUpwards 15.32%223579974450-11790212
24DemRulzUpwards 478.70%414205992279740937302048263
25Moon HowlingsUpwards 65.96%283618918-15057862062352
26Schilling Show BlogUpwards 8.39%263462720-111995672331143
27Nova Common SenseDown (14.25%)213897068-18770332387050
28United ConservativesUpwards 95.60%3349005042259-12451381
29Virginia DemUpwards 33.32%2951843462080-12593213
30Shaun KenneyDown (64.36%)114655517-17888432722180
31I'm Surrounded by IdiotsUpwards 52.64%324522613-112629292892771
32Red NoVaUpwards 28.13%314611231-118331103222170
33Cat House ChatDown (10.04%)276309028-18100693559548
34ProgressiveDemUpwards 278.45%485976244-116052533790748
35The Farm TeamUpwards 166.34%375920427-117826603851543
36Scott's Morning BrewUpwards 47.89%357183588-113044344244011
37The Right Wing LiberalUpwards 46.46%3687293221990-14365656
38Deo VindiceUpwards 11.42%3489227322718-14462725
39Skeptical ObserverUpwards 311.02%51100206822892-15011787
40Shad PlankDown (32.10%)38579350-1-115289675
41Armchair GeneralistDown (32.29%)392674430-1-116337215
42Disrupt the NarrativeDown (29.83%)403265552-1-116632776
43Mason ConservativeDown (25.39%)443299409-1-116649704
44Virginia ConservativeDown (28.32%)434248079-1-117124039
45Rick Sincere ThoughtsDown (25.38%)475154070-1-117577035
46Va Social ConservativeDown (31.30%)425515324-1-117757662
47Mosquito BlogDown (28.45%)465666256-1-117833128
48Yankee PhilDown (30.95%)456134668-1-118067334
49BarticlesDown (22.42%)497907669-1-118953834
50Right Side VaDown (4.58%)5010479037-1-120239518


Right Leaning Blogs:

RankBlogNameWeekly TrendLast WeekAlexaTechnoratiCompeteAverage
1Virginia Right!Upwards 43.69%11957497224074797910
2Bearing DriftUpwards 46.03%2264958142202754101448
3Too ConservativeUpwards 182.56%612267231744407531204637
4NoVa Town HallUpwards 73.48%4821197511411899206205
5Snapped ShotUpwards 104.59%510722121880486060243970
6Citizen TomUpwards 267.31%1236563631280604251302765
7Crystal Clear ConservativeUpwards 388.80%149786342552758627379589
8Black Velvet Bruce LiUpwards 111.01%72109301686861107430896
9Project VirginiaUpwards 139.28%1155480062474900131451302
10The American Civil WarUpwards 271.57%16516571058491123373564611
11On The Right in VaUpwards 51.84%101069647258491415079710464
12Va VirtuconUpwards 35.16%91591776617-1796196
13Bacon's RebellionUpwards 59.86%1727507472139-11376443
14SWAC GirlUpwards 10.62%132913049308-11456678
15From On HighUpwards 125.30%2035549311051-11777991
16Fishersville MikeUpwards 15.32%163579974450-11790212
17Schilling Show BlogUpwards 8.39%183462720-111995672331143
18Nova Common SenseDown (14.25%)153897068-18770332387050
19United ConservativesUpwards 95.60%2249005042259-12451381
20Shaun KenneyDown (64.36%)84655517-17888432722180
21Red NoVaUpwards 28.13%214611231-118331103222170
22Cat House ChatDown (10.04%)196309028-18100693559548
23Scott's Morning BrewUpwards 47.89%247183588-113044344244011
24The Right Wing LiberalUpwards 46.46%2587293221990-14365656
25Deo VindiceUpwards 11.42%2389227322718-14462725
26Skeptical ObserverUpwards 311.02%33100206822892-15011787
27Disrupt the NarrativeDown (29.83%)263265552-1-116632776
28Mason ConservativeDown (25.39%)293299409-1-116649704
29Virginia ConservativeDown (28.32%)284248079-1-117124039
30Rick Sincere ThoughtsDown (25.38%)315154070-1-117577035
31Va Social ConservativeDown (31.30%)275515324-1-117757662
32Yankee PhilDown (30.95%)306134668-1-118067334
33Right Side VaDown (4.58%)3210479037-1-120239518


Left Leaning Blogs:

RankBlogNameWeekly TrendLast WeekAlexaTechnoratiCompeteAverage
1Vivian PageUpwards 33.22%12179661809-1109887
2Not Larry SabatoUpwards 42.42%2351857499-1176178
3Blue VirginiaUpwards 12.68%3424930-1253992339461
4The RichmonderUpwards 195.81%427499641103790579395841
5Waldo JaquithUpwards 50.18%622917622199-11146980
6The Green MilesUpwards 72.83%726408422397-11321619
7VB DemsDown (10.15%)5977557-120745411526049
8DemRulzUpwards 478.70%144205992279740937302048263
9Moon HowlingsUpwards 65.96%83618918-15057862062352
10Virginia DemUpwards 33.32%951843462080-12593213
11I'm Surrounded by IdiotsUpwards 52.64%104522613-112629292892771
12ProgressiveDemUpwards 278.45%165976244-116052533790748
13The Farm TeamUpwards 166.34%115920427-117826603851543
14Shad PlankDown (32.10%)12579350-1-115289675
15Armchair GeneralistDown (32.29%)132674430-1-116337215
16Mosquito BlogDown (28.45%)155666256-1-117833128
17BarticlesDown (22.42%)177907669-1-118953834



About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

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  1. Xights says:

    Wow. There has been a lot of changes on the rankings. I guess the hurricane and the Labor day are some of the factors of these changes too.
    My recent post 9 Awesome Reasons to Visit Cape Town


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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