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Virginia Political Blog Rankings for 6/26/2011

The Virginia Political Blog Rankings for 6/26/2011 are out!

This is the second week for Blog Rank 2.0 so comparisons to last week’s rankings will be more accurate.

We have also created a Blog Rank Frequently Asked Questions page which should answer all of your questions about how the blogs are ranked and what you can do to improve your ranking. This FAQ has also been added as a menu item below the logo above.

You will also notice a new menu item called BlogRank which links to all of the previous rankings.

A new addition this week is Dem Rulz which debuts at #23. This blog has been around for a while, but was not listed here. I received a request from the owner to add the blog, and it looks to be a pretty popular site among the left leaning blogs coming in at #7 among the lefties.

You will also notice a number of sites that list a ‘-1’ score in one or more columns. That means that the site is not listed on that particular site. If the blog is on one of the mass fre blogging websites like TypePad, BlogSpot or the others, Compete does not rank them, so their score is absent. There is a penalty for this, but since the worst ranking is discarded, and only the top 3 averaged, as long as the blog is listed in the other 3 ranking engines, the penalty is negated.

However, there are also blogs that are not listed in 2 or more engines, and the penalty is substantial. Please visit the FAQ and find out how to resolve this. It is one of the easiest things you can do to drive more traffic to your blog. And of you follow the instructions linked in the FAQ, you will see the improvement in this ranking very quickly.


It would appear that the week to week rankings are far less volatile, meaning the large up and down movement – often over 100% – are far smaller now, no doubt due to the addition of more ranking engine data.

We will see how this progresses week to week, but smaller variances week to week indicate that his algorithm was a step in the right direction, as stability in rankings week to week are a good thing. I believe one reason for this stability is that some of the additional ranking data places more weight on long term trends as opposed to day to day outlier behavior.

This week From On High had an improvement of 18% over the last week, making this our Most Improved Virginia Political Blog of the Week. Although this did not translate to a change in ranking status, remaining at #29, it does show an upward movement. (But there was an upward trend among Righty Blogs as From on High moved up from #20 to #19.

This week, 9 out of 20 Lefty Blogs improved (45%) and 12 out of 45 Righty Blogs improved (27%).

Overall, 21 out of 65 Virginia Blogs improved (32%).

Here are the rankings, and as always feel free to Contact me with comments, questions or suggestions.


The Overall Standings:

RankBlogNameWeekly TrendLast WeekWebArbiterAlexaTechnoratiCompeteAverage
1Bearing DriftDown 0.00%1241562255192210146984129585
2Vivian PageUpwards 0.01%222204922399016641068973149234
3Virginia Right!Down (0.18%)3263547210028104739022157893
4Not Larry SabatoUpwards 1.57%4418906382796378-1267360
5NoVa Town HallDown (0.98%)56607335733561531539318371401
6BarticlesUpwards 1.20%6652996339013-1258627416878
7Blue VirginiaUpwards 0.40%7455009485642-1330824423825
8Snapped ShotDown (0.11%)8144559510930152206691828595683
9On The Right in VaDown (0.28%)92176117718618925804239145702280
10Too ConservativeDown (0.02%)101358525170721829911424510928675
11Black Velvet Bruce LiDown 0.00%11236907624121943902626096999691
12Va VirtuconUpwards 1.25%12160468416918981938-11099506
13Citizen TomUpwards 0.01%1327308043903655137210481161260097
14Waldo JaquithUpwards 0.00%142509857290119270213493761286645
15VB DemsUpwards 7.32%1510280001669972-116824081460126
16Fishersville MikeUpwards 2.36%1729420792598205725-11847003
17Nova Common SenseUpwards 0.49%1622135842798403-15822031864730
18SWAC GirlUpwards 4.59%1916865564286089328-11990991
19Bacon's RebellionUpwards 0.31%18404770119949991786-12014828
20Project VirginiaDown (1.40%)2123379382591194-131302862686472
21Cat House ChatDown (8.81%)2024858944615012-110317862710897
22Crystal Clear ConservativeUpwards 0.00%224805126674214862634167612740837
23DemRulzDown (100.00%)65294804216121865131929470143023399
24Shaun KenneyDown (0.22%)2421174415303313-121385163186423
25The Green MilesDown (9.15%)23404706255272283292-13192527
26Moon HowlingsUpwards 2.30%2563858643687468-14235713498967
27Schilling Show BlogUpwards 14.75%2717910658665772-11491063535314
28The RichmonderDown (0.17%)2627205324902778-133862413669850
29From On HighUpwards 18.26%29821343750479611124-14420840
30Red NoVaUpwards 3.79%2862644015085529-122382744529401
31The American Civil WarUpwards 3.98%3286964756129117-15824975136029
32Scott's Morning BrewDown (0.09%)31103449323721298-119616365342622
33Deo VindiceDown (0.30%)335996010102193412307-15405886
34United ConservativesDown (3.53%)30978964965302873726-15441220
35I'm Surrounded by IdiotsDown (0.16%)3480202766299718-122733135531102
36Virginia DemDown (0.42%)355131419153670573391-16833955
37The Right Wing LiberalDown (14.35%)36862048615596132552-18072390
38Skeptical ObserverDown (0.14%)3721773325104900754563-110755987
39Shad PlankUpwards 0.00%39586249599565-1-133728604
40Armchair GeneralistDown (0.14%)4011059061667200-1-134257702
41Disrupt the NarrativeDown 0.00%4120975591135481-1-134411013
42Yankee PhilUpwards 0.35%4318095024665579-1-135491693
43Virginia ConservativeDown (0.02%)4222619204384173-1-135548697
44Mason ConservativeUpwards 0.22%4443227682378049-1-135566939
45Mosquito BlogUpwards 0.19%4539129013489323-1-135800741
46Va Social ConservativeDown (0.02%)4615376196264804-1-135934141
47Rick Sincere ThoughtsDown (0.02%)4737063384298669-1-136001669
48X CurmudgeonUpwards 0.28%4978377024059698-1-137299133
49Tidewater LibertyDown (0.03%)5046450997864027-1-137503042
50J's NotesDown (0.02%)5157592706929147-1-137562805
51ProgressiveDemDown (3.97%)4834995539503897-1-137667816
52The Contemporary ConservativeDown (0.02%)5296006445360276-1-138320306
53Rappahannock RepublicDown (1.11%)5386895097826227-1-138838578
54Off K StreetDown (0.02%)54107816616900021-1-139227227
55Roanoke Valley RepublicansDown (1.61%)551269526211691023-1-141462095
56The Bulletproof MonkDown (0.07%)571020164315537841-1-141913161
57Right Side VaDown (0.81%)56174554718523769-1-141993080
58Roanoke SlantDown (0.04%)581949813810802217-1-143433451
59What IS Right for VirginiaDown (74.17%)38249916328143579-1-144378403
60The Farm TeamDown (0.04%)592130029312133917-1-144478070
61The Recovering PoliticoDown (0.07%)601944924715578570-1-145009272
62SW Va Law BlogDown (0.05%)612123369614173530-1-145135742
63Tertium QuidsDown (0.04%)622890165910676724-1-146526127
64Strictly VaDown (0.06%)632865548715578561-1-148078016
65Va 5th DistrictUnchanged6414700830-1-1-171566943

Left Leaning Blogs:

RankBlogNameWeekly TrendLast WeekWebArbiterAlexaTechnoratiCompeteAverage
1Vivian PageUpwards 0.01%122204922399016641068973149234
2Not Larry SabatoUpwards 1.57%2418906382796378-1267360
3BarticlesUpwards 1.20%3652996339013-1258627416878
4Blue VirginiaUpwards 0.40%4455009485642-1330824423825
5Waldo JaquithUpwards 0.00%52509857290119270213493761286645
6VB DemsUpwards 7.32%610280001669972-116824081460126
7DemRulzDown (100.00%)20294804216121865131929470143023399
8The Green MilesDown (9.15%)7404706255272283292-13192527
9Moon HowlingsUpwards 2.30%863858643687468-14235713498967
10The RichmonderDown (0.17%)927205324902778-133862413669850
11I'm Surrounded by IdiotsDown (0.16%)1080202766299718-122733135531102
12Virginia DemDown (0.42%)115131419153670573391-16833955
13Shad PlankUpwards 0.00%13586249599565-1-133728604
14Armchair GeneralistDown (0.14%)1411059061667200-1-134257702
15Mosquito BlogUpwards 0.19%1539129013489323-1-135800741
16X CurmudgeonUpwards 0.28%1778377024059698-1-137299133
17ProgressiveDemDown (3.97%)1634995539503897-1-137667816
18Off K StreetDown (0.02%)18107816616900021-1-139227227
19What IS Right for VirginiaDown (74.17%)12249916328143579-1-144378403
20The Farm TeamDown (0.04%)192130029312133917-1-144478070

Right Leaning Blogs:

RankBlogNameWeekly TrendLast WeekWebArbiterAlexaTechnoratiCompeteAverage
1Bearing DriftDown 0.00%1241562255192210146984129585
2Virginia Right!Down (0.18%)2263547210028104739022157893
3NoVa Town HallDown (0.98%)36607335733561531539318371401
4Snapped ShotDown (0.11%)4144559510930152206691828595683
5On The Right in VaDown (0.28%)52176117718618925804239145702280
6Too ConservativeDown (0.02%)61358525170721829911424510928675
7Black Velvet Bruce LiDown 0.00%7236907624121943902626096999691
8Va VirtuconUpwards 1.25%8160468416918981938-11099506
9Citizen TomUpwards 0.01%927308043903655137210481161260097
10Fishersville MikeUpwards 2.36%1129420792598205725-11847003
11Nova Common SenseUpwards 0.49%1022135842798403-15822031864730
12SWAC GirlUpwards 4.59%1316865564286089328-11990991
13Bacon's RebellionUpwards 0.31%12404770119949991786-12014828
14Project VirginiaDown (1.40%)1523379382591194-131302862686472
15Cat House ChatDown (8.81%)1424858944615012-110317862710897
16Crystal Clear ConservativeUpwards 0.00%164805126674214862634167612740837
17Shaun KenneyDown (0.22%)1721174415303313-121385163186423
18Schilling Show BlogUpwards 14.75%1817910658665772-11491063535314
19From On HighUpwards 18.26%20821343750479611124-14420840
20Red NoVaUpwards 3.79%1962644015085529-122382744529401
21The American Civil WarUpwards 3.98%2386964756129117-15824975136029
22Scott's Morning BrewDown (0.09%)22103449323721298-119616365342622
23Deo VindiceDown (0.30%)245996010102193412307-15405886
24United ConservativesDown (3.53%)21978964965302873726-15441220
25The Right Wing LiberalDown (14.35%)25862048615596132552-18072390
26Skeptical ObserverDown (0.14%)2621773325104900754563-110755987
27Disrupt the NarrativeDown 0.00%2720975591135481-1-134411013
28Yankee PhilUpwards 0.35%2918095024665579-1-135491693
29Virginia ConservativeDown (0.02%)2822619204384173-1-135548697
30Mason ConservativeUpwards 0.22%3043227682378049-1-135566939
31Va Social ConservativeDown (0.02%)3115376196264804-1-135934141
32Rick Sincere ThoughtsDown (0.02%)3237063384298669-1-136001669
33Tidewater LibertyDown (0.03%)3346450997864027-1-137503042
34J's NotesDown (0.02%)3457592706929147-1-137562805
35The Contemporary ConservativeDown (0.02%)3596006445360276-1-138320306
36Rappahannock RepublicDown (1.11%)3686895097826227-1-138838578
37Roanoke Valley RepublicansDown (1.61%)371269526211691023-1-141462095
38The Bulletproof MonkDown (0.07%)391020164315537841-1-141913161
39Right Side VaDown (0.81%)38174554718523769-1-141993080
40Roanoke SlantDown (0.04%)401949813810802217-1-143433451
41The Recovering PoliticoDown (0.07%)411944924715578570-1-145009272
42SW Va Law BlogDown (0.05%)422123369614173530-1-145135742
43Tertium QuidsDown (0.04%)432890165910676724-1-146526127
44Strictly VaDown (0.06%)442865548715578561-1-148078016
45Va 5th DistrictUnchanged4514700830-1-1-171566943

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Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

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