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Floyd Bayne Health Plan: Subsidies, Mandates and Rationing – Oh My!

Floyd Bayne advocates REALLY SCARY Health Care Plan

Floyd Bayne advocates REALLY SCARY Health Care Plan

Floyd Bayne is the Independent Green Candidate running for Virginia’s 7th District Congressional seat against Incumbent Republican Eric Cantor. While Bayne talks the talk of a Constitutional Conservative, does he walk the walk?

You make the call.

According to Bayne’s campaign website, Bayne says “I will advocate for and seek to have implemented The American Health Care Plan as authored by Dr. John Lanzalotti, which can be seen at –”

We visited this website where the American Health Care Plan is laid out for all to see. There is a massive amount of information on this site – nearly as much as the ObamaCare bill. It is written to make one think it is a brilliant plan to provide Health Care for all and fix all the problems. But when you dig beneath the rhetoric and look under the hood, this is one horrible, scary plan wrapped in flowers and perfume, but it stinks to high heaven.

It is not possible that Floyd Bayne could advocate Conservative Constitutionalism and support this plan filled with government regulation, subsidies for the poor and yes, rationing. Either Bayne has not read the bill or is really in favor of big government and his entire campaign is a charade. Either way, visit the website and dig around as we did.

This is really the most socialistic plan I have seen to date.

So, what exactly is the American Health Plan?

Back in 1995, John A. Lanzalotti, MD a physician and surgeon from Williamsburg , Virginia and the current head of the group pushing the Plan lists as a crowning achievement the Public Funded Health Care Assistance Act of 1995. This Act allowed for a sliding tax credit for the “working poor”, which essentially means taxpayers not considered poor pay more. This portion was repealed in 2005. It also allowed tax credits for Doctors and Hospitals that gave reduced rates, or free service to HAS participants, which means taxpayers subsidize health care. This was also repealed in 2005. The Act is now called the Virginia Health Savings Account Act and no longer has taxpayers subsidizing health care with tax credits.

Dr. Lanzalotti also states that those who believe health care is a personal responsibility and not a right simply “seek justification for rejecting the single payer universal care government system”. That is a troubling statement for those who truly believe health care is not a right.

Lanzalotti states that “all Americans, once they have paid for health insurance or when they do get care, should get access to appropriate and equitable medical care.” The underlined words are very troubling. The plan Bayne advocates seems to believe universal health care is a right and one deserves “appropriate and adequate medical care” if you paid or not. Sounds like the good doctor believes health care is a right.

And the plan Bayne advocates believes the current medical system is inherently racist and “The disparities are so stark that whites in the U.S. are expected to live six years longer on average than African-Americans.

The Bayne plan also decries that our free market system that believes companies should make profits is flawed. “With a mercantile, government-industrial system that values profits over people, it is no surprise that health care costs continue to spiral out of control for ordinary Americans even as HMOs and pharmaceutical companies accumulate record-breaking profits.”

How dare those corporations profit, right?

The Bayne plan states “Health care must be accessible and affordable to all Americans, irrespective of race, gender, religion, geography, and income.”

So Bayne proposes we simply give tax money to the poor:

Economic theory suggests that it is probably better to give the money as a transfer payment to low income people that would have been spent on a health care program and let them decide which additional goods and services they need since the money has more utility than the program. It also eliminates the moral hazard issue.

And we should all have equal purchasing power, too!

It is ultimately important that every American have equal purchasing power in health care and have means to pay a reasonable price for their non-discretionary health care. This is the least expensive and most efficient way to achieve universal access and equitable care.
With the savings from making our system more efficient, we can generate funds to be used for subsidizing the insurance premiums of the working poor uninsured, and those with chronic illness making this proposal budget neutral.

Wow. Let’s share the wealth! A true Socialist medical plan.

“Ensuring that free and open markets operate fairly and that competition is based on price and quality rather than on the selection of the healthiest patients, and making sure that disadvantaged Americans can participate in the market, that is, how will we subsidize the poor and chronically ill.”

Subsidies and heavy handed Government intervention.

And more Government control:

I prefer to create a new approach that maximizes the good that a free enterprise market system can do while at the same time does justice to the economically disadvantaged.

That is why we propose to replace this system with a lump sum payment from insurance into a reformed health account from which the patient can pay for all of his medical expenses directly, giving the patient true transparency, portability and control over all of his health care dollar. We must also redesign the market institution in order to create a level playing field with rules of engagement to maintain it.

Level the playing field? Karl Marx would be proud!

So, what does the Bayne plan see as the role of government in Health Care?

o       Subsidizing the premiums of the poor, the disabled, high risk individuals and those with chronic illness.

o       Subsidizing a product or procedure that constitutes a public good, that has been determined to provide a substantial gain to society,  that are either under-produced or not produced because a firm cannot recover its cost.

o       Government contributions where positive and negative externalities exist. Examples would be immunizations or cigarette smoking.

o       Oversight of market functioning to make sure every participant is playing by the rules of engagement.

The good news is that the Bayne backed Health Plan does not believe we need new mandates to force us to buy Health Insurance. The bad news is, he wants to use Worker’s comp, a mandatory system already in place, to avoid letting the voters decide. Pretty sneaky.

I propose that we use a current mandate for Worker’s Comp insurance instead that also has other advantages in providing a source of funding for the working poor and will ensure universal insurance access to necessary care for all employees.

Bayne supports Mandatory Purchase of his Health Insurance Plan:

Once the employee accepts the funding they are obligated under current law to purchase a Worker’s comp policy or a 24 hour policy. A 24 hour health insurance policy covers all illness and injuries irrespective of whether they occur on the job or after work. The reformed health insurance in our plan is designed to be a portable 24 hour policy. Of course this proposal assumes that all Worker’s Comp laws will stay the same.

By creating access to insurance for every American through premium subsidy and improving the way we spread and mange risk we can save about half of the money that we now spend for health care but for which we receive little to no utility.

So, how does Bayne propose keeping costs down on his plan? Simple. Give the patient a limited budget and let him try to find a doctor to do the work for the money the patient receives.

In our market design we introduce competition by having the doctor manage the patient’s care given the budget represented by the lump sum insurance payment by giving the patient different options.

This would be decided by the government one must assume. Prostate cancer? Here’s a couple grand. Good luck with that! Imagine after having a car accident being told that for $10,000 they can save your leg, but today only they are running an amputation special for only $2,000 AND you get a free wheelchair.

This plan balances the physician’s selling expensive procedures against the patient’s choice to spend money in his asset/health savings account that exceeds the insurance lump sum payment, for which he may have other use in the future.

There is a lot more to be afraid of in the Bayne endorsed plan. The government would also get to decide which pharmaceutical companies get to work on which drug – or research the cure – to save money. Competition in Bayne’s world leads to too much duplication of work.

This plan is full of smoke and mirrors. It mentions Adam Smith’s belief in the invisible hand, but relies heavily on the heavy hand of government regulation and subsidies. When you take away the smoke and mirrors, what is left is a medical system so crippled by rationing and regulation that American life expectancy will be cut by decades.

It will save money, but cost lives.

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

11 Responses to “Floyd Bayne Health Plan: Subsidies, Mandates and Rationing – Oh My!”

  1. YourAvidReader says:

    This blog has taken the details listed in the American Healthcare Plan completely out of context. Be careful what you believe out of all of this. Looks like Cantor’s folks trying to take a stab at Bayne with propaganda. DON’T BELIEVE WHAT YOU READ HERE, I’ve talked to Candidate Bayne and know that he doesn’t believe in, nor will he ever endorse, socialistic health care models. This plan is not even leaning toward socialist; here, it’s incorrectly portrayed that way. So much for the integrity of this blog (and I thought it was a pretty reputable resource).

  2. JustLiberty says:

    ALSO, I visited the website for the healthcare plan listed on Bayne’s site. The comments listed above, taken from the Jeffersonian Health Policy Foundation website are NOT Bayne’s comments (as is implied above) nor do they align with socialistic ideals as presented above. The doctor, an advisor of Bayne’s (website says), invites questions so I called him to ask about the way this article claims his health plan encourages socialism. In a few minutes he talked through the few points taken out of context above. The real intent of each of the comments from the plan, listed above, actually LIMIT the opportunity for a socialistic health care plan to take root in America. Whoever did this research obviously has not talked to the doctor who created this plan. Do your claim a favor and contact him directly; offer your readers confirmation on your claims with an interview with the (good) doctor.

  3. Gohokies06 says:

    What is this all about? I looked into the health plan a few months ago on Bayne’s website ( and didn’t read it the same way. I am concerned that this news site is trying to trash the candidate who will replace Cantor in November. I was a Cantor fan but recently I was asked to take a closer look at his voting record. He votes with the progressives and he doesn’t have any solution to the horrible Obamacare plan. Actually, he doesn’t seem to have an actual solution (that he’s told us about the whole election).

    • Tom White says:

      How exactly did you read

      Subsidizing the premiums of the poor, the disabled, high risk individuals and those with chronic illness.

      o Subsidizing a product or procedure that constitutes a public good, that has been determined to provide a substantial gain to society, that are either under-produced or not produced because a firm cannot recover its cost.

      o Government contributions where positive and negative externalities exist. Examples would be immunizations or cigarette smoking.

      o Oversight of market functioning to make sure every participant is playing by the rules of engagement.

      These bullet points are the basic foundation of this plan. This is another implementation of ObamaCare. Perhaps even worse.

      My guess is that only one of us is a licensed insurance agent who owns an insurance agency. And I would submit that is not you.

  4. Tom White says:

    The first quote at the top of the article was cut from Bayne’s website and clearly states the origin of the plan. I did not make up the quotes and stand by their accuracy.

    You say you know Bayne and he would not endorse socialist policies. Perhaps Bayne did not read the plan he intends to implement.

    Do you realize that Obama and Pelosi made the same arguments on their Health Care bill you are making?

    Subsidizing the poor by taxpayers is socialism. It means they will take my money and give it to someone less fortunate to pay some or all of their premiums.

    Perhaps Bayne picked the wrong adviser on this. Or maybe we just need to pass the Bayne backed plan to see what is in it.

    Read the site for yourself. There is no way to take “Subsidizing the premiums of the poor, the disabled, high risk individuals and those with chronic illness.” out of context.

    • Matt Leiner says:

      Tom, with all due respect, your comment above about Mr. Bayne not reading the Health Care Plan is unfair. Of course he read his own health care plan, he’s running for Congress!!! What I got out of his website was that he seeks counsel when he needs advise to put together a solution for the American people. I think that should be respected. Cantor, my Congressman, doesn’t have a Health Care advisor. I think the person below is smart, interview the doctor so we know the truth!

      • Tom White says:

        Sorry Matt. I disagree. Interviewing the Doctor is about as worthy an endeavor as interviewing the architects of the OBamaCare plan. Of course Eric Cantor has a medical care adviser. He has a number of doctors on his advisory board. He has a plan to deal with Health Care. Right now, for the new term the next 2 years, repeal is out of the question. De-funding is the only option. I appreciate Cantor being honest about that. Bayne wants to repeal it. Something Obama will veto and the votes to override will not be there.

        As far as to Bayne reading the bill, given that
        a) The bill subsidizes premiums for the poor – a basic tenant of Socialism and
        b) The person to whom I responded said Bayne would not endorse Socialism.

        I can think of no other possibility than Bayne did not read the website, and perhaps listened to the color highlights from the doctor, not worrying about the details.

        As an insurance agent and agency owner, I am very concerned with the details of this plan. Not knowing exactly what was in the ObamaCare bill taught me you need to read the bill before you vote on it.

        Ask Bayne what he thinks about your tax dollars subsidizing other people’s health care. I find that distasteful.

  5. Floyd Bayne says:

    Wow! Tom, I must admit that your take on the AHCP is “unique.” However, I can understand how one might misread some things, as I certainly misread you. I thought you were a patriot who was more concerned with the Constitution than a party, but it is obvious that you may be citing rhetoric bordering on propaganda from the pocket of the Republican Party.

    I was told when I began this journey that politics was a dirty game and that people, who otherwise seemed decent, respectable folk, would do and say things that would amaze me; twisting facts like this is definitely just that. There is no way that an objective reading of the plan could have reached the conclusion you come to. If I had believed for one minute that it advocated any of the things you postulate, I would not be endorsing it, and I believe that you know that. I have also shown the plan to health insurance professionals, as you claim your opinion is supported by your experience, and they do not reach the same conclusion you have.

    I can thus, come to only one conclusion myself, and that is that you are simply engaging in a political propaganda job. (How close are you to the Cantor campaign? Your readers want to know how politically connected you really are as implied by your blog description). Pity, I had thought better of you than that.

    Having spoken to Dr. Lanzalotti about your article I can tell you that he, too, is amazed at your considerations and false rhetoric regarding his plan, as nothing you claim is remotely accurate. If you knew the good doctor as I do, or took the time, as a good journalist would, to actually speak with him, you would know that your assessment is way off the mark. But, there’s a possibility that you already know that your presentation of the plan is misleading, I suppose. Well played, Sir!

    Fortunately for my campaign, as the comment section shows, there are those who have read and understood the plan as it is meant to be. (Even those who have taken the time to ask the Dr. questions.) I am truly disappointed that you came away from it with the interpretation that you did and would say again, if you were to call the good doctor you would be able to clear up the confusion you have over the plan.

    In closing I will try to make it abundantly clear for you and anyone else reading this with a statement: I DO NOT advocate socialism in any form. Never have, never will. For you to state otherwise is just plain incorrect.

  6. Floyd Bayne says:

    From Dr. John Lanzalotti:

    You have seriously misrepresented The American Health Care Plan in your blog. You then refute your misrepresentation trying to give the appearance that Mr. Bayne’s political position has been refuted. Your straw man argument won’t work.You also have engaged in quote mining and quoting portions of the American Health Care Plan out of context so that the quotations you chose misrepresent Mr. Baynes’s actual intentions. After engaging in this form of sophistry, you then engage in argumentum ad ignorantiam by saying that if Mr. Bayne doesn’t explain your misinterpretation of the Plan, his political position “rings hollow and hypocritical”. It is impossible for him to distance himself from your false description of the ACHP because he supports something very different, the real AHCP. Your description of the American Health Care Plan is incorrect and misrepresented and you are personally responsible for that libel. My plan does not recommend subsidies or mandates. The American Health Care Plan is an economic plan designed to only produce efficiency and cost effectiveness and not be a political agenda. It is the current health care system designed by and supported by the progressives of both parties that uses federal government subsidies to cover the full medical care of the the elderly, the poor, and those considered uninsurable with preexisting conditions and shifting the cost to the American taxpayer. This is extremely inefficient and the least cost effective way to solve this vexing problem. What I wrote about on my web site was that if the economic reforms of the AHCP were used in the current subsidy system that is already being used by our government it would reduce costs dramatically and be much more efficient. The AHCP does not dictate political Policy. Let me state now that the AHCP will create a free market in health care. That will give us an economic system that will provide the best care at the lowest price and an atmosphere where many new non-government solutions to our problems will arise. Nothing more. It will take political policy to determine how we deal with the elderly, the poor, and those with pre-existing conditions. There is no way to predict what new and innovative ideas will arise after we have a free market. These new ideas will help shape future political policy. Right now in this country there is an atmosphere that is completely hostile to the free market and any new or innovative ideas that will produce efficiency and cost effectiveness. This has been mediated by the progressive, establishment members of Congress and their companion stakeholders of the current paradigm in the private sector because they are all making too much money off the current system, a system you defend. By using your blog to discredit a candidate who is serious about fighting this powerful system in Washington you join these stakeholders of the current system. The bio on your blog states that you are involved in politics at every level. Does include bottom feeding? I hope that all the readers of your blog will see your true intention to discredit Mr. Bayne with your transparent sophistry and use of worn out political tricks and incorrect reasoning in argumentation in an attempt to manipulate the electorate’s perception and emotions.


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