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Obamacare Now Officially a Laughing Stock – Time to Pile On!


There were a lot of people critical of the government shutdown and as usual, the press blamed Republicans and reserved a special venom for the “TEA Party” legislators.

Hint – if you wonder why the left has decided to call Ted Cruz and others that actually read and understand the US Constitution, look no further than the Rules for Radicals:

RULE 12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions. (This is cruel, but very effective. Direct, personalized criticism and ridicule works.)

So the TEA Party and the cruelty to the “frozen” target Cruz are right out of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. But wait! There are more rules, if only my Conservative friends would bother to read the book.

Defunding Obamacare didn’t work. Repeal didn’t work. Protests, standing up for what is right against a massive mistake didn’t work.

Face it. People are brainwashed. At least enough of them to put morons in office that produce laws such as Obamacare and scams like the now debunked “Global Warming” crap from the Chicken Little Democrats and soft minded Liberals.

But the truth about Obamacare is that this was a bill that was never intended to see the light of day. It was the “duck and cover” version written by the Senate and the script kiddies that serve the Democrats as “advisers”.

But the intent of this bill was simply to toss in enough kickbacks and bribes to get the votes of enough Senators and provide enough sweetness to the bills to convince the folks back home that it was too good for their state to vote against, no matter how bad the actual bill was. Toss a few billion to Nebraska and Louisiana and the voters back home will continue to put these nincompoops in office. And the Democrats lost the House and lost the filibuster proof majority.

And once the bill passed, it would be taken into the back rooms behind locked doors along with the House Speaker (at the time) Nutty Nana Pelosi. There, the Senate bill would be gutted and the legislators, having crowed about the kickbacks and bribes would be good back home and the real bill would be hammered out with no Republican input – as usual.

But recall the fact that Scott Brown was elected to replace Teddy Kennedy. That threw a monkey wrench into the Democrat’s plot. the House Bill would never see the light of day in the Senate because Republicans could now stop the bill with a filibuster. Likewise, the Frankenstein Bill that the Conference Committee would hammer together was DOA with Scott Brown being the 41st vote to kill the bill.

But Democrats were SO CLOSE. They had never before had the numbers and the audacity to shove such a monster down America’s throat. (Or up America’s arse to be truthful.)

So the only option left was to pass the Senate bill in the House and call this laughable piece of garbage the new Health Care Law. So Obamacare was actually a bastard child of the Democrats that was to have been aborted and substituted with something that was better thought out and, while it would still would have been a typical Democrat atrocity, at least more serviceable than the Senate excrement.

And the Democrats and Obama now have to pretend they meant to do that. sort of like Pee Wee Herman:



But let’s go back to Alinsky if we can. These rules work both ways.

Obama has already screwed up the Rules for Radicals with Obamacare. They are WAY outside of their limited abilities. Consider the Obamacare mistake and Rule #2:

* RULE 2: “Never go outside the expertise of your people.” It results in confusion, fear and retreat. Feeling secure adds to the backbone of anyone. (Organizations under attack wonder why radicals don’t address the “real” issues. This is why. They avoid things with which they have no knowledge.)

Can anyone say Healthcare.Gov? The picture above shows the Spanish Language version of the Obamacare website. With two Asian women smiling on the front page. What a bunch of losers these Obamabots are!

With the amateurish performance of the site – which has been totally unusable – Obama has become a laughing stock.

So what to the opponents need to do? Well, PILE ON!!!!

* RULE 3: “Whenever possible, go outside the expertise of the enemy.” Look for ways to increase insecurity, anxiety and uncertainty. (This happens all the time. Watch how many organizations under attack are blind-sided by seemingly irrelevant arguments that they are then forced to address.)

Did you see White House Spokes – dip Carney today? The reporters piled on Rule 3 and the man child walked out on them. Probably in tears:

White House spokesman Jay Carney today abruptly walked out of the briefing room after struggling to answer questions related to Obamacare.  As he walks out, frustrated reporters can be heard asking questions, including:

“Have White House officials watched anyone without insurance go through the website, trying to help the situation?”

“Couldn’t we have a [HHS] rep just come to the press briefing?”

Since the Oct. 1 launch of HealthCare.Gov, Carney has repeatedly ducked uncomfortable questions by referring reporters to HHS, where they are met with silence.
That is FUNNY – I don’t care who you are.
And when the Radical Rules are tossed at these narcissists who have such high opinions of themselves, they can’s deal with it.
* RULE 4: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” If the rule is that every letter gets a reply, send 30,000 letters. You can kill them with this because no one can possibly obey all of their own rules. (This is a serious rule. The besieged entity’s very credibility and reputation is at stake, because if activists catch it lying or not living up to its commitments, they can continue to chip away at the damage.)
Affordable Health Insurance? You can’t even sign up!!!
* RULE 5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions. (Pretty crude, rude and mean, huh? They want to create anger and fear.)
Has Ted Cruz read the Rules for Radicals? Perhaps. Today Cruz said:

“You may have noticed that all the Nigerian email scammers have become a lot less active lately,” Cruz joked, according to the Houston Chronicle. “They all have been hired to run the Obamacare website.”

And the late night comics are yucking it up at Obamacare’s expense. Casting around the late night cesspool:
Jay Leno:
  • It was kind of a rough day today. A friend of mine was given six months by his doctor — not to live, to sign up for Obamacare.
  • The president spoke today regarding the Obamacare website glitches. He said he’s bringing in “the best and the brightest” to solve the problem. Why didn’t he bring in the best and the brightest in the first place? See, this is typical Washington. They only bring in the best and the brightest as a last resort.
  • The president said, “There’s no sugarcoating the problems with the healthcare website.” See, that’s a mistake. We’re Americans, we love sugarcoating. If you sugarcoat something, Americans will buy it. In fact, sugar is the reason we have Obamacare in the first place.
  • Only in America can you be broke and get fatter. You know why? Because we sugarcoat everything.


  • President Obama is urging Americans who are having trouble with the Obamacare website to sign up for healthcare by calling a 1-800 number. The number is 1-800-we-didn’t-think-this-through.

Jimmy Kimmel:

  • Things got screwed up with the healthcare website. So you can wait for them to get the site fixed or you can enroll in medical school, graduate, and then just take care of yourself, which would probably be faster.
  • You can also enroll over the phone. The call goes like this: “Hello and welcome to, the place where you can learn about signing up for affordable healthcare. Right now there are 8 million people ahead of you in line. Your estimated wait time is forever.”
  • It would be ironic to die while waiting on hold for health insurance, right?

Jimmy Fallon:

  • The White House announced that it is bringing in the best and brightest tech experts to fix the glitches on the Obamacare website, which is a great plan. You know what would have been a better plan? Hiring the best and brightest tech experts to make the Obamacare website in the first place.

Gotta love the ridicule!

So what else can we have fun with?

Perhaps the Obamacare site for Native Americans?


Or perhaps a site for people who are too good for Obamacare, but force the rest of us into this disaster:


Or a logo depicting the wait at the Hospital for your next surgery:


Or Better Yet, a picture of those who think Obamacare is a good thing:


And if you are wondering how long we should keep up the ridicule on this failed program:

* RULE 6: “A good tactic is one your people enjoy.” They’ll keep doing it without urging and come back to do more. They’re doing their thing, and will even suggest better ones. (Radical activists, in this sense, are no different that any other human being. We all avoid “un-fun” activities, and but we revel at and enjoy the ones that work and bring results.)


Ok. I am still having serious fun with this!

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

23 Responses to “Obamacare Now Officially a Laughing Stock – Time to Pile On!”

  1. Gene Lefty says:

    In spite of your post, the majority of the people voted to re-elect President Obama last November. The people have spoken. If you do not like our Democracy, our
    Constitution, why not go somewhere else and live?

    There is little doubt that the next President will be a Democrat. The only one who at this point who can challenge is Christie, and the Republicans are well along in the process of destroying him, so they can run someone who has no chance of winning.

    Still waiting on the list Tom?

    • Tom White says:

      The majority of people voted to elect and re-elect Bush and I didn’t see a single lefty say “Bush was elected by the majority. So the wars are just and so is the spending and everything he does.”

      Take away the fraud that put Al Franken in the Senate and there is no Obamacare. Take away the fraud and Obama is not president. Do you think Democrats oppose voter ID’s because they are “racist”, Gene? No. They oppose ID’s because it would make it impossible for Dems to win without fraud. Nothing that the Democrats have done would have been possible without fraud and I consider Frankens vote to be illegitimate. So Obamacare is illegal.

      Obamacare will collapse in on itself and when people realize that a doctor’s visit will cost more with Obamacare than if you had no insurance – the gig is up.

      And Iam not sure why you think I hate Democrats. Most are, like you, brainwashed and completely unable to comprehend what is really happening with the trillions in debt, loss of freedom and security. You have willingly become slaves. At some point you will realize this and think “how could I have been so blind”?

      Well, people like me are not blind to Republicans or Democrats. We see what is happening. You will too, someday. And you will thank us for the resistance.

      The next president will not be a Democrat. You have no one in the wings. Hillary? That screeching harpie? She grows older, louder and uglier with each passing day.

      And I don’t hate Democrats. In fact, almost all of my customers are Democrats. I deal with lower income high risk type drivers. Inner-city. All of them love Obama. I treat them with respect, dignity and I do not rip them off. I help them with legal matters as far as advice on how not to get ripped off, I fix their computers for free and I go above and beyond to look out for them and help them as best I can. I have helped illegal immigrants get green cards that were in abusive relationships and I have connected some up with lawyers for pro bono assistance.

      Sorry, Gene. We are not the monsters you think. But it is your hate filled rage at anyone that does not believe as you do that colors your thoughts. As is the case with most Progressives, you must hate the other side by believing they hate you. This is Alinsky’s rule 12. Your masters have selected anyone that does not believe in Progressive ways, frozen it and attacked us as evil. There is absolutely no difference in George Soros and the Koch brothers, yet you never demonize Soros. Why is that? Your masters say he is OK and Koch is not. Rachel Maddow, Olbermann and Matthews are just as repugnant as the ones on the right that you demonize. Your masters tell you that they are fine, but attack Limbaugh. And you do.

      I understand that you are completely under the influence of the Progressive left. It is like a demonic possession. It happens to a lot of people. They don’t realize that for every target their masters pick on the right, there are more on the left doing exactly the same thing. But you are brainwashed to ignore that fact.

      So the reason most of us have no hatred in our hearts and you do is that we understand that you are under the powerful influence of illogical and selective mind control and unable to understand what you are doing. And why it is both pitiful and funny to hear you say that Limbaugh is bad and ignore the lefty media that are, in many ways, worse. Or go after the Koch brothers for spending money for their cause while ignoring Soros.

      There are some on the right that also have on the same blinders as you.

      I am not one of them.

      So there is no list to be made. I will do business with anyone that does right by me regardless of their political philosophy. There are some businesses that believe as I do that I won’t do business with because they are too expensive or not someone I enjoy doing business with.

      Unless you are completely brainwashed the politics of a business has nothing to do with the services they provide.
      Tom White recently posted…Obamacare Now Officially a Laughing Stock – Time to Pile On!My Profile

  2. Kenneth Hawk says:

    All you need to know about Gene Lefty and just how brainwashed he really is, is the fact that he is in bed with this CROOK:

  3. Gene Lefty says:

    Tom, let’s take a look at your false teachings one paragraph at a time.

    1) George Bush lost the people’s vote in 2000 by about 550,000, However, he did win the electoral vote, at least on paper. I could act like a baby and say his Presidency was illegitimate because of Florida, but then I would be acting like a Republican, and, of course you.

    So, you are wrong in your first paragraph? Now, more importantly, Al Gore took his lose like a man. Did he go around whining and crying like a Republican sissy baby?

    2) All members of Congress have been Constitutionally, and legally elected, by law. Nobody gives you or me the right to make that determination. I can assure you that the Republicans would never let a Democrat stay in Congress if what you said is true. Wrong again.

    3) Then why do you keep up your attacks on ObamaCare? The majority has spoken, stop trying to end Democracy. What are you afraid of? Let it fail on its own? Unless, of course, you are afraid it mite be a success?

    4) Why do I think you hate Democrats? Well, this blog, and your posts for starters! This blog is noting but a “filling station”. Instead of gasoline however, you, and others, come here to “fill up” with hatred. Get a tank full! Or, maybe like a heroin addict gets their fix, would be a closer comparison. Words like brainwashed, stupidity, slave act, are regulars in this blog. In my opinion they indicate intense hatred.

    4) Regarding Hillary and your description of her. Do you see Elvis when you look at yourself in a mirror? I am not voting for Hillary because of her physical looks, age, or loudness. Why are you and your Republicans so concerned and afraid of Hillary if your comments are accurate.

    You have this habit, the same habit as your real leader. You say a lot of things without any reference, and these things are simply false . Could it be that you are just repeating what one of the biggest liars in the world told you without references?

    5) I am going to focus on stopping Republican business from making money off “us”, and using the profits to condemn, destroy, and take away from “us”. Make your living off your own kind! People need to be kept informed.

    If you are helping so many Democrats, lets get the word out about this blog, and you, and maybe attract some more. Is there any doubt in your mind that this blog would not be a magnet for your business? What are you afraid of?

    6) You continue to want to quote someone named Alinsky, and their rule book. I have asked you to use the Bible for teaching and instruction, but apparently you are not interested. I am not interested in any man made rule book for living. The only real truth is located in the Bible. Also, I am no better than anyone else.

    7) I can only find only one Virginia donation by Soros and it was in 2005, according to VPAP. I generally provide non-partisan links to support my position. Where are the links that support your Soros comment? You named one person, for the Democrats. There are thousands of Koch like donors out there. Now the Koch Brothers, and big business, a different story in Virginia. Check out this link, VPAP, and see how big business, including Koch Industries, is supporting the republican Virginia House Speaker Howell PAC, Howell being the Chief sponsor of the largest tax increase in Virginia history, HB2313. Howell is YOUR guy! Take responsibility for your mess, be accountable, be a man. Stop acting like an Ostrich, and sticking your head in the sand.

    8) I challenge you to show me one of my comments where I have referred to your leader by name in here? I rarely use the name as I believe it glorifies him, and his lies and deceptions. I do on occasion use a partial reference to describe some form of intense evil.

    9) Again, I am determined to stop anyone from doing business with those who want to end Democracy and do not believe in our Constitution, by keeping people informed. The Republicans, The Tea Party, The Far Right, want to destroy our government, and Constitution.

    However, all three are doing a great job of self -destructing. I can just sit back and watch.

    Your response is typical. Hate radio/tv has purchased you a train ticket for a journey to nowhere. You are now on the hate train going down the tracks, out of control, headed nowhere. You cannot change the course of the train because it is on tracks, the doors are locked.
    Suddenly, up ahead, out of nowhere, there looms a brick wall called “truth” blocking the tracks in front of your fast moving hate train.
    You get up and franticly search for an AM radio, to tune in 1140 and get instructions from your leader on what to do!
    Finally you see someone with a radio listening through headphones in a seat ahead. You approach him, and begin to see a familiar face. It’s a close friend who has been around a long, long, time, Mr. Lucifer.
    You quickly explain your predicament to Mr. Lucifer, and reach for the radio. He laughs as he pushes you back, and says he is enjoying listening to the screams of the people on the last train who preferred his lies to the truth, and you can go and find your own radio.
    You are starting to snap, crackle, and pop, like a bowel of cereal, because you cannot carry the full weight of the truth. Your knees are starting to buckle!

    Stop listening to the lies. Give into the truth before it is to late!!!!


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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