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The Washington Post has called for the United States to intervene in Mali.  Well, they actually called for NATO to intervene in the African nation.  But NATO is something of a sock puppet for the USA in that NATO cannot legally commit troops without an unanimous vote of the nations in NATO.  Here’s some of their editorial highlights and my thoughts on it:

THE UNITED STATES and its NATO allies took a big risk in Libya last year — not by supporting the rebellion against dictator Moammar Gaddafi but by doing little to help the victorious rebels with security after the war. Libya is now struggling to hold itself together as its various tribes and militia factions resist central authority; meanwhile, former Gaddafi fighters and weapons are spilling into neighboring countries.

Actually the big risk was intervention in Libya to start with.  There was blowback in the neighboring nation of Mali.  First, the Libyan mercenaries of the Tuareg tribe have set up their own nation in the north and this caused a coup in the south.   This has brought in al-Qaeda into yet one more nation where it was not (not in Iraq before we went in and not in Libya before we intervened there last year without any authority from Congress):

Mali has become a transit point for drug trafficking to Europe, and an al-Qaeda branch, al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, is active. An al-Qaeda ally called Ansar Dine has been capitalizing on the Tuareg rebellion, sweeping into conquered towns, raising a black flag and announcing the imposition of sharia law. Hundreds of Christians living in Timbuktu were reportedly forced to flee the city.

Once again, US intervention has hurt Christians.  Evangelicals in the remaining primary/caucus states can best help their persecuted brethren:  Support non-intervention!  Vote Ron Paul!

More than that, the Libyan mercenaries of the Tuareg tribe have set up their own nation in the north and this caused a coup in the south.   So what is the solution for the Mali problem:  More intervention!  Fifteen African nations have intervened economically which is problematic but the Washington Post has a better idea:

France, which led the NATO intervention in Libya and employed its troops to defend democracy in Ivory Coast last year, appears ready to assist the possible intervention, at least logistically. Paris, as well as its NATO partners, should perceive a moral obligation, as well as a tangible national security interest, in restoring Mali’s previous order. The West should not allow its intervention in Libya to lead to the destruction of democracy — and entrenchment of Islamic militants — in a neighboring state.  (emphasis mine)

Some people never learn.  What the editorial board of the Post will not do but should do is admit:  Ron Paul is right.  It is clear intervention causes adverse blowback and consequences.  Hundreds of Christians had to flee their home.  Because it is far away, no one gets offended about it.  Maybe some evangelical will ask Santorum how he likes his intervention!  Or for that matter, Senators McCain or Graham or Lieberman.  Let’s mind our own business.

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