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55 Acts of Violence By The Left Against Military ALONE: Bombings, Vandalism 2003 to 2008

Left Wing Radicals Attack Military

Left Wing Radicals Attack Military

Rounds Out Blog has a listing of 55 bombings and vandalism and other acts of violence AGAINST THE MILITARY ALONE!!!
between 2003 and 2008.

These DO NOT INCLUDE the violence against George Bush and other Republicans.

They really need to check themselves before accusing the right of violence.

Righteous indignation only works for the righteous. Not the criminally insane left wing radicals.


March 11, 2008 Code Pink continues to harass Marines by camping out in the street CA – Berkeley

March 06, 2008 Suspected anti-war insurgent bombs Armed Services Recruiting Center in Times Square NY – New York

February 27, 2008 FBI investigating FOUR pipe bombs or ‘hoax’ bombs found at recruiting stations OR – Portland

February 22, 2008 Recruiting centers attacked multiple times, windows broken with 40 pound rocks MN – Minneapolis

February 21, 2008 New SDS group storm a downtown DC Recruiting station

February 18, 2008 Protesters attempt to rally and attempt civil disobedience but chicken out CA – Santa Monica

February 15, 2008 Protesters invade and trash a recruiting station in Washington DC

February 15, 2008 Several anti-war groups shut down Recruiting Station in Harlem – love to “report” on each other NY – Harlem

February 12, 2008 Berkeley City Council refuses to apologize to Marines CA – Berkeley

February 01, 2008 City Council approves special sound and assembly permits for anti-war activists Code Pink CA – Berkeley

January 01, 2008 Damages to recruiting office total about $1,000 TX – Beaumont


December 20, 2007 Vandals spray paint “war on terror? war is terror” TN – Murfreesboro

November 30, 2007 A 15-year old becomes a ‘badass’ and a hero when she encouraged 13 people to get arrested VT – Jericho

October 17, 2007 Pro-Troop forces strike back as Code Pink continues to protest USMC Recruiting Center CA – Berkeley

October 04, 2007 Code Pink anti-war activists vandalize recruiting center and call Marines ‘traitors’ CA – Berkeley

September 08, 2007 Protesters of the NYC War Resisters League block main entrance to Times Square recruiting station NY – New York

August 21, 2007 Disgruntled 68 year old man leaves fake bomb packages at recruiting center CT – Stamford

August 15, 2007 Moonbats set fire to Armed Forces Recruiting Station, burn the whole place down NC – Asheville

July 24, 2007 Far left radicals comment on news story about recruiters being shot at with pellet guns. TX – Lufkin

July 10, 2007 A self-described ‘CELL’ of a communist AND anarchist network of groups trash a recruiting office MD – Rockville

June 30, 2007 19 year old man goes on mad-tires-slashing spree, causes $4,200 in damage to government vehicles WA – Silverdale

April 11, 2007 Several protesters try to photograph and intimidate police at a recruiting station – several arrests PA – Ellsworth

April 05, 2007 Protesters attack Marine recruiting station that ONLY recruits officers splatter paint and… PA – Pittsburgh

March 24, 2007 More explosives or suspicious devices found at Marine Corps recruiting stations. OR – Salem

March 22, 2007 Mix of lefties and patriots arguing about the 21 people arrested for disorderly conduct days …. WI – Milwaukee

March 20, 2007 Police arrest 21 vandals who broke windows and vandalized a recruiting center in Wisconsin WI – Milwaukee

March 20, 2007 Group of 21 protesters break windows, throw smoke bombs and apparently spread ‘human excrement’!!! WI – Milwaukee

February 09, 2007 Protesters using the name “Surge Protection Brigade” block entry to recruiting stations. KS – Lawrence

January 17, 2007 Two recruiter’s cars have tires slashed by anti-war activists who also wrote slurs such as “murderer” OH – Athens


December 29, 2006 Someone wrote “troops out now” in green and black spray paint on the exterior of the building at … WI – Wausau

December 16, 2006 Police charged five protesters on Friday during the second demonstration in a month outside the new NC – Chapel Hill

September 26, 2006 Police fail to follow up on reports of vandalism, suggests disinterested attitude. MD – Silver Spring

August 11, 2006 Homemade bomb left at recruiting office MO – St. Louis

April 27, 2006 Two ROTC Buildings are vandalized on two separate campuses, 5 gallon buckets of “blood” (paint) NC – Raleigh / Durham

April 27, 2006 UNC-CH Students deface ROTC Armory with paint and spray-painted messages NC – Chapel Hill

March 28, 2006 Anti-War protester talks about breaking windows WI – Madison

March 23, 2006 Two military recruiting centers are vandalized and spray-painted all over the windows. NC – Raleigh / Durham


October 16, 2005 Man throws a rock through recruiting center window and spray-paints anarchy symbols, is later charge WA – Spokane

July 27, 2005 MOLOTOV COCKTAIL thrown through the window of a recruiting center NY – Vestal

May 19, 2005 Hoodlums break the window of one recruiters vehicle and shoot a the window of another with a firearm SC – IRMO

April 29, 2005 Recruiting center SHOT UP by angry anti-military activists. Local paper calls it…“vandalized by CO – Denver

March 18, 2005 Four incidents of vandalism at Army Recruiting Stations in a short span of time MO – Joplin

February 25, 2005 Someone busted a window and spray-painted graffiti on the Armed Forces Recruiting Center PA – Harrisonburg

February 05, 2005 Recruiters find broken windows at Army and Navy recruiting center. NJ – Orange

February 04, 2005 Mob of Seattle Central Community College students chased military recruiters off campus WA – Seattle

February 01, 2005 Group called “War is SH*T” spray-paint symbol of Anarchy, smash windows and throw buckets of FECES OH – Toledo

February 01, 2005 Army recruiters attacked, burning rubble thrown at recruiting centers NY – NYC (Bronx and Manhattan)


December 08, 2004 Protesters spray paint SWASTIKAS at recruiting station WI – Milwaukee

December 08, 2004 Protesters set at least 10 cars of Marine Recruiters ON FIRE in several areas near DC DC – Washington, DC

October 14, 2004 Recruiter’s office broken into, vandalized, graphitized, and two vehicles set on fire. CA – San Jose

June 15, 2004 Protesters splatter their own REAL blood at recruiting center, drip blood on US Flag! NY – Ithaca


November 08, 2003 Burglars stole seven laptops and equipment valued at over $10,500 FL – Jacksonville

June 18, 2003 Protesters cause over $3000 in damage smashing windows at recruiting center WI – Milwaukee

March 28, 2003 Vandalism and Nazi propaganda at Santa Fe college and Albuquerque recruiting center NM – Albuquerque

March 16, 2003 Recruiting office found with 5,000-10,000 in damage to windows shattered.

Here we have Obama portrayed as Hitler.  The sign is being handled by a black man.  This isn’t at a TEA Party rally, but an Anti-War rally which took place in San Francisco on March 20…2010 – the day before the health care vote.  (If for some reason the image isn’t there, follow this link for it and so much more Obama hate – from the Left)


And honestly, there isn’t enough bandwidth in the universe for me to show all the times Bush was portrayed as Hitler, also by the Left.

55 Acts of Violence By The Left Against Military ALONE: Bombings, Vandalism

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