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Here at the C40 blog (C40 is another unconstitutional confederation of US and foreign cities similar to ICLEI but you have to be one of the forty largest cities to be eligible to join) we have the summary of Mayor Bloombberg’s speech to the Roundtable of OCED, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development in Chicago.  (OCED is another international organization with dubious goals and intentions, see here.)  This is Mayor Bloomberg’s plan for Rio+20 (the 20th anniversary of Agenda 21 celebrated in the city of its birth, Rio de Janiero).  It’s disturbingly frank:

All four proposals — a consistent approach to tracking emissions; city-to-city partnerships between the developed and developing worlds; removing obstacles to  city-level action; and expanding access to financing –are key to making the world’s increasingly urban future a sustainable one. Issued now on behalf of C40 Cities, these proposals will help to shape the Rio+20 agenda, and to seize the historic opportunity that it creates to put the world on the right path, with cities leading the way.

Mayor Bloomberg makes (unwittingly) a great argument for NOT joining ICLEI:  “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it…”  That’s right.  If you can’t measure so-called greenhouse gas emission, you can’t regulate those producing it.  So stop measuring it!  Get out of ICLEI instead.

The Big Apple mayor also encourages more unconstitutional confederations between cities when he asks for the national governments to allow cities in developed nations to spend national tax revenues to help cities in developing nations:

He also called on governments of economically advanced nations to provide financial support to city-to-city partnerships that transfer expertise and technology to developing countries.

Direct foreign aid from US cities to foreign ones!  There is no way that does not violate the constitutional prohibition on cities having a foreign policy.  But there’s more:

“The Mayor directed another proposal to national governments, calling on them change policies and practices that stymie local action and “to join us in removing the obstacles that may keep us from solving our problems ourselves.”

Finally, Mayor Bloomberg called for cities to be granted access to funding mechanisms under the Kyoto Protocol: the Clean Development and the Joint-Implementation mechanisms. “Cities around the world are increasingly demonstrating that they have the desire, the knowledge, and the capacity to make effective use of such assistance,” he said, noting the historic partnership C40 has formed with the World Bank to help finance “green projects” at the city level.

Let’s remove those pesky constitutional prohibitions on cities having a foreign policy and let’s open it up so that cities can get money from foreign sources to perpetuate a Fifth Column to endorse “green” policies on national governments.  All this is creepy and unconstitutional.  Citizens need to ask their elected officials (respectfully of course!) do they agree with the NYC mayor or not?  if so, how to they justify it?  This is not just a bunch of jet-set mayors and local officials traveling on a foreign junkets on their citizens’ dime:  That’s bad enough.  They are serious.  They want to influence us to adopt their foreign policy ideas.  To adopt Agenda 21.  (Remember, ICLEI implements Agenda 21!)  If your city is in C40 or ICLEI, your municipality is helping it out.  It’s past time.  Time to GET OUT of all of it, starting with ICLEI.

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