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A HECK of a NOTE: The DEPUTY PM in UK says DON’T VOTE in EU elections for my COALITION PARTNER! ALL because of EUROPE!

This is amazing in a negative way.  The Daily Mail is reporting the Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, said this about his coalition partner – the Tory Party:

Voting Conservative could wreck the economic recovery as the party is thinking of pulling Britain out of Europe, Nick Clegg claims in his New Year’s message.

The Deputy Prime Minister lumped the Tories in with Ukip, arguing both parties would put politics above what is best for the country.

In a statement released today and aimed at the European elections in May, he said: ‘Two of the parties on offer could help lead Britain out of Europe, the surest way to throw our recovery away.

‘Ukip want out. The Conservatives are flirting with exit.’

Now, in a normal political situation, here’s what the boss would say to the deputy:  Do that one more time in public and we’re finished.  The Coalition’s done.  You will say either:  I support the Coalition or I support the policies of the Coalition.  Nothing else!

But PM Cameron will not do that.

Now a true British patriot would say:  Sovereignty is more important than a brief economic recovery.  That is why UKIP is the only party the British people should trust.

Now this sensible Tory leader, the Justice Minister, Chris Grayling (not all Tories are bad!) has a great suggestion that I know Deputy PM Clegg would not like.  But it’s right:

Britain could pull out of the European Court of Human Rights because it has lost its legitimacy, Chris Grayling announced yesterday.

The Tory Party will publish draft legislation over the ‘next few months’ to rein in the influence of the Strasbourg court, the Justice Secretary revealed.


But he said the Conservatives would go into the national poll with plans to ‘curtail’ the role of the court in the UK, ‘replace’ the Human Rights Act introduced by Labour and make the British Supreme Court supreme over UK law.

This is what British voters should do.  Grayling admits he can’t get the LibDems (Clegg’s party) to approve it.  I’ll tell them:  This is essential legislation and if your party refuses to pass it – the Coalition is finished.  Then Cameron goes to the people and say:  If we get a majority (and I’d work a deal with UKIP to support euroskeptic Tories) we’ll leave the EU and the European courts, too!

Here’s another situation where the Tories are undermined by their own Coalition partner:  Immigration.  The LibDems say a Tory proposal to restrict immigration from certain nations violates EU law!  My comment is:  So what?

Chris Grayling, the justice secretary, spoke out after 90 Tory activists wrote to the prime minister urging him to apply emergency powers before controls on immigration from the eastern European countries end on New Year’s Day.

In a letter to David Cameron, the Tory grassroots campaigners said the government had the ability to stop a potential influx of immigrants from Bulgaria and Romania, because EU law allowed a country to extend controls if it was “undergoing or foresees serious labour market disturbances”.

But when asked about the powers, Grayling signalled that the Liberal Democrats had stopped the Conservatives bringing in stricter rules and “sorting out” the issue before the deadline. His comments were immediately rubbished by Lib Dem sources, who said the Tories had never even suggested trying to further restrict immigration from Bulgaria and Romania because it would be illegal under EU law.

So who does the Liberal Democrat Party answer to:  Brussels or Westminster?  Inquiring minds in the UK might want to know.

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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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