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A Modest Proposal: The Huffman Advance Should be Cancelled in its Present Form

I am taking a real chance writing this and it will be reviewed at least once.


The Virginia Republican Party should not throw a big party in December – no Huffman Advance – there is nothing to celebrate.  I count at least ten losses in the HOD and the three statewide candidates have been decisively defeated.


Why is Chesterfield only a thousand vote lead for Gillespie?

How on EARTH did Schuyler VanValkenburg win?

How did Henrico flip to blue?

What happened to vote rich Hampton Roads?

And Del. Villanueva?  And Del. Loupassi?  And Del. Yost?  And all the Prince William seats?

Why so many empty delegate seats?

NO!  It’s not time for a party.  It’s time for a serious study of why the Republican Party keeps losing in the Old Dominion.  What happened?  Maybe even a mini-convention with some representatives from all regions and all factions.  Subdued.  Humble.  Maybe move it from the Homestead.  If you want hospitality suites and the like, maybe Saturday night.  But we need answers.  NOW!


About Elwood Sanders

Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)

9 Responses to “A Modest Proposal: The Huffman Advance Should be Cancelled in its Present Form”

  1. VFRW Gal says:

    But the GOPe was all paraded out on the John Fredericks radio show this morning BLAMING TRUMP for their EPIC loss of the elections last night in the New CommunistWealth of Virginia instead of blaming themselves. And there is plenty of blame to go around for starters:

    John Whitbeck, John Findlay, Travis Witt, Pete Snyder, Middle Resolution Pac and that insufferable #Never Trumper Jamie Radtke, Rick Buchanan, Martha Boneta, Amanda Chase, Tom Garrett, Steve Albertson and Jeanine Martin et at The Bull Elephant, Zach Werrell and Awful Steven Brodie Tucker, Ken Cuccinelli, Shaun Kenney, Chris Shores and Daniel Bradshaw and the Boyer Brothers who lost big in Campbell County, Sioban Stolle, Eddie Whitlock, John O’Bannon, Manouli Loupassi, Ken Stolle and the Virginia Beach Mafia

    and BILL HOWELL who ran the General Assembly like a TYRANT losing seats each year with his pay to play schemes and committee assignments blocking MEDICAID Expansion and Federal Dollars so that Northam and the Democrats DEFEATED the GOPe in an EPIC LANDSLIDE that they will never recover from.

    The GOPe is so stupid they can’t absorb their own failures. Women Voters turned out by the hundreds of thousands to vote for HEALTHCARE and Medicaid expansion. If the Republican leadership had been at the polls instead of their cocktail parties last night they would have “seen” how and why they lost.
    Trump had nothing to do with it except all the #Never Trumpers ran from him and lost Virginia by 3 more points than Trump did in 2016.

    Bet Evangelist Jamie Radtke realizes today that Christians vote Democrat- it’s called Health Care. And Ralph Northam is a Virginia native son, A VMI Graduate, A Veteran and a Pediatrician.

    Ed Gillespie is a Nothing Burger and RIP housewife and homeschool mom political pundit and FB warrior Jamie Radtke
    May we never see her stupid FB posts again.

    • Mac says:

      Sponge Bob McDonnell? anybody?

      Independent voters the Republicans needed to win remember Spong Bob and Gold Digger Maureen and the largest tax increase in VA history $6 billion with a Republican House and state senate?

      anybody REMEMBER THAT?

    • Galen Fischer says:

      Internet keyboard evangelist Jamie Radtke

      Now that is FUNNY!

      thank you for a good laugh on a sad day in Virginia politics

    • Richmond Mike says:

      VFRW Gal – You must be on some heavy medication if you think Boneta is or was a “Never Trumper” – she is a longtime friend of Eric & Ivanka and Boneta and apparently years ago worked for Trump and is in and out of the white house every week. she is raising millions of dollars for this administration. Get your facts straight saying Boneta is a “Never Trumper” is laughable. Also John Fredericks was and is the chair of Trump Virginia and supported Trump from day one. Fredericks has never blamed Trump.

      As for Radtke meh I agree not relevant in politics, but a good person at heart.
      You are correct about Howell. Lets hope the new blood does a better job.
      Whitbeck looks like he is about to have a nervous breakdown. Isn’t there a picture of him under the word “Corruption” somewhere? Oh and Findlay and whitbeck are glued at the hip since after all Whitbeck is Godfather to Findlay’s child. They have destroyed the Republican party in Virginia.

      • GOP Biggest Losers says:

        Martha Boneta has been a contract lawyer for the Koch Brothers. You know the Koch Brothers who supported Hillary Clinton over Trump? Those Koch Brothers.

        Do not feed us another propaganda lie… Readers and commenters here at VA Right are really smart and well informed. This is NOT the TBSE blog or the Lost Drifty Boys blog.

        Thank God Jill Vogel lost her campaign and Virginia won’t be subjected to the Dominion Energy lobbyist cheerleader Martha Boneta for state senate campaign paid for by the KOCH BROTHERS… and the insufferable Rick Buchanan.

        • Draining the Swamp One Idiot at a time says:

          You idiot – Boneta worked directly for DJT during campaign and still works for the Trumps. We get it – you don’t like Boneta, but Get your facts correct. You sound like an obsessed Stalker but the truth is that we all know who you are and why you have your panties in a knot over Boneta.

          Had Jill Vogel won you would have had an Dominion & oil cheerleader as LG. Ever hear of Holtzman oil?

          PS: The URL for “GOP Biggest Losers” and “VFRW Gal” is the exact same. Yes you are the biggest loser.

  2. BushWacked says:

    The RPV advance should be a FUNERAL this year- historic losses.

    But wait, the Christian Taliban plan to use the “ADVANCE” to march out freshman Delegate Nick Freitas for US SENATE 2018 to prevent Corey Stewart from being the Republican nominee because Nick is right to life and THAT platform is a winner in BLUE VIRGINIA where pink hat indivisible women voters just turned out by the hundreds of thousands to elect Democrats in the #Communistwealth of Virginia. Same voters who defeated Right to Life Ken Cuccinelli in 2013.

    THEY learned nothing from this election cycle. NOTHING.

  3. Lawrence Wood says:

    There IS a way in my opinion to begin to excavate your way out of this for the state party but it’s in the voting base details of the 2016 and 2017 elections that you need to dig deep and detailed into to find your first comeback foothold.

    Will these existing party satraps find it at a glorified establishment get together “drunk out” accompanied by group “Trump whine alongs” – not a chance. Will they use this opportunity to hold workshops on issues of party reorganization and marketing focus realignment in the face of current state Democratic political domination – not a chance. Will they re-evaluate party input into the candidate selection process and it’s recurring absolute failure for years on end in the state – not a chance.

    So what will they do? They will hold a pitiful groupie event that they believe communicates to some state “voting base” (most of which has long ago stopped listening) that “they” still are really in charge of something(?) called the Republican State Party and are still relevant and worth the voter spending a single mental cycle actually listening to. They can’t see or recognize the actual facts of their past gross failures, they don’t have the courage to face current situational truths, unvarnished and de spun, they can’t grasp that their Richmond/DC political machine turnpike has been irrevocably damaged to the point of near total collapse.

    It’s basically rock bottom, but that can be a good thing, as there is really little to do but start the rebuild. I actually may be somewhat optimistic regarding their recognizing the rock bottom part but the harsh reality is few of these individuals are ever going to contribute to any rebuilding solution anyhow.

    So where do you start? I’ve looked at this and given it some thought over the past few years and I don’t believe it’s further political philosophical debates or social conservative arguments. It’s really a state location, with a state voting base and numerous voter related issues and problems to “seriously listen” to” and propose candidates with well thought out solutions. Not a state systemic solution I grant just a first rebuilding step that can be replicated across other high density voting locations. What should call this first step? >>>>FAIRFAX

  4. ben says:

    Where is all this fake news coming from? Boneta was certainly a never-Trumper and according to GMU’s law school, in spite of her claim, she never attended or graduated. She cannot be a contract lawyer for the Koch brothers cause she ain’t a member of any bar and it seems never really went to law school. She bought a property with an easement on it and then wished to ignore the contract she signed.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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