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If I told you there was a state governor with 25 years experience, led his state in economic expansion caused by the discovery of resources, had not a hint of scandal in government, and was a strong follower of Christ who even spoke on the radio on Sundays about the Bible, what would you say?  Let’s run him for President in 2012!

No, I am afraid Premier Ernest C. Manning is not available for earthly office in 2012.  Nor would he be constitutionally eligible for President.  Ernest Manning was a Canadian politician who was the premier (leader of the majority party in the provincial parliament) in Alberta from 1943 to 1968.  (No, Eli and Peyton are neither Ernest’s children or grandchildren!  But a more modern Canadian politician some know is Ernest’s son – Preston Manning – a founder the party now in power in Canada!)  He was also on the radio as a lead speaker on the National Back to the Bible Hour.  Here is a video of Manning on the radio.  He did not mention politics from the radio at all.

Did I tell you that Manning was neither Liberal nor Progressive Conservative nor NDP – he was a menber of a third party called Social Credit.  Manning went to a local Bible college in Alberta and came under the discipleship, both spiritual and political, of its principal, William Aberhart.  Aberhart founded Social Credit and was elected in 1935 Premier; Manning became a cabinet minister immediately and succeeded Aberhart to the Premiership upon Aberhart’s death.  Manning had a stainless reputation in Alberta, although he was attacked from time to time for various matters.

I was inspired by a couple I met on vacation from Alberta who was impressed that I even knew who Ernest Manning was.  I once read a devotion on Ernest Manning as one in government without scandal.  So, when the Canadian election came around, I stayed up late one night awaiting whether Ernest’s son Preston would be the Leader of the national Opposition (second place party in the national parliament) but his Reform party lost out to the Bloc Quebecois in 1993.  But I heard Preston on the radio give a stirring concession speech.  Preston Manning also is a follower of Christ and is open about his faith.

Like Ernest, Preston Manning has a stellar reputation in spite of being in national politics.  Preston Manning will never be Prime Minister of Canada but without the conservative party he helped start, maybe Stephen Harper would not be PM either.  He also is the guiding force behind the Manning Centre for Building Democracy, a conservative think-tank.

An excellent book that I recommend highly is based this posting on is this one by Lloyd Mackey.  Mackey is a leading evangelical journalist in Canada.  These books on Social Credit may be good reading as well but is a bit more scholarly. Also this book on on Premier Manning.

Usually, I cite the Billy Graham website for the plan of salvation but, this time we are going to this website with some wonderful Manning info and this mp3 favorable radio message of Manning’s conversion.  This posting is sent out to the encouraging couple from Alberta who promised to read my blog on Ernest and Preston Manning!

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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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