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A Trump Presidency will be like Formatting and Reloading America’s Hard Drive

I admit it. I am a geek. I work (among other things) as a full time IT Manager.

I was also an early supporter of Donald Trump as soon as he began to lay out his plan and vision for the nation. And while some of my friends swooned for Ted Cruz, I am still a die hard Trump supporter. And I have been hit with all of the insults, the questions, the “Trump is this or he is not that” lines over and over. I have blocked friends on Facebook and they have blocked me.

But the question I get the most is “Why?” Why do I support Donald Trump?

He isn’t Conservative, they say. He gave money to Hillary. He is anti-gun (only he isn’t).

And I have written several blog posts including Trump Doesn’t Have to be Conservative, Humble or Polite to Fix America that has been read almost 70,000 times since I wrote it a couple of months ago. And all of that is still true. Trump supporters are scolded over and over that Trump isn’t “presidential”. And one truth comes through and frustrates those who are hounding us over and over. We don’t care. (And you know the worst of the worst are the Cruz supporters.)

But it is more than “we don’t care”. It is precisely because he is nothing like the other candidates that appeals to us.

We were subjected to one of the, if not the, largest field of candidates in the history of the nation. You would think that out of all of those people – 17 in all I think – that everyone would find at least a few to their liking. For me, it came down to just two. Cruz and Trump.

And as I listened to both candidates and read gobs of stories and polls about these two, I watched my Conservative friends form a “Y” and it seems half went to Trump and half went to Cruz. And the aggressive interactions, particularly on Facebook, have been legend. In a bad way for Conservative grassroots unity. The Grand Canyon is just a ditch compared to the chasms between the Trump and the Cruz supporters.

And I have talked to a lot of Trump supporters and others that are supporting someone else – or no one at all yet. And the ones that can’t get with the Cruz camp all seem to have a gut feeling about Cruz. There is something fake that I can’t exactly put my finger on about the guy. I am both a Conservative and a Christian and mt Conservative Christian friends that support Cruz demand that I dump Trump because of his infidelities, his Democrat support, or whatever. But to me, Ted Cruz is more Jesus Freak than Conservative. And worse, I don’t get the feeling he is sincere. Same feeling I always had with the TV Evangelists like Jimmy Swaggart. I am not writing this to offend, just to explain what many of us feel.

And then there is Trump. His blustery speeches, his attack, attack, attack persona, his larger than life personality all draw people to him. People like me that are so tired of the “Presidents” that act what we now accept as “presidential”. And the “spirit of bipartisanship” that has bankrupted America. And in Washington, the two party system has essentially merged into one. I believe by design.

One would think that the far left wing Democrat Charlie Rangle would be only too happy to see the Republican Party collapse and disband leaving the Nation with only Progressive Democrats to run the nation into the ground. But Rangle said something the other day that floored me. And it confirmed everything I believe about the people running the country.

He said:

“My concern is the destruction or the imploding of the Republican Party,” he said, Breitbart reported. “They’re so torn apart and as partisan as I am, I really think the salvation of this republic is the two-party system. Democrats need another party in order for people like me to see what we think is best.”
Wow! Charlie Rangle fears America losing the two party system. You know why? The parties take turns raping an pillaging the country. And when the voters have had enough, they throw out the party in power and elect the other party. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Over and over again.
And that’s how we get to $19 trillion in debt.
If we only had a Conservative. Which is what they said “W” was. Or in Virginia, Bob McDonnell. We have been electing Conservatives who suddenly find their Progressive mojo as soon as the election is over. The problem is, we always elect insiders. Cruz likes to call himself an outsider, but both he and his wife have been big time insiders most of their adult lives. Not so much in an elected capacity, but in the back rooms where the real deals happen.
So the past couple of days I have been working on a server to allow access behind out corporate firewall. Not to get too geeky on you here, but I have tried a couple of flavors of Linux and finally settled on Centos. Then the question was, which version. I have loaded, configured and tested about a half dozen versions and releases of Linux and pulled my hair out trying to get it working the way I want. And I’m still not there yet, but I have the platform figured out. Only I think I will have to format and reload Centos again tomorrow.
One of the things I do often is eradicate viruses and malware from my user’s machines. And I pride myself in being able to clean them without the need to reformat and reload the system from scratch. But every once in a while, it simply becomes futile trying to fix the computer when it reaches the point of no return. Adware or malware can do damage and it eventually becomes irreparable.
Isn’t that what we have done with the government, over and over? Cleaned it, took out the bad malware and tried to continue. And you never really seem to get the bad stuff out. At best, you get it limping along until it crashes again. You don’t throw out the computer. The memory, hard drive and motherboard is fine. You just need to reload the thing and start over.
And that is what we need in America. Remember when you first got your computer? Remember when Americans took pride in their country? We have reached the point that America is all gummed up with special interests, money and life long establishment bureaucrats who pretend things are humming along, but we all know better.
We don’t need to throw out the Constitution and our core values. We just need to format the drive and reload the operating system.
Now that is not going to happen with Ted Cruz and it sure as hell won’t happen with John Kasich. The only one talking about reloading America is Donald Trump.
So if you ask me why I support Trump with all his warts and moles, that’s why. We need to format and reload to fix America. Tinkering will not work at this point. We are too far gone.
Control. Alt. Delete.

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

27 Responses to “A Trump Presidency will be like Formatting and Reloading America’s Hard Drive”

  1. robert shannon

    Add to Tom’s analysis a review of the last 7+ years and what President Obama has accomplished.
    On the domestic front the passage of the Affordable Care Act ( if you pay health insurance premiums you got to love the name) would no doubt be what he & his supporters would crow as his lasting legacy. Insurance companies are pulling out and the exchanges are collapsing like straw huts on a windy beach. Doctors continue to dwindle creating shortages in increasing numbers of communities.

    On the International stage…….things are even worse. History will place this President as one of the worst over time. The one area where he has been the biggest disappointment is in race relations. I held out hope in 2009 when he took office he would heal the long standing and deeply entrenched racial wounds still prevalent throughout American society. To the contrary this man made matters worse, setting back race relations in this country 30-40 years. Demonizing the police, ignoring the subject of personal responsibility, enhancing the welfare state ( and mentality ) has left both social and economic conditions in worse shape than he found them 8 years ago.From free phones to extended unemployment compensation, record numbers dependent of gov’t for their basic needs, to fostering the notion that college tuition should be paid by ????? Obama has left a citizenry more dependent on government in almost every way imaginable. History shows countless examples of what this does to a nations social fabric

    If Trump as President stabilizes the illegal immigration problem ( and he will) if he rebuilds America’s deeply depleted military strength, to include negotiating more cost sharing from Japan, Germany along with much of the Pacific Rim free riders, if he gets through Congress much needed tax reform, then a Trump Presidency will be successful by any measure.

    Economically their is no one better equipped to address the loss of America’s global competitiveness than is Trump. He understands what it is like first hand in doing business as an American with the myriad of regulations and distinctly disadvantageous tax rates American companies face, and the subsequent loss of jobs. Is he a savior …of course not —but he is what America needs at this moment in time, a no nonsense type of guy who gets things done.
    No one can argue that.
    Bob Shannon King William

    • Paulie T says:

      What a great couple comments. Tom echoes my sentiments and uses a very succinct analogy to help put a perspective on the question many of get on “why do you like Trump”? Thanks for the excellent work you do Tom !
      Bob Shannon hits the ongoing economic problems facing the country that desperately need to be addressed.

      Trump has the business background to address and fix the major problem facing the United States-a Country that is BROKE BROKE BROKE ! We are “cash flowing” our huge debt with no end to deficit spending and printing money- 80 billion per month. The Federal Reserve has to keep it’s prime interest rate artificially low for a reason and unless we return to sound fiscal policy-which Trump understands-this is part and parcel to his “Make America Great Again”.

      Thanks Tom and Bob for your insight !

  2. S.A.T. says:

    Well thought out Mr. White. As a 38 year old who grew up during the new computer age, your article paints a clear picture for my generation. I\’m not a writer, but I do know plenty about World and American history. Unfortunately, many in my generation do not know nor have ever cared about history, and what we can learn from the past. Simply put, America is in trouble, and we can sense a big storm coming.
    Moving on, here is what I say about the subject Donald Trump.
    A President Trump would do three things that would make him at least a good, if not great leader. One, Trump will pick only the best, no strings attached advisors on every subject and National interest. Two, Trump will have his experts and board members choose the best A, B, and C plan for every policy and decision. And three, if A, B, or C plan or policy is not working, Trump will drop back and punt in a timely fashion. Trump did not make billions of dollars all by his lonesome, he definitely had the best help available, and that is what he will surround himself with as a President.
    Is Trump an arrogant prick who only wants to be the best at anything he does? Yes indeed, but so does the soul in all of us who live here in the grand ole\’ USA. After all, our forefathers were also the best, and fought and died to give us God\’s greatest gift, freedom.
    Unlike a Hillary Clinton or other career politician, Trump hasn\’t sold his soul, so he will be able to hire only the best to load up his administration. Appointees will be based on merit alone, not political campaign favors. Special interest vultures will be left flying around outside in the Trump administraton. Bottom line, we are lucky and blessed a man with Donald Trumps leadership skills is actually on our side at this moment in history.

  3. David Jackso

    I completely agree with you and the other commenters that I have read. There are other concerns I have regarding Cruz and his wife. I personally believe Cruz is a big supporter of the central bank. His wife\’s career in the banking industry gives me some uncomfortable vibes. Goldman Sachs! Secondly, during the Bush administration there was a clandestine meeting in Canada where it was proposed that the three North American countries would come together as a single nation or at least using a single currency. This will require mean no boarders. Cruz\’s wife has stated support for this type of union.
    I also found it telling that when a reporter asked if Cruz would change the face of of any of our currencies. He said he would change the twenty from Jackson to Hamilton. Jackson was an ardent foe of a central bank and Hamilton supported the central bank. We now have this privately held bank with no loyalty to this nation. Since it inception they have supported both sides of every war. This comment by Cruz I believe was a wink to the central bank that I am on board. Jeb Bush.and Romney have indorsed Cruz although somewhat reluctantly. if Cruz should win then he will have to be let into the club. Trump is unacceptable to the elite/establishment.
    One further comment on Cruz. You had better believe the article in the National Enquirer is accurate just St as it was with Edwards. Cruz\’s response sounded just like Edwards\’ denial. If the National Enquirer facts are wrong they will have a big liability suit waiting. Cruz is beginning to look like a snake oil salesman. He looks too smart by half. Why he even has silly Glen Beck fooled.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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