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I got to do it.  This Toronto Star article shows in so many ways why UKIP is right (and Deputy PM Clegg is wrong) on immigration to the UK from Eastern Europe.  The title is enough to start with:

Polish MP conducts migrant ‘experiment’ in London

Yes many Poles want to come to the UK:

LONDON—For a few weeks earlier this month, Polish MP Artur Debski couch surfed and demolished walls with a construction crew to slip into the skin of legions of emigrants from his country now living in the U.K.

On April 5 the MP for Poland’s centre-left Twoj Ruch (Your Movement) party arrived in London with a small bag, cellphone, iPad and a £100 (about $185) weekly budget. His mission: divine why 10 times more Poles live in the U.K. today than when Poland joined the European Union in 2004.

“In Poland, we have a very big problem with 70 per cent of young people thinking about emigration,” Debski said steps from a crowded job centre in east London.

Seventy percent are thinking about emigration?  Hmmm…sounds closer to what UKIP Leader Farage said that 29 million might come to UK from Bulgaria and Romania than the Clegg claim in the radio debate that UKIP just scares people!

Try this, apologists for the EU:

The trend, he said, is also dangerous for Poland’s demographics, since more people died in the country in 2013 than were born. Membership in the EU means they can settle in any country that is part of the 28-nation organization. Last year, a total of 679,000 Polish nationals had settled in the U.K., with 63,000 emigrating between 2011 and 2012.

There’s more – the Polish MP and others got benefits practically forced onto them:

Inside, he stood in line to register for a U.K. National Insurance Number. He had received his first £285 ($525) paycheque — the sum of a week of part-time work in construction and as an assistant in an accounting firm’s office.


Britain’s system, from health care to setting up a business, is what keeps emigrants in the U.K., said entrepreneur Darius Kravitz.


The U.K. government wants to help you to start a business, Kravitz said. “Here they say, ‘Hi, how can I help?’ where in Poland they say, ‘What do you have for me?’” In the U.K., self-employed startup owners pay £12 ($22) a month in National Insurance, he said, where in Poland they pay £200 ($370) monthly.

Health care in the U.K., Debski learned, is a deal-breaker for many considering a return to Poland. “In London the doctor is free. For children up to 16 years you don’t pay for medicine at the pharmacy,” he said. “In Poland you pay for it all. This national medicine is very good.”

Remember the EU says, no discrimination against foreigners!  They have to get the same benefits as UK residents!

Now, let’s make it clear, those who use immigration as a way to gratify their racism are wrong.  That is why I would not make it the major part of any political platform.  We must be humane about immigrants.  But as Ron Paul says, when you subsidize something you get more of it.  And the EU will require the UK to subsidize immigration and they should have the sovereign right to dial that back.  I think the Deputy PM owes the UKIP Leader an apology, maybe over a pint at a local pub.  I am not holding my breath for that.

Note to the Farage Labourites:  Shake up the political system and maybe save your job at the same time!  UKIP will be on the ballot May 22.

PS:  Maybe Poland should get out of the EU, too.  Poland for the Poles!  It’s a great country.  Home of Chopin, Marie Curie, Lech Walesa, Paderewski, and one of the newest saints:  St. John Paul II!  A nation wise enough to have a monument for Ronald Reagan is a nation to support!  The Polish MP who visited the UK could try to encourage his people to continue to build a great nation – outside of the EU!




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