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I was fascinated with this post from an American who is moving or has moved to Chile.  Here it is from the Daily Paul (if you have not given to the Daily Paul, consider doing so!) and I give a few highlights:

Why did he choose to leave the USA:

My attitude is that America holds a place alone in the world, shared with no other country. The foundations upon which America was formed were not through common ethnic or linguistic backgrounds, or homogeneous religious underpinnings, or the benevolent, iron fist of a monarch, or careless nation-building and border-drawing by generals and surveyors from far-off lands, or common fear of an outside aggressor. Instead, America is the only country that can claim to have been conceived based on the rule of law and the concept that rights are innate to the people – rights that the government can neither claim to give, nor assume to take away.

As a result, America is a concept, not a geographic entity. It is portable, you can carry it in your heart, and spread the seeds of America anywhere you go. To wit, I’m amazed at how I meet people all over the world who are decidedly more American than Americans are – in their independence, self-reliance, refusal to submit, their entrepreneurism, their determination to carve out their own destiny, their reluctance to accept caste, class or predestination – whether they be a humble person on a street corner who buys bottled water or fruit in bulk, and sells it to me for a profit, or the legions of young people with the fire of creativity and entrepreneurism that burn in their eyes. America no longer corners the market in opportunity, quality of living, or wealth-building potential.

Why Chile (among other things):

Stable political climate. Because Chile has already experienced oppressive, bloodthirsty government through both radical marxism (Allende), and radical fascism (Pinochet), the Chilean political environment is centrist. Currently, they have a center-right president. Next election, they’ll have a center-left president. NO consecutive terms are allowed for president. As a result of Allende and Pinochet, the Chilean people harbor an innate, healthy mistrust of government, and do what they can to prevent the government from amassing more power. As a result, government employees (public servants) consider themselves advocates of the people, rather than blind enforcers. I’ve gotten pulled over a few times for not having a complete set of documentation in my car, and rather than writing me a ticket, they simply tell me to go back home and put it my car.

It’s civil. Chile is largely made up of a very civil society. Yes, they have their share of angst-ridden marxist graffiti taggers, and thefts of opportunity, but the real wake-up call for me was when the earthquakes of 2010 arrived, rather than mass-looting, riots, and rapes in the street, Chileans were quite civil and orderly, helping their fellow man when needs arose. Contrast that against a natural disaster occurring in any major city in the U.S.

There is also a whole slew of useful websites for Chile at this post.

Now let me make it clear – as much as I respect this writer for his choice – I am certainly not ready to leave the US permanently and would do it under only one circumstance:  If the Lord Jesus said do it and opened a door.  That is the fascinating part of this for me:  Followers of Christ are supposed to “as they go” take the Gospel with them wherever they go.  Yes, that includes Chile.  I am excited that some of the expats from the US are surely going to be believers.  Excited because they will be missionaries even if they are not called that.  In fact in many nations, the word “missionary” is a dirty word.  And we in the USA need missionaries from other nations (Africa even!) to call us back to repentance.

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