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An Attempt At A Live Blog Of the Libertarian Convention

True Drama!

One of the reasons I love the LP convention (and probably would love the Greens too but I admit I have not invited to attend their online convention and I do have significant disagreement with the many of their policies; now I respect the heck out of those who join and are involved with third parties) is it is not scripted. It is real politics. Granted some of the parliamentary procedure is not exciting (LP Chair Nicholas Sarwark’s effort has been called “the patience of Sarwark”.)

The first ballot is history and the top five candidates are (These are not votes but tokens and I admit I am not sure how this works):

Jacob Hornberger is first; Jo Jorgensen, Vermin Supreme close behind for second place, John Monds is fourth and Judge Jim Gray is fifth. Not even 100 votes. And some of the live chat is ominous for Gray comparing him to a (gasp!) Republican and criticizing Gray’s jury nullification position he bravely took.

Let’s speak to Jorgensen and Monds while we are here.

Jorgensen’s bio (very impressive):

Dr. Jo Jorgensen was the Libertarian Party Vice-Presidential Nominee with Harry Browne in 1996. 

     She campaigned in 38 states and appeared as a Libertarian spokesperson on over 300 radio shows all across America. She regularly lit up the call-in boards, helping listeners discover the Libertarian Party and generating inquiries and new LP members.

      In 1992, she was the Libertarian Party’s candidate for South Carolina’s 4th Congressional District. After a statewide televised debate with her Democratic and Republican opponents, Dr Jorgensen’s debate performance was widely praised in the media, and the Greenville News referred to her as “a rose between two thorns”.

 Dr. Jo Jorgensen currently is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Clemson University. She holds a Ph.D in Industrial/Organizational Psychology (Clemson 2002) and has taught full-time since 2006. She graduated in 1979 from Baylor University with a B.S. in Psychology and in 1980 from Southern Methodist University with an M.B.A.

     After earning her M.B.A., she put her education to work as a Marketing Representative for IBM. Relocating to Greenville, SC in 1983, she started her own software sales business.After taking a break to be a stay-at-home mom for her two children, she joined a software duplicating company as part owner, later taking over as president and full owner. She founded a business consulting company in 2002 and continues working with select clients.

Dr. Jo Jorgensen is a Life Member of the Libertarian Party. She supported Ed Clark for president in 1980 and has been voting Libertarian ever since. She officially joined the Libertarian Party in 1983 and has served as Greenville County chair, state vice-chair, and national marketing director for the Libertarian Party.

Here is Jorgensen’s education position:

“The Department of Education has failed. In the forty years since the Department of Education was created, government spending on education has skyrocketed, while the quality of education has declined. Students used to be able to work their way through college and graduate debt-free. As President, I will work to eliminate the Department of Education and return control of education to where it belongs – with parents,  teachers, and students.”

Preach it, sister!

Here is John Monds’ bio:

John Monds made history in 2008, when he became the first Libertarian candidate to receive over 1 million votes.

(Here is the link info: Monds did get 1,076,726 votes and over 33% for the Georgia Public Service Commissioner, First District. The incumbent GOP Commissioner received over two million votes.)

John made history again in 2010, becoming the first African-American candidate to appear on the ballot for Governor in Georgia.


Monds lives in Georgia with his wife of 21 years, Dr. Kathaleena Monds, and their four children. He holds a business administration degree from HBCU Morehouse College, and for the past 20 years, he has had his dream job: homeschooling his children.

Monds is active in his community with Habitat for Humanity, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, and the NAACP. He enjoys classic Volkswagens, gardening, and genealogy.

I hope to meet Monds someday. Very impressive. We need more African-American voices for liberty. Please accept this is my apology for not more covering these serious candidates. Monds’ position on education is here:

Fifty years of federal control and failing schools is enough. We spend more per student every year, but government-run schools continue to fail the poor and communities of color. Politicians and public school teachers send their own kids to private schools while poor parents are literally jailed for sending their kids to a better school than their zip code allows.

Equal educational opportunity in America must include giving parents and teachers more control over how students learn.  I will use the Presidency to lift restrictions that trap parents and kids in failing schools. I will make per-student spending movable to the school that best serves each child, including lifting caps on public charters, allowing tax-free Education Savings Accounts, and promoting alternatives to government-run schools. Where secular private schools, homeschooling, or cyber-schooling works better for families, the federal government should not stand in the way.

Excellent position except education is never (other than civil rights laws) a federal question. Now if your intention is to in effect use the existing power in a way as to renounce the power, I can understand.

I’ll be back in a couple of hours!

2:33 PM EDT

I am listening to John Monds; he is a good speaker and he has run four times for office and earned over 1.7 million votes in those elections. I liked his saying if you cannot be a patriot in 1776 or an abolitionist in the early 1800s but today you can be for liberty. I plan to reach out to Monds after the convention.

Adam Kokesh is being placed into nomination. Here’s his site. Some biographical information:

Adam Kokesh was born on February 1, 1982 in California.  Growing up he played sports every season and read numerous books at the encouragement of his parents. His interest in science and technology led him to many science fair victories and NASA’s Space Camp. After middle school, where he played trumpet in the band and basketball, at the encouragement of a friend of a parent who was a former Marine, he went to “Devil Pups,” a junior boot camp-style citizenship and fitness program hosted by the Marines at Camp Pendleton. In high school he participated in Model UN, taught silversmithing classes, and founded a campus radio station.


Adam was an active supporter of Ron Paul and would eventually come to found and lead Veterans for Ron Paul, organizing a stunning march on the White House for vets to turn their back on Obama and raise awareness about military suicide. He was invited to speak at the 2008 Revolution March in DC organized by grassroots Ron Paul supporters and his speech that day is what put him on the map as a promising representative of the freedom movement.

YAY Adam (about Ron Paul)! But he is too radical for my taste. Too many arrests for my taste. Here is part of his platform – in effect the bankruptcy of the federal government:

The platform is simple. When elected, I will swear in, walk to the White House, and sign one executive order. This executive order will lay out the process for dissolving the federal government in a peaceful, orderly manner. With it, I will resign as President to become “Custodian of the Federal Government.” The only thing I will do as President before signing the order is pardon everyone convicted under federal law for victimless crimes. The executive order will appoint someone to head each federal department as “Custodians” who will carry out the plan outlined in the order.

The LP will not be taken seriously with this sort of platform. Now it is the team nominating Dr. Jo Jorgensen. I’ll be back in a few minutes…

Just heard an old hero of mine – she was a nominator for Jorgensen – former Nebraska Senator Laura Ebke. One of the chatters alluded to this blog post – didn’t somebody give her five dollars? I did not get your name in time but you are my hero!

Now it is time for Virginian Jacob Hornberger to be placed in nomination. After that it is Judge Jim Gray and Vermin Supreme. Let’s see if there is anybody I know from Virginia for Hornberger. The first seconder is from Arizona. I do not know the second one. Or the third one. Hornberger accepted the support with an attack on the warfare/welfare state. He is very articulate and I largely agree with him except for legalizing drugs and open borders.

Speakers for Gray are up. Looks like Larry Sharpe is doing a split screen and then introduced the Gray speakers. It is cleverly done. One of the Gray speakers is Gary Johnson. Gray is a solid orator. Mentions drug courts which I think is an alternative to drug legalization. He actually helped write a musical and I am impressed. He’s a blogger – Two Paragraphs for Liberty. Gray actually mentioned an idea to campaign in five small states (where the LP has done well in the past [I wonder where Gray might have read that?]), help down ballot candidates and do ballot access.

Now it is Vermin Supreme’s turn. His people make this argument: Running traditional candidates has failed – the two major parties and the media look for the slip up (Aleppo?) and treat the LP candidate as unserious. So let’s run a unserious manner of candidate who can use humor to get a message to people. Supreme spoke – very serious. No real humor and satire to entertain people. (I would say Supreme actually takes a page from the Trump playbook – entertainment as a force to sell liberty ideas.)

All the nominations are made and the first ballot will be by a roll call – old fashioned way conventions are done. Will be a recess after the first ballot.

Back again – it is 5:40 EDT: The first ballot will be read out loud in a few minutes and it will start in alphabetical order with Texas and end with Tennessee.

The ballot is set for 6 pm EDT. Texas is first: Monds got 27 of its 73 votes. Utah gave most of its votes to Dr. Jorgensen. Vermont cast all its 3 votes for Hornberger. Washington State voted most for Hornberger; Virginia had to skip and West Virginia gave two votes each to Gray, Jorgensen and Supreme. The Badger State gave 8 votes for Jorgensen and seven for Hornberger. The lead so far is the poor showing for Gray.

Virginia is now up. The vote is scattered – Hornberger ought to do better in his home state. I did not catch Alabama but Hornberger got a plurality in Alaska. Arizona went with a plurality of six votes for Supreme. Hornberger carried Arkansas. California also revealed the tight race between Hornberger and Jorgensen. Same for Colorado. Connecticut also have 5 each for Jo (Jorgensen will be called “Jo”) and Hornberger out of 13. Delaware went 3 out of four for Jo. Florida had 17 votes for Monds, ten for Hornberger and nine for Jo. DC got skipped and gave one vote each for Jo, Supreme and Amash. Georgia gave a small plurality for Monds. I missed Hawaii; now Illinois cast a plurality for Supreme. Indiana gave a nice 11 votes for Jo to 4 for Hornberger. Iowa gave 5 for Hornberger and two for Jo. Kentucky scattered its votes among about six candidates. I missed Louisiana; Maine also scattered its votes. Maryland had 20 votes and gave 12 to Hornberger. Massachusetts gave three more votes to Jo over Hornberger.

Michigan gave 9 votes to Amash, seven for Hornberger and six to Jo. Minnesota nearly reversed the margin for between Hornberger and Jo. I missed two states but the trend is: A tight race between Hornberger and Jorgensen with a substantial vote for Supreme. Judge Gray is in danger of being an early casualty although he should not be at the bottom and be eliminated in this ballot.

Up to New Mexico – Jo has six and Hornberger four. New York gave 16 votes for Gray, Hornberger won 11 and six for Jo. Jo got ten in North Carolina and 8 for Hornberger. Ohio cast 15 for Supreme and six for Hornberger and five for Jo. Oklahoma cast a plurality for Jo. Ditto for Oregon. Pennsylvania 12 each for Jo and Hornberger with 8 for Supreme. Rhode Island went 3 for Hornberger. SC went 8 to 0 in the Jo v. Hornberger. My hero Gideon Oakes announced SD’s vote: 3 for Jorgensen and one each for Kokesh and Supreme. Now the ballot is to be announced:

Jorgensen is in a slight lead over Hornberger (248 to 232) with a surprise – Vermin Supreme a strong third (171), Monds garnered 147, Gray a surprisingly weak 98 votes and Adam Kokesh was eliminated with 77 votes. A small vote for write-ins. (Amash got the most write in votes.)

I will be back shortly – I expect one more vote for President

I am now back at 830pm EDT – I will admit I am tempted to join the LP! I will pray about it. The Gospel comes first and then missions but I have gotten a lot of love from the Libertarians!

It is still “at ease”, and the balloting will be announced for the second ballot.

Since I would think most of Kokesh’s votes will go to Supreme, he could in theory tie Jorgensen at 248. But Gray better go better or he’s going home! I would seek out the Monds delegates (who is in fourth place) if I were helpHere ising Gray.

Here it comes: First GRAY is OUT! I repeat OUT! He only got 64 votes in the second ballot. Jorgensen has 339, Hornberger 257, Supreme 184 and Monds 147. The LP will adjourn for tonight.

BUT WAIT! Could be – round three! Looks like we will have a third round. I would now think Jorgensen will win and might win tonight.

Here is ballot three!

Jorgensen has 390, Hornberger 264, Supreme 188 and Monds 174. Monds is out. Jorgensen does not have a majority but might win on the next ballot. It is not clear if that is tonight or Sunday. I just reached out to Monds. Maybe we’ll communicate in the near future. I like him a lot. Monds endorsed Jorgensen.

If the LP adjourns tonight, I will do a second live blog BUT not until after church.

The LP voted to STAY ON UNTIL there is a Presidential candidate! It will take about 30 minutes…

It is nearly 11 pm! Not even close to a vote! Yet one more Hallmark romance starts…actually the people vote is just about over and I got an unconfirmed report that Jo Jorgensen did win on the fourth ballot.

Now the LP VA FB page is reporting that Dr. Jo Jorgensen did win but there is a warning that not to share until it is officially announced.

Final totals (exactly what the LP VA reported) are Jorgensen 524, Hornberger 285 and Supreme 206. Jorgensen is nominated for President of the United States. I congratulate her.

Signing off until Sunday during the day for the VP tally! My initial guess is Larry Sharpe will be nominated for VP – but Monds made it clear he would accept the nod. Will it matter? We’ll find out Sunday…

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