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Answer from the HODLer

The awesome thing about contributing to Virginia Right is that with the power of social media, I often get responses from our readers with regard to my articles. On December 31, 2018, I submitted an article entitled, “Book Review: Becoming the HODLer: The Ultimate Cryptocurrency Investor” by Carl Loser.
Below is a question which I received via email.
It’s common knowledge that cryptocurrencies are high risk and many will fail. How to make sure not to end up financially devastated? Does book say that?

Via email March 2, 2019 from the ICO Law Group.
Well, ICO Law Group, I spoke to Carl yesterday via email with regard to your question. Please find his response below.
” I understand why most believe crypto-assets are high risk. It is because most people fail to do their own research, instead they go by common knowledge. I personally believe this is lower risk than investing in the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500. I would also say investing in crypto-assets is not similar to investing in a business; it is more similar to investing in a product. 
I think the biggest risk to the crypto-market as a whole is the lack of understanding. Because the technology will be powerful enough to take away major corporations and many middlemen. As for it’s adoption, corporations will have no choice but to use the powerful technology due to the cost efficiency- if you do your research, you will understand it’s not “owned” by anyone and is cost effective because of it. 
The book does not cover anything in regards to gambling or jumping off the bridge with the herd of common knowledge. That’s high risk. It is for people who want to take the time and invest. There are no disclaimers because I believe it is a low risk investment and I challenge those to provide evidence that it is high risk. In regards to price, I acknowledge that as of right now most people value the crypto-assets against the U.S. Dollar and ask why it’s highly fluctuating. I am under the assumption that the crypto-market as a whole is stable, it is the Federal Reserve Note and other Fiat currencies that are volatile. I am open ears to all evidence saying otherwise.”
Carl LoserWinston Salem, North Carolina.
I welcome questions, comments and concerns with regard to any of my articles on Virginia Right. I hope you have a productive day.

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