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At the WASTE of TIME named the Durban Climate Conference; a defense of US sovereignty!

From the Waste of Time called the Durban Climate Conference:

Today it’s all about negotiations with the EU on its “new” proposal to press all parties into discussions now to agree their eventual full participation in a legally binding agreement on emissions reductions. Jonathan Pershing, deputy special envoy for climate change and head of the US delegation said:
 “Some countries want it; some don’t want it. The major emerging economies have indicated strong resistance to taking on legally binding obligations. In that case the US is also unable to consider legally binding obligations”
 Which means there haven’t yet been any discussions in Durban with the EU about its roadmap, as Pershing conceded.
 The US head was back on top form, at his most convincing in persuading us to believe that the Cancun agreements represent a major breakthrough on climate change. “We reject the notion that action is dependent on legalities,” he said. More progress can be made by focusing on what is politically possible.
Did I read/hear a defense of national sovereignty from our delegation?  It was probably a bad case of jet lag.
Our neighbor to the north DOES seem to have sensible ideas:

Canada, the country furthest from meeting its commitment to cut carbon emissions under the Kyoto Protocol, may save as much as $6.7 billion by exiting the global climate change agreement and not paying for offset credits.  *  *  *  Canada, which has the world’s third-largest proven oil reserves, would be the first of 191 signatories to the Kyoto Protocol to annul its emission-reduction obligations.  While Environment Minister Peter Kent declined to confirm Nov. 28 that Canada is preparing to pull out of Kyoto, which may ease the burden for oil-sands producers and coal-burning utilities, he said the government wouldn’t make further commitments to it.

The policy of the US should be to encourage the end of Kyoto!  No more Waste of Time otherwise known as UN climate conferences!


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