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Author of Dave Brat ‘Redistribution Paper’ – “Bearing Drift completely misconstrues the paper’s argument and misses the point”

The Drifty Boys at Bearing Drift are taken to the woodshed again. This time by the author of the paper that Bearing Drift is going on about. And yes, now that the author has spoken, Bearing Drift is officially getting 5 Pinocchio’s.

These guys will do or say anything to divert attention the Progressive Record of Eric Cantor.

And after this post from the author, if Bearing Drift does not issue a full and complete retraction, they are intentionally misleading voters. This is no longer open to interpretation.

This post was written after the original writer, Deb Wetlaufer contacted the author of the paper for a response.



by Deb Wetlaufer



Is your source for news and commentary trustworthy? In today’s world we sadly have to take that into consideration.


I always encourage people to play by two rules: read the original document and go to the source. If you want truth, you have to cut out all of the filters, misperceptions and agenda-driven distortions and do your own homework.


That’s what I did as part of the research for my earlier article regarding a misleading article by Brian Kirwin, a blogger at Bearing Drift. In my previous article I addressed the variety of false claims that Kirwin makes to fuel the Cantor propaganda machine’s false allegation that Dave Brat is a “liberal professor.” In that article I examined the text of the study in context and reported that none of Kirwin’s claims are true.


Then I went a step farther. In an effort to confirm that my assessment was accurate I went to the original source and contacted the study’s author, Rachel Coyne (nee Mathers). Coyne was a research fellow for two summers with Dr. Brat and co-authored two papers with him, including the one in question.


On May 28, 2014 Coyne wrote:


Your reading of our argument is correct.  It is pretty funny that a paper from an undergraduate summer fellowship is causing a stir.  The way you worded your email is essentially what I would have responded.  The point is that school policies that are typically advocated–i.e., smaller class size, more spending/resources, etc.–don’t have a significant impact on test scores.  Though poverty does have a significant impact, I would most certainly not argue for income redistribution.  If pouring more money into the schools hasn’t improved test scores, it would be foolish to think that the same type of policy directed towards family income would impact test scores.  I believe the impact of poverty on students is more than a dollar issue and can’t be figured out through statistics or public policy. 


And on May 29, 2014 she wrote:


The first article you sent to me (Bearing Drift) completely misconstrues the paper’s argument and misses the point.  It’s sad that the main finding of the paper is being missed.  Our biggest findings were that pouring money on schools didn’t improve scores, and poverty was the driver behind student test performance.  Thus, the big takeaway is that the SOLs (and NCLB in general) goes about measuring the success of education in a misguided way.  The variables controlled at the school level weren’t the drivers of student test scores!  I ran updated regressions of these results with a colleague while in graduate school, and we found the same thing again.  Time didn’t change the findings.


It was sad reading the Bearing Drift article.  To see such a blatantly fabricated story that neglected to relay the facts was disheartening.  


Truth matters. Be selective in the sources you trust.

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