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Bill Janis Unleashes the Flying Monkeys!

"Nikko" by Source. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia -

“Nikko” by Source. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia –

The Bill Janis surrogates and apologists have been unleashed on the blogs and Facebook. It is both hilarious and predictable that the clueless and the unquestioning would show their gall and their ignorance by attempting to respond to the plethora of truth that has been flowing from those of us who have seen Janis for what he really is: an establishment big government crony who has proven his willingness to walk out on committee meetings if the powers tell him to do so. Not only did “Waffle Willie” stay home and allow a  massive Democrat tax hike to make it out of committee, we will also be publishing details of some 2nd amendment “walks” he took as well. He did receive the NRA endorsement, but if you know Janis, he is careful to give the appearance of a solid conservative as far as his voting record, knowing the NRA lo0oks only at the record. But the VCDL isn’t easily fooled and they are in touch with what is happening in the sausage factory in Richmond. Votes you miss are as important, and in many cases more so, than those you cast.

There are a lot of Delegates and Senators who have become quite good at this game. And 10 years as an insider has taught Janis how to duck, weave and deceive with the best of them.

And then, to hide and obfuscate the facts when they come out, the apologists leave the Black Castle of Janisberg  and descend on the social media to “set the record straight”.

By the way, to all those who have called and written to me personally to offer the synchronized story of why Janis did what he did, thank you. I get a kick out of the pathetic cover stories.



Benjamin Dessart, a Henrico Republican Committee Magisterial District Chairman, is apparently trying to be a bag-man for the establishment candidate Bill Janis.


Dessart’s Face Book post calling State Senate Candidate Vince Haley a Carpetbagger is typical Establishment GOP Blood Sport Politics straight out of the Ray Allen political playbook. Remember when Ray Allen called GOP candidate David Brat a “Liberal College Professor” last year? Allen, a long time political operative for the Establishment GOP, was Eric Cantor’s political consultant. That “Liberal Professor” LIE mailed to thousands of Republican voters in the 2014 Republican Primary backfired on Cantor, costing him the election when it became apparent to the voters that Dave Brat is one of  the most conservative guys you will ever meet. Allen didn’t count on the voters crying foul after Brat’s eighteen years of teaching conservative economics at Randolph Macon College to thousands of students, many of whom remained in the 7th District upon graduation and volunteered for Dave Brat.


So Benjamin Dessart has taken it upon himself to spread false information and LIES about Vince Haley who was Born and Raised in Virginia. Haley’s father graduated from West Point in 1945. Mr. Haley is the tenth of eleven children. He was educated at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg and the University of Virginia School of Law in Charlottesville. He and his wife Bethany and their three children live in the West End of Henrico County across the street from his sister who has lived in her house for 25 years. Three of Vince Haley’s six sisters have all lived in Richmond for 30-40 years. Richmond and Henrico County is his home and the home of his family.

Look at this screen capture from Dessart’s facebook page:





Bill Janis, on the other hand, grew up in Cicero, Illinois- on the South Side of Chicago– where the Teamsters and the Mobsters run the city. Other famous community organizers come from the south side of Chicago. If you want to put a “carpetbagger” label on candidates- Bill Janis and Hillary Clinton fit the bill. Janis moved to Virginia as an adult. He arrived on a Bus.

And here’s some advice: Be careful Benjamin who you alienate with your xenophobic nativist insults. Many voters in the 12th District who live in Twin Hickory and Wyndam subdivisions and Western Hanover County- they moved to the RVA area for their jobs. Capital One comes to mind as a diverse employer of these people WHO VOTE.


One last thing to remember about the Carpetbagger Lie being cast at Vince Haley: Bill Janis says his Best Friend is Ray Allen. Theses tactics didn’t fall far from the rotten tree.

And in honor of Bill Janis Southside of Chicago rearing, enjoy this old Jim Croce ditty!


About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

30 Responses to “Bill Janis Unleashes the Flying Monkeys!”

  1. Ron Hedlund

    Ben got upset when I called him on this. I actually suggested he take it down as he was quite “sophomoric” to put it up in the first place. Oh well.

  2. Mary Stockdale says:


    This is why VA Right has become the BLOG to GO TO in Virginia especially for conservatives-
    You have certainly learned how to use the Ray Allen Boyd Marcus play book against them- defeating them at their own game.

    Never before in VA Politics have they been spun out of control by “We the People” taking our state and country back one election at a time. We sent the shot heard ’round the world when we defeated Eric Cantor and to allow Bill Janis- a Cantor Soldier just like Eric” Ivan the Terrible Cantor”- BFF of Ray Allen of Blood Sport Political Consulting “We will bankrupt the Republican Party of Virginia” if we have to Ray Allen-
    to get a foothold back in Henrico County for the lobbyists and establishment Power Brokers of the GOP will just weaken Dave Brat’s chances of re-election next year.

    Defeat Bill Janis and the Ray Allen “Mafia ” June 9th—–

    Patriots Against Bill Janis who remember what he did to Matt Geary in 2011

  3. Jeff Armitage says:

    ….and don’t forget it was Bill Janis’ wife Roseann who served as the 7th District Republican Committee Treasurer under Cantor Mob Boss Linwood Cobb. After Cobb’s stunning defeat in May 2014 followed by Cantor’s defeat in June 2014 it was Janis’ wife who sent back $300,000 from the 7th District coffers to the RNC-effectively bankrupting the new 7th District leadership.

    Ray Allen- BFF of Bill Janis and employer of Roseann Janis- said he would bankrupt the RPV- and he certainly orchestrated the bankrupting of the 7th District bank account- vindictive action after Cantor’s defeat. Ray Allen runs “Creative Direct” look up the money he earns in VA as a political operative for MANY Republican Politicians.— We can’t purge these people fast enough

    Do you want these people elected to the General Assembly to represent YOU?

  4. Smith III says:


    I can only imagine how much worse things would be w/o the keep’em honest bloggers like Mr. White & Mr. Tucker.

    We love you guys & all the hard work you put in!

  5. Bob Matson says:

    Wait a minute…when I read Ben’s post, I don’t see where it refers to any candidate by name…why assume he’s referring to Mr. Haley, especially if you see Mr. Janis as a product of Chicago politics ? What made you immediately identify that post with Mr. Haley? (btw, Janis may not have been born in Virginia, but he got here as fast as he could, coming here as a teenager. But if you look at the district the candidates seek to represent, I guarantee Janis has more time).
    Maybe the post was in poor taste (I was born in Cleveland, so I suppose I could be offended if I were inclined), but isn’t referring to Ben as a “Flying Monkey” puerile as well?

    In any case, I love the Jim Croce. And 6/9 can’t come fast enough, win, lose or draw.

    • Tom White says:

      Bob: He wrote about working in NoVA. There is only one candidate that fits. The guy that works for Newt. And Newt lives in NoVA. And Ben is not the only flying monkey in the attack formation. As I said, emails, personal messages, phone calls. Several others.

      I am not sure Bill Janis can break away from making waffles long enough to be bothered with attending sessions and committee meetings.

      And I am sorry to hear you are from Cleveland. Mistake by the Lake we call it ’round here.

      And my “calling out” on Ben wasn’t because his post was childish, but because he obviously didn’t know Janis was actually the only one that fits the Carpetbagger description.

      Irony is what drew me to this post.

      But we need fresh ideas, fresh thinkers and Vince Haley is wicked smart as you Yankees say. Oh wait. That’s Boston. But anything north of the Mason Dixon is pretty much all the same isn’t it?

      And for the record – I was born in Richmond VA at MCV. So I ain’t no carpetbagger.

  6. Gene Moser says:

    Mr. Matson:

    Mr. Dessart’s FB post was part of a longer exchange which you missed apparently- Tom is correct. Mr. Dessart was referring to Mr. Haley, born and raised and educated in Virginia as a carpetbagger just because he and his wife lived in Alexandria when first married to be close to their jobs.

    Mr. Janis on the other hand arrived in Virginia on a Greyhound Bus at the age of 18.

    Who is the carpetbagger if you are going to label people with xenophobic insults? His own candidate.

    This is why people hate Cantor, Hate the Establishment GOP and their Ray Allen Boyd Marcus political consultants and are looking for a new Generation of Conservative Leadership in Richmond. Haley is a Statesman- more than Kaine or Warner- he should be elected so the Republican Party can stop recycling the LOSERS each election who whine – like Janis- that it’s “MY TURN.”

    Haley is the candidate every voter dreams of electing. If you liked Dave Brat, Haley is exponentially better than Brat- capable of serving the people. His intellect is off the charts. He wants to represent all of the voters of the 12th – not the lobbyists and the Republican Leadership. Even Democrats and Independents should seriously look at Haley’s platforms- tax reform for job creation and economic development helps those unemployed find work. I don’t see any job plans coming from Stolle Dunnavant or Janis.

  7. Mrs. Powel

    Tom, perhaps you can put in print the lies spewing forth from the Janis minions. They are continuing to justify Bill Janis betraying the Henrico GOP by running as an Independent against Mtt Geary. Delegates, former delegates and former party bosses are going around to this day spewing falsehoods and slandering Geary’s good name and reputation, FOUR YEARS AFTER HE HAS PASSED!

    A current sitting delegate, Jimmie Massie, is going around telling people HORRIBLE things about Matt. And then Ann Davis is saying the very same thing, verbatim. It makes you believe they have scripted their story to trash a man even after he was effectively put to shame and death.

    Ask Jimmie Massie what he is telling people. Bet he is too ashamed to admit it.

  8. Dina Kopecki says:

    Mr. White:

    Archive this story especially GOP Establishment Operator Dessart and his carpetbagger insults.

    Let’s see if Mr. Dessart calls Eric Cantor a carpetbagger when he comes back to Richmond from Harvard where he is currently a Liberal College Professor and New York where he works for Moelis as an unregistered Lobbyist. He even took his office girl Kristi Way with him to Moelis. Wonder what Diana Cantor had to say about that?

    Mr. Cantor is running for something But WHAT? Carpetbagger!!!!!!!!!

  9. Mrs. Powel's neighbor says:

    Eric was all over the photo ops in Washington over the Memorial Day Weekend.

    Oh yeah- he’s running……

  10. Eva Wehrling says:

    On the topic of the Cantor endorsed Janis campaign for Henrico Commonwealth’s Attorney four years ago that elected a DEMOCRAT- Delegate Massie is definitely slandering Matt Geary’s memory- despicable for his widow and children and Matt’s family. He is actually emailing people in defense of Janis’ campaign 4 years ago- calling Geary mentally ill. He wasn’t mentally ill when they nominated him before Waffle Willie wanted the job.

    Please STOP enabling these EVIL politicians by validating them and voting for them. What they did to Matt Geary is unforgiveable. And it wasn’t just the Cantorites- other Legislators in the GA were enlisted as well as their Legislative Aids who relentlessly spread vile vitreolic comments about Matt- beyond Henrico County- The worst offender who was involved was the LA in Mechanicsville and that MOUTH of HERS is just filthy.

    If you want to understand what these people do- go to and look at a $30,000 donation from Bill Janis to Tom Garrett when Janis announced he was running for CA. That’s a payoff for an endorsement for those of you in Highland Springs.

  11. BratPacker says:

    Wasn’t Ben Dessart that guy who was on Cantor’s campaign team who followed Dave Brat around throughout the entire Primary- filming him and literally making a fool of himself like some paranoid CIA Secret Service Agent for Cantor?

    So now he’s on the Freaking Bill Janis Team? These guys swap campaign staff like Spit-

    Janis must be defeated so we can finally get rid of these AWFUL PEOPLE FOREVER.

    Let Cantor stay in New York and Waffle Willie can stay in Powhatan working for his company who creates Soft Ware for Obama Care billing. Like that won’t be a conflict of interest in General Assembly.

  12. Kenneth Hawk says:

    If the “has been” Cantor is ever planning on running for ANY elected office again he better immediately start taking some classes on public speaking, ethics, communications, & economics to name just a few. He is weak in almost every area.


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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