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Blogger Sanders Endorses Kimberly Klacik in MD-7!

More Of the Same or A Chance at REAL Change!

Sandy’s really out of his lane this time! But there is a special election in MD-7 for Congress (Elijah Cummings held the seat until his untimely passing) and here are the two candidates: Kweisi Mfume (former Baltimore City Council, five terms in the 7th district, president of the national NAACP) and Kimberly Klacik, political activist and non-profit founder.

Klacik is an unabashed Trump supporter and for the most part is supportive of free-markets and urban empowerment. Here from her campaign website is her (edited by me) platform with my edits:

Education – freeze the budget until all are accountable.

Support school choice, vouchers, and a 100% tax credit for home schooling along with the ability to form home schooling cooperatives. After the dust settles from COVID-19 and people are putting their lives back together alternative options to educate children of all ages should be implemented at the request of parents. * * * Parents need to chose what is best for their children and that includes courses in Civics, Economics, Entrepreneurship and Vocational training.

YES – more power to parents and more choices for kids.

2nd Amendment

American people have the right to protect their families against criminals and unwell individuals who may seek to harm them. Business owners have the right to protect themselves and their establishments. Constitutional Concealed Carry reciprocity is strongly supported. Access to firearms is “essential” in times of crisis.

100% YES

Health Care

 Any individual, including self-employed individuals, would be allowed to form associations for the purpose of purchasing group health insurance. As proposed by Senator Rand Paul. This allows small businesses that don’t offer insurance and individuals who are uninsured for some other reason negotiating power enjoyed by large employers when negotiating rates.  As a private sector solution it would be affordable enough that even in the event of sudden job loss, individuals would be able to maintain their private insurance coverage.

Agree in principle but I do not know enough to endorse idea.

No more Socialism in District 7

Socialism is massive amounts of money paid (by you the taxpayer) into government coffers controlled entirely by bureaucrats. These bureaucrats with the support of complicit Elected officials empower themselves with control over every aspect of your life. They then spend vast resources on themselves and neglect your basic needs forcing you to adopt to their ideology or move. If you are advocating for Socialism, hopefully this small dose of government control due to the Coronavirus will be what it takes to change minds.

Agree but I would state it as a use by politicians to give goodies to people so they will continue to vote for them. The classic scenario described in Basitat’s The Law. I am also glad to see someone running for office using the temporary totalitarianism of COVID to show the need for more liberty!

Rights of the Unborn

Being proactive vs. reactive and supporting free or over the counter birth control. With Maryland District 7 as well as half of the United States on government imposed stay at home orders, I see three possible scenarios. Either give free or over the counter birth control to prevent pregnancies or second be prepared to strengthen weakened families that survived economic collapse and are pregnant. Third and last, Abortion and a Planned Parenthood customer. There will likely be a Coro-nial generation it is time to address it as adults and be proactive.

I think this is clever and appeals to Sanders the libertarian in that what consenting adults do in their bedroom is their own business even if the Bible would regard it as sinful. Maybe even minor teens too should have access to birth control although I prefer only with parental blessing.

Economic Development

Maximizing the economic impact of The Port of Baltimore and the I-270 Biotech corridor to generate thousands of Working class jobs and hundreds of small businesses is priority number 1. Our opponents like to say never let a crisis go to waste, I agree with them on that point at this moment in time. The port is the second busiest in the country and has one of the best transportation networks on the east coast. However it does not and will and Maryland has a robust Biotech industry with the National Institutes of Health NIH, Johns Hopkins, Bethesda Naval/Walter Reed and the FDA all located in the state. The multi billion Research and Development economy has a billion dollar medical supply chain waiting to be developed. With a strong focus on workforce development for current city residents and “including” West Baltimore as an Opportunity zone, current residents will be able to participate and remain in the revitalization of the city of Baltimore.

This National emergency has shown we have to bring the Billion Dollar medical equipment industry back to the US. Locating it in the Baltimore region with it’s vast Port to ship products overseas and tremendous transportation network via roads and rail to deliver the goods stateside. It compliments the research facilities in Montgomery County and Baltimore perfectly.

Don’t know enough to agree or disagree but I think a vote for Klacik would bring needed change.

Klacik is also for term limits and a “Zero Tolerance for Corruption”.

Now, this is a mail-in election. Conventional wisdom suggests powerfully this is solid Dem and I agree. But there are two reasons for an upset:

One, this is one of the first major elections since COVID-19 and no one knows how that will affect voters. Two, this is a classic situation: Vote for more of the same or the possibility of a real change (Klacik’s slogan is Real Problems Need Real Solutions) and maybe people are willing to try something new.

It would be a political earthquake for sure if Klacik wins April 28. Here is her “flyer” from her website:

Vote Kim ballot image

Yes, Kim Klacik is admittedly seen as attractive – it could be a secret weapon I suppose!

Blogger Sanders has never spoken with or met Klacik. But he suggests: You can vote for more of the same and you’ll get, well, more of the same OR you can Vote Klacik April 28 for a chance at real change.

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Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)

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