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BREAKING NEWS: Gary Johnson – YES That Gary Johnson – who Ran for Prez – is Considering a Run for US Senate from New Mexico!

I was going to return to Libertarians who can win around the nation, starting with Nebraska state senator Laura Ebke, and turning to Texas statewide court of criminal appeals judge Mark Ash, and I was going to turn to the Land of Enchantment:  New Mexico.

The first Libertarian Party statewide officeholder is found in New Mexico and it is NOT Gary Johnson.  It is State Land Commissioner Aubrey Dunn (Dunn switched parties after being elected as a Republican) and until a few days ago, he was in deed a candidate for the US Senate seat held by Democrat incumbent Martin Heinrich (There is a GOP nominee:  Mick Rich); most polls show the race a runaway.


I was about to introduce you to Dunn, as a Libertarian who can win!


Dunn decided to drop out…here’s why:

“He seems sincerely grateful that I’m offering him this opportunity. I believe he’ll accept it,” Dunn tells Reason. “With Gary taking this race over, I think this is the best thing that could happen to the Libertarian Party of New Mexico. I think that it’s going to cause an unbelievable shift in the way that people look at the Libertarian Party.”

That’s RIIIIGHHHT!  NO, not that Gary!  Gary is none other than former NM Governor and two time LP candidate Gary Johnson!  Now we have a candidate who CAN WIN!  Don’t take my word for it, here’s two sources:

Dunn:  “His poll numbers were three to four times better than what mine were,” Dunn recalled. “He was in the high twenties, and I was in the sevens….It was pretty evident that if Gary were to take on this opportunity…he has a real chance to win.”

Ron Nielson (a pro-Johnson political consultant and 2016 campaign manager): If Johnson decides to run, he would face Democratic incumbent Martin Heinrich and Republican Albuquerque construction business owner and political newcomer Mick Rich. While there is no public polling that includes Johnson as a candidate, NSON Opinion Strategy, a consulting company from Utah reportedly conducted a poll showing a close, three-way race. NSON Opinion Strategy’s president is Ron Neilson,(sic) who lead (sic) Johnson’s 2016 campaign for president.  (Italics added)

Here’s where the Nielson quote comes from.  I have to admire Dunn for putting the LP and the state first.  That tells me he’s the real deal.

Here’s my take:  Johnson got over 9% of the Presidential vote in the Land of Enchantment in 2016 and also has what appears to be a committed following throughout the country.  He could raise all kinds of funds although time is short.  The incumbent has over $4,000,000 in funds and is raising more – now using the potential Johnson campaign to raise money.  (I fully expect a fundraising email in next few days from NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand saying Help!  Help!  Help Martin beat back the GOP stooge Gary Johnson!)  Mich Rich the Republican appears to be sincere and is a decent candidate but might be over his head and that shows in his struggling finances with only just over $100,000 at hand.

It will be a tough race.  It is not a sure thing.  BUT YES Gary can win!

Another sign that Johnson is running:  Nielson has started a SuperPAC:

In the latest signal that Gary Johnson is revving up a run for U.S. Senate in New Mexico, his 2016 presidential campaign manager, Ron Nielson, announced Monday that he was forming a new fundraising vehicle called Elect Liberty PAC.

The NM LP nominated Johnson and gave him two weeks to decide.  I think it’ll be a YES.  $4,000,000 is a large war chest but not insurmountable.  That’s only about 800,000 gallons of Chic-fil-A’s finest sweet tea!  How about a Jackson for Johnson for Liberty?  If 200,000 friends of liberty give $20 to either the Johnson campaign or the SuperPAC (This is NOT a solicitation for funds but rather a showing of the power liberty-minded people have!); that is $4,000,000.  Even steven makes it a new ball game.  A poll or two saying the former NM Governor can win and Rich cannot win ought to do it.

The last straw (from the NM LP FB Page):

Joe M Enroughty I never thought I would see the day when an entrenched Democrat would be worried about a Libertarian. This is a beautiful moment indeed.

If I were Gary, that should decide it right there.  Time to run for US Senate.  Think about that august body with a fellow like Gary Johnson.  Just the new ideas he could propose is breathtaking.  Maybe do away with civil asset forfeiture, for starters.  Decriminalization.  End to the surveillance state.  Nonintervention.  Respect for state drug laws.

Think about the wonderful filibusters a fellow who climbed Mt. Everest and biked from Canada to Mexico could do.  Senator Johnson could beat the record for longest filibuster and he’d probably have help from say Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.  DC swamp leaders could not lay a hand on him.

I wonder if Johnson runs, you should see a Jackson for Johnson for Liberty!  (If you are more well-heeled, it could be a Grant for Gary for Liberty!)  If someone wants to follow my example and screenshot your donation and send to me, I’ll give it time at the blog.

Who else can win this year for liberty?  We’ll be looking about…

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Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)

One Response to “BREAKING NEWS: Gary Johnson – YES That Gary Johnson – who Ran for Prez – is Considering a Run for US Senate from New Mexico!”

  1. Corey Fauconier

    Good Afternoon,

    Catching up on my reading of Virginia Right. This is a great story! I have been a Libertarian since 2015. Worked with many campaigns both in Virginia and North Carolina. Made music for liberty in support of several candidates from those states.

    People seem so over the two party system. But, never seem to vote for liberty. When I get emails and social media notifications about Libertarians winning and working on shrinking government that makes me feel like we are finally taking a step in the right direction.

    I have had the opportunity to need Former Governor Gary Johnson in Virginia and North Carolina back in 2016. I believe he has everything in place. I will make a donation to his cause and I look forward to hearing about him on the campaign trail.

    Corey Fauconier
    Henrico County, Virginia


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