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I read the schedule for Camp Constitution for 2011 that just concluded late last week.  Here it is – highlights include:

Sunday School and Church on Sunday July 9

MONEY and PREAMBLE at 630 pm that evening along with the rights of jurors


ONE NATION UNDER GOD at 9 am Monday by Rev. [Steve] Craft

US CONSTITUTION – Art. I, Section 8 and 10 by NH State Representative Norman Tregenza

CLIMATE CHANGE MYTHS by a co-founder of the Weather Channel – Mr. D’Aleo

And there are both guys and gals at Camp Constitution!  Makes me wish I were a teenager again!

Here is an article on the camp in a Nashua newspaper.  Highlights:

“Who has the Constitution with them?” Shurtleff asked. Hands went up across the room, as the teenagers in the audience reached into their pockets, each pulling out a small book.

“Look up article 1, section 10,” Shurtleff said.

They turned to the page, as Shurtleff went on to explain how towns in Massachusetts and other states have accepted state funding through the International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives. Shurtleff told them the UN-sponsored group is using sustainability and green jobs as a guise to allow local elected officials to take away rights.

More young New Englanders educated on the harms of ICLEI and Agenda 21!  RAH!

There’s more:

“That [Bible] verse, campers, lets us know why America has become exceptional,” Craft told the children.

But Craft added, it’s also the reason why the country is being destroyed. Separation of church and state is a lie, he said.

“Without morality and religion, the Constitution is just a piece of paper,” Craft said.

Craft showed quotes from founding fathers and historical figures supporting his thesis that only those who follow the Christian way of thinking are true American patriots. He quoted John Jay, the nation’s first Supreme Court justice: “Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers, and it is the duty, as well as the privilege and interest, of our Christian nation to select and prefer Christians for their rulers.”

Here is the official camp blog with this highlight:

Camp Constitution just completed its third annual family camp at the Toah Nipi Christian Retreat Center in Rindge, NH this past week.  It was the biggest turnout with close to 100 campers, staff and other participants on hand.    Families as far as Michigan and Virginia came to enjoy a week in the woods of Southwest New Hampshire. (emphasis mine!)

There were about 70 campers including one from where?  Wonder how did he find out about Camp Constitution?

Many of the campers were home-schooled, but Brad Smart, an 18-year-old from Richmond, Va., just graduated from the public school system. He described his experience of overcoming the “liberal bias” in his school system and said the camp has helped to educate him on the reality of the nation’s founding principles. (emphasis mine)

What is Brad Smart going to do after high school?  Go to Virginia Tech and study history and become a history teacher!  RAH!

He was named one of the outstanding campers!

Brad Smart of Richmond, NH (sic), and Theresa Mazzarella of East Boston were chosen as Super Campers.  An unexpected offer from the Massachuseets Liberty Preservation Association led to a speech contest with the winner getting an all expenses paid trip to Boston to speak at the group’s annual Tesa party event in Faneuil Hall in December.  The winner of that contest was Rebecca Cambron of Albany.

Congrats to all three winners!  Brad Smart is why we need Camp Constitution here in the Commonwealth.  Let’s pray and work for it to happen…

UPDATE:  There were THREE campers from the same Richmond family and the parents are a long time colleagues of the camp director.  This blog had no apparent impact on attendance at Camp Constitution.


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