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Candidate Profile: Floyd Bayne – Virginia 7th Congressional District

Update: Contrary to some Tweets going around about this post, Virginia Right! has not yet endorsed any candidate. – Editor

I sent out a questionnaire to both candidates who are challenging incumbent Republican Eric Cantor in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District race in an effort to find out about their positions on a number of items. Congressman Cantor has been in Congress for ten years and his record and positions are abundantly clear and available to all.

Only Independent Floyd Bayne returned the answers.

I attended a debate between Waugh and Bayne last night at the Tuckahoe Library in Henrico County and did a writeup of the event here.

Bayne bills himself as the only true Conservative in the race. To be sure, he is very conservative. His approach is to adhere to the Constitution. Radical, right?

There are very few shades of gray in Bayne’s view of the role of the Federal Government. There is nothing complex about his platform. It can actually be boiled doen to one sentence:

If it’s not a power enumerated by the Constitution, the Federal Government should not be involved.

The debate featured a stark difference between Democrat Rick Waugh’s view of the Federal Government and Bayne’s view.

It was an interesting experience listening to Bayne outline his position without the need to justify or defend what the Democrats and Republicans have done the last few years. The Independent Bayne is not burdened with the sins of this or previous administrations. And the basic simplicity of strict adherence to the Founding Father’s intent is almost impossible to attack.

Floyd Bayne is a very personable man with a fiery passion for the free society the Founders envisioned. But this fire and passion resides within a demeanor that is “this ain’t rocket science, people” simple.

Bayne has a patience about him. He would have to debating a Progressive Democrat who believes Government is the solution to all problems. And Bayne repeated himself over and over using one simple phrase:

“Again, let me explain. If it is not a power granted to the federal government by the Constitution, it is not Constitutional.”

But what about Medicare?

“Again, let me explain;” Bayne said again.

How much should we spend on Education?

“Again, let me explain;” Bayne said again.

And again and again.

At times, it was almost like watching a teacher calmly and repeatedly teach the lesson of the day to a child.

If you are looking for more government growth, more debt and fewer jobs, Rick Waugh is your man. If you believe Al Gore is a god, and Global Warming is going to doom the Earth, you will love Rick Waugh.

But if you are looking for less government, a man who believes the Constitution is more than a mere suggestion, you should look at Bayne.

And to be fair, Congressman Cantor, while not attending the debate, is promising a lot of the same things as Bayne. But both Bayne and Waugh were quick to point out the votes on TARP, AIG Bonuses, and a number of other issues leave questions in many voters minds.

Below are the questions and answers as provided by Floyd Bayne.

1. Current Virginia 7th District Congressman Eric Cantor (R) has been in
Congress for 10 years and is presently the Minority Whip, the second
highest position among Congressional Republicans. If you were to win election for Cantor’s seat, many would feel Virginia will see diminished effectiveness with a freshman congressman. How will your skills maintain
the “clout” the incumbent has amassed?

**Frankly, I don’t necessarily agree that an incumbent’s many years in office makes things better for his constituents. This is especially true if that incumbent has an agenda that is designed more for his own career advancement than doing what is right by the Constitution or his constituency. My Republican opponent has had ten years to indicate whether or not he seeks to reduce the size of government and exercise fiscal responsibility, but his voting record shows quite clearly that those two topics are not on his agenda.  My “skills” would be brought to bear on restoring the Constitution as the supreme law of the land, not my own career advancement. Honesty, a willingness to talk and interact with my constituents, and a desire to reign in the scope and power of the Federal government would be my design to do what is best for the 7th district.**

2. If you are elected, what measures would you support to either win or
end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

**Leave Iraq now! We have been there far too long and our only purpose there has been nation-building. The Iraqi’s have oil fields, which can be used by them to help pay to rebuild their own country, not U.S. tax dollars. Our mission in Afghanistan must be more clearly defined and a specific exit strategy put forth. Again, we find ourselves involved primarily in nation-building and have created more enemies with our sojourns across the Pakistan border. The Afghans support us as long as U.S. tax dollars keep rolling in, but have done little to help root out the terrorists that hide in their country. We should either insist that the Afghan government step up and take a greater role in eliminating the terrorists, as they know better where they are. As it stands now we are occupying a sovereign nation and achieving little in the way of destroying the terrorists that hide in that country. If a better method cannot be developed for locating and destroying the terrorists then we can expect an “open-ended” occupation of Afghanistan by our troops. This is unacceptable. While there, and in harms way, our rules of engagement must be altered to allow our troops to defend themselves without fear of retribution from their own or the Afghan governments.**

3. Virginia has a number of problems, as do most states. Governor
McDonnell and the Virginia Legislature enacted a number of budget cuts
to balance the state’s budget. There are Federal Programs available that
were untapped by Virginia because many thought the Federal “strings”
that were attached were unacceptable. Are there any programs you feel
Virginia should take advantage of that were rejected by the General
Assembly, or not considered?

**If we are going to restrain the growth and scope of the Federal government we must be willing to reject any programs that emanate from it. If we were to return to true Constitutional governance then the money we seek from the Federal government would not have been taken from the State coffers/taxpayers in the first place and we would not have to “beg” to get it back.**

4. One of the most difficult aspects of any recession is the loss of
jobs. What specific actions could the Federal Government take that will
bring jobs to Virginia?

**Reduce and/or eliminate onerous and capricious Federal regulations that impede business growth. Cut or eliminate corporate and personal taxes. Get the Federal government out of the private industry/financial sector and allow businesses/people to spend their money as they see fit.**

5. Should the “Bush Tax Cuts” be extended, allowed to expire, or be
modified or “tweaked” to help reduce the deficit, yet not negatively
impact small businesses, which create most American jobs?

**Taxes must be cut at all levels and kept as low as possible, allowing only enough money for the Federal government to perform its specific enumerated functions as spelled out in the Constitution.**

6. The Gulf oil spill is one of the worst manmade disasters in the
history of the country. What lessons should America learn from this and
what type of solutions would you focus on to prevent this from happening

**All reasonable prevention techniques must be in place on any such site, however, the reality is that accidents, by their very nature, cannot be prevented 100% of the time. In this particular case there were many people, companies, industries, and foreign countries ready to step forward and offer help with the cleanup, yet our Federal government blocked all of these efforts, for various and sundry reasons. This blocking of such efforts was, to put it plainly – stupid! Over-regulation by our own Federal government prolonged the problem, rather than fixing it. If safety protocols were not adhered to and are shown to have led to this accident then those responsible must be held accountable to those who were harmed by their carelessness. This should include criminal and civil prosecution if deemed appropriate by local law enforcement agencies. However, the Federal government should not profit or benefit from this disaster by having a $20 billion “slush fund” at its disposal to mete out as it sees fit. The only people who should receive compensation from the responsible parties are those who were directly affected by the disaster.**

7. Arizona has passed a law to deal with the problem of illegal
immigration. A Federal Judge has issued an injunction on several parts
of this law, and it appears this ruling will be appealed. Most citizens
believe the Federal Government has not done an adequate job of protecting the borders. Would you support greater enforcement by the Federal Government to mitigate illegal immigration? And what direction do you support for dealing with the large number of illegal immigrants already in the country?

**Arizona had every right to enact a law that mirrored Federal law and the fact that an activist judge has seen fit to reject the will of the people of Arizona is despicable at best. If the Federal government, over the last 40 years, had been doing its job properly Arizona, and other states, would not have to do it for them. I support the idea of insisting that the Federal government fulfill its Constitutional DUTY to protect our nation and its borders. Perhaps the least expensive and best method for doing so would be to remove the incentives that many illegal immigrants come here for. If they can no longer get jobs where they pay no taxes, free education, free medical care, social security benefits that they have not earned, etc., then they would leave of their own accord. In the meantime, ICE, and all other government law-enforcement agencies should be doing their jobs and catching and deporting any illegals they can find.**

8. What are the top reasons you will make a more effective US

Congressman than the incumbent?

**I do not wish to be a career politician and thus will be more concerned with doing my job, serving the people, than advancing my career. I believe in and will adhere to the Constitution as the supreme law of the land, at all times, not just when it is politically expedient to do so. I will communicate with my constituents and not cloister myself in Washington, D.C. where I am out of touch with their concerns/problems. I will never forget that I serve the people, not the other way around.**

End of questions.

Below is a short interview I recorded with Floyd Bayne after last night’s debate.

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