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Cantor (AKA John Cantorboehner) Promises that If Re-Elected He Will Fix and Fund Obamacare and Grant Amnesty to Illegals

JohnCantorboehnerNow this isn’t exactly what Eric Cantor is saying. Sort of. But not exactly.

So how do we know what Cantor will do if he wins in November? Simple.

Eric Cantor is the Majority Leader. When he became Majority Leader, he ceased working for the people of Virginia’s 7th District and took the job as Speaker John Boehner’s boy. And ever since the day he stopped being our Congressman, he has been 100% with John Boehner on everything the Speaker has supported. And we all know that Cantor does not have an opinion until Boehner gives him one.

So if you want to know what Eric Cantor stands for, you will have to visit John Boehner’s website or listen to what Mr. Speaker says. Because the only way Cantor keeps his job as Majority Leader and the perks that come with it is to answer only to Boehner.

With Eric Cantor representing us, we have no representation. And you shouldn’t bother to call Cantor’s office if you want to know his position on any issue or topic. Or encourage his vote for or against a bill. You should call John Boehner. Just bypass Cantor and go right to his master.

Boehner can be reached at (202) 225-6205.

And if Cantor were an honest man, he would simply forward his phones and faxes and emails to Boehner.

So what are Boehner’s (and Cantor’s) positions on Amnesty and Obamacare?

Doug Ross, a fellow blogger, keeps a keen eye on Cantor’s Boehner’s opinion on these things.

Doug writes:

In a surprisingly candid interview with his hometown newspaper, Johnny Boehner admitted that his top priorities are Amnesty and not repealing Obamacare. In that order. Confident of his reelection, Johnny doesn’t seem to remember that the citizens of his district have a choice: in this case, a very capable young conservative named J.D. Winteregg.

West Chester Republican John Boehner said he is confident he can win a third term as House speaker, despite his rocky three years in the post and his narrow re-election to that leadership slot in 2013.

It won’t even be close,” Boehner said of his re-election as speaker…

On immigration: Boehner wants ‘to get it done’

Boehner defended his approach to the politically dicey issue of immigration. In January, he and other GOP leaders outlined a set of principles to reform the immigration system. But shortly afterward, Boehner said he didn’t think he could move an agreement this year, arguing that Republicans didn’t trust Obama enough to implement border security measures.

On Monday, he told The Enquirer immigration was a key area of agreement between him and Obama and they talked about it at the White House last week. “He wants to get it done. I want to get it done…”

GOP wants to make Obamacare more affordable

House Republicans will unveil an eight-to-10-point plan in two to three months that is aimed a [sic] fixing the Affordable Care Act, Boehner said.

Affordability is the top problem with the president’s health plan, he said.

So there you have it. Eric Cantor’s opinion comes from Ohio. (By the way, Doug has a pretty good synopses of Boehner’s plans. You should read the rest of his post.)

If you like John Boehner’s Amnesty and Obamacare plans, you’ll love Eric Cantor.

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