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Cantor’s Own Supporters Caused His Defeat by Withholding Criticism

It is quite ironic that the very same issue I ran into with Nancy Russell at the Hanover County Republican Committee – where I was called out for criticizing “one of our own” – is the very thing that led to Eric Cantor’s defeat.

“We are supposed to support our fellow Republicans,” the admonition went.

Well, if we fail to give them feedback when they go astray of the Republican Creed and the will of the voters, are we really supporting them?

If every Committee in the 7th District had issued a resolution to Cantor condemning amnesty in any form, Cantor would have taken another look at his position.

Had every unit passed a resolution urging Cantor to hold firm and refuse to give Obama a blank check in the government shutdown would that have steeled his resolve? Or would a resolution condemning his eventual vote as one of only 26 Republicans to side with the Democrats in giving Obama that blank check have put Cantor on notice that he is failing to represent the will of the people that sent him to represent them in Washington?

Instead, Eric Cantor blissfully assumed that he had the support, or at least the acquiescence, of Nancy Russell and every Committee in the 7th District.

And yet these same people who were so highly critical of me in my efforts to let Eric Cantor know that there was a problem at home now see me as some malcontent who is hell bent on attacking Republicans.

There were so few of us willing to speak up. We were (and are) dismissed as a bunch of “right wing extremists” unwilling to compromise.

Well, the latter part of that sentence is true. I am unwilling to compromise my beliefs and core principles and I am unwilling to “bend” the words of the Republican Creed to just get along.

Failing to admit when Republicans are wrong and then failing to call them out has allowed the country to slip to the depths it already has. And it is sinking lower.

So perhaps if the Hanover Republican Committee would entertain a resolution to condemn Senator Walter Stosch for his zeal for Obamacare and the Medicaid Expansion instead of introducing this man (who is more closely aligned with Senator Donald McEachin) as someone deserving Hanover’s praise he would reconsider his surrender to Governor McAuliffe.

The reality of the matter is, if the Hanover Committee voted on a resolution to condemn McEachin or McAuliffe on the Medicaid Expansion, it would pass unanimously. But the same resolution with Stosch’s name attached wouldn’t even be allowed to see the light of day by Nancy Russell.

Try it and see.

And a number of Republicans in that committee would vote against admonishing Stosch. Because he has an “R” after his name. And sadly, if McEachin had an “R” after his name he would be afforded the royal treatment at the Hanover Committee.

And I will tell you right now, I will endorse and support a Republican in a primary that challenges Stosch as long as they believe the Republican Creed. Of course, if the Committees that Stosch represent actually let him know in a publicly that he is out of touch with the people he represents, perhaps there is time to prevent the same fate for Stosch as Cantor just met.

The plain truth is, I don’t care who represents me. What I care about is that they represent the voice of the people that put them in office. And if they never hear that voice, then they have no idea what is really going on.

It is this reluctance to police our own who stray from Conservative principles that has split the party. The issue is not TEA Party, Conservative or RINO. It is our failure to let the elected representatives know our true feelings that causes the pot to simmer and eventually boil over.

These elected officials are not our leaders. They are our employees. And when we forget that, they gladly move in to take advantage.

It was shameful how few people were willing to stand up and call Eric Cantor out for attacking his opponent as a Liberal. One after another admitted Dave Brat was a Conservative, but they failed to also let Eric Cantor know that this was not acceptable. And absent the feedback from his supporters, well, we all know what happened.

Criticizing our representatives is not disrespecting them. It is necessary to keep them humble and ensure they understand who the boss truly is. And it serves to ground them in the community.

You are not supporting a Republican when you sit silent as they run roughshod over the Republican Creed, the Constitution and the will of the people. Your silence is always taken as approval.

So for all of the Republicans in Hanover and the rest of the 7th district who refused to be critical of a fellow Republican, Eric Cantor is the poster boy for your failure. Without your silence he would have done a lot of things differently. And if he were actually in tune with the voters, there would have been no reason for anyone to challenge him. And Eric Cantor may very well have been the next Speaker of the House.

So, those of you who thought your silence was showing support for Eric Cantor, look in the mirror to see the real reason your candidate lost.

And if you want to keep people like Walter Stosch in office and prevent a challenge, pass a resolution to let him know how the voters and Committees feel.

I am sure Walter feels like Eric Cantor did and that those of us who are willing to speak up are irrelevant.

We weren’t irrelevant on June 10th.

When is your primary date Walter Stosch?

I hope the Committees speak this time and that you listen.

Because the voters will surely speak up at your primary. Loud and clear.

And this goes not only for Stosch. It goes for everyone we elect to represent us. In this case, silence isn’t golden, it is the fast track to defeat.

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

2 Responses to “Cantor’s Own Supporters Caused His Defeat by Withholding Criticism”

  1. Ron Hedlund

    Stosch was quick to jump behind Dave at the press conference, so his face could be seen in all angles. Stosch needs to be put back in his place.


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