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CEDAW (the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women) is more bad UN (all together now:  Redundant!) law.  It’s a treaty that allegedly ends discrimination against women.  It has been around for many years since President Carter first proposed it (one more reason to oppose it) for US ratification.  There is all this breast-beating in various elitist circles about how the USA should get with the program and adopt CEDAW.

CEDAW is unconstitutional because it requires the USA to report to a foreign agency.  Let’s be clear:  The Constitution is the supreme law of the land (behind the Bible of course) and cannot be subordinated to any foreign agency or committee.

It also will mandate Roe v. Wade forever, as shown in my posting on East Timor here at this blog.

The Senate Human Rights Law Subcommittee will meet to discuss CEDAW and the breast-beating has started:

Unfortunately, partisan politics has prevented the passing of CEDAW for over 30 years, leaving the United States in unwelcome company among the only seven nations in the U.N. who have refused to ratify CEDAW. The other six countries are Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Nauru, Palau, and Tonga.  If the United States wants to be a leader in human rights, particularly women’s rights, it is imperative that the U.S. ratify CEDAW.

This particular posting from the Population Institute tries to argue that abortion will not be affected.  That is to put it nicely, poppycock:

The convention singles out access to family planning and decisions on the number and spacing of children as areas that countries are required to pay attention to. Unfortunately, the language requiring access to family planning has led to resistance in the U.S. Senate, with some critics arguing that CEDAW is pushing a pro-abortion agenda.

“Family planning” is code word for abortion rights.  If you are pro-life, you must oppose CEDAW.

It is particularly offensive that this treaty is being considered in a lame-duck session of Congress.  Lame-duck sessions ought to be for national emergencies only and bad UN (OXYMORON!) law is by definition NOT a national emergency.  Alas, the committee is filled with senators who will not listen to the people (they showed that with healthcare!) and we must act when it reaches the full Senate.  Senators must be ready to make the cots come out and talk CEDAW to death.

Finally, one more offense:  Retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor has come out for CEDAW.  Here’s why:

“In my view, this is an important treaty, and it is appropriate that it be considered by the Senate,” O’Connor wrote to Durbin. “[R]atification of CEDAW would enhance the authority of the United States to advocate on behalf of women’s rights in countries, including both CEDAW parties and non-parties, that do not respect women’s rights to the same extent that the United States does.”

The United States is to ratify a binding treaty in order to show the bad guys (most of whom HAVE ALREADY RATIFIED IT!) that we really mean it when we say we are for women’s rights.  It also seems to be me that Justice O’Connor has come out for meddling in the internal affairs of other nations as well.  I reject that.  Mind our own business!  We have plenty to worry about here at home.

CEDAW will affect our domestic relations laws, juvenile procedure and deprive the states of important discretion in these areas.

CEDAW is BAD (This is Michael Farris’ excellent and through legal analysis of CEDAW) NEWS!  It must be stopped.

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