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Christian Taliban “God Squad” Sour More Republicans on Conventions

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The Christian Taliban “God Squad” have managed to chase more Republicans away from the idea of Conventions as opposed to primaries as the way we select our nominees.

Just who are these Christian Taliban “God Squad” folks? They are a small but vocal minority of the Republican Party who fancy themselves as the only “true” Conservatives. When the truth is, their criteria of an ideal “Conservative” candidate is identical to the set of qualifications that they would demand for a new pastor at their local “Pit of Piety” churches.

Now before you go calling me an anti Christian, please understand that I am not anti Christian. I am a Christian myself and have been since I was a child. I even pondered going into the ministry at one point in my life, but that was not to be my calling.

And I also know that the majority of Republicans are also Christians. And the goodness that still lives in the Republican Party has God (and Christ) as their moral compass. And the Party would be no better than the Democrats without their voices.

But there is a subset of Republicans that are a fringe group of people who, given their way, would stack the government with their brand intolerant religious zealots intent on forcing their ideals and their brand of savage religious dogma on the entire country. And the world for that matter. They would love to force everyone to bow to their beliefs and they see government as the best way to achieve their goals. Because most people in a free society would never bend to their will but by force.

And like the Islamic Taliban, I have no doubt that the Christian Taliban are absolute believers that they are under orders by God to take over the government at all levels.

And our Founding Fathers were very familiar with this type of control. And they wrote the Establishment Clause into our Constitution to ensure that the government/religion never be allowed to rule this free nation. Because any form of government that comes complete with a state mandated religion is a danger to a free society and will eventually become totally corrupt and use religion to justify horrible acts in the name of God. But the real intent is to keep the people enslaved and fearful. Am I describing Islam? Or the type of government this nation lived under before we declared our independence? How many women were burned as witches with the executioners claiming that God would save them if they were innocent? How many people were tortured or killed in the name of God for infidelities or blasphemy?

The intent of the Establishment Clause was to prevent forced religion on the citizens. And while many court rulings may have taken this to mean that government must avoid all religion in any context, that was not the intent. While most of our Founding Fathers expected that those elected to office would be Christians, it was not to be mandatory. Nor could the government establish an official religion.

But what of the God Squad?? The Christian Taliban?

The only candidates they will support must meet the requirements of Pastor in Chief. One need look no further than the shameful and despicable actions at last year’s state Convention where the “God Squad” put in, almost exclusively, Ted Cruz backers as Delegates to the Republican National Convention where, having won the Primary (including Virginia), Donald Trump was to be the nominee. Yet in front of a National audience, certain members of the God Squad attempted to usurp the will of the voters and place Ted Cruz – who came in third in Virginia – into nomination. And after repeated failures, the will of the people prevailed.

And while the God Squad claims they were “only trying to change the rules for the 2020 Convention” most people believe that they were doing everything they could to push their candidate over the winner.

And they also claimed that everything they did was within the rules (i.e. not against the rules) the same was said about slating. Whenever you thwart – or attempt to thwart – the will of the voters, especially within your own party, it really doesn’t matter if was done through a loophole or not. It is an attack on the party.

So in the aftermath of last year’s conventions, the attempted usurpation of the will of the people, the Republican Party of Virginia’s State Central Committee voted 41-39 to hold a primary. At least one member was viciously attacked as a traitor to the “Conservative” cause as the deciding vote. But last weekend, a vote was held for the election method for the next race and the vote was again for a primary, but by a larger margin 45-35.

It seems that as people have time to ponder a repeat of the possibility of a hostile takeover at a convention verses a primary, the preferred method is trending to a primary. Of course the God Squad is apoplectic at the loss of a malleable Convention process that allows them the opportunity to overrule the voters with various procedural schemes and are all, ironically, shouting that the Democrats will be able to vote in the GOP primary and effect the outcome of the race.

But apparently the folks on the SCC feel that is preferable to a Christian Taliban hijacking. And I agree.

It is hard to say if I fear government by the far left more than the far right. I suppose that the truth is I fear a government by extremists that contaminate both parties more than anything. The left would erode our freedoms going after the 2nd amendment and the Christian Taliban would erode the 1st.

At this point, the only witch hunts I am looking forward to are those residing in the media and the deep state holdovers in our government. And I prefer to see those witches jailed, rather than burned.

Fear the Christian Taliban.

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

9 Responses to “Christian Taliban “God Squad” Sour More Republicans on Conventions”

  1. D. Anderson says:

    You can put Ken Cuccinelli, Steve Albertson, Daniel Bradshaw, Chris Shores, the Boyer brothers, Shaun Kenney, Russ Moulton, Shak Hill and the Middle Resolution Pac in that fraternity. Rest in Peace- the so called Conservative Fellowship is DOA in Virginia.

    Corey Stewart proved the Grassroots doesn’t need them.

    • Alexandria Tea Party says:

      Ken Cuccinelli was fighting for “incentivized closed Primaries” in his proposed Party Rules Changes at the RNC Convention in Cleveland. Hey all you “convention” Republicans on the SCC- YOUR GUY Cooch was pushing for Closed Primaries. NOT CONVENTIONS.

      For all you Trumpsters out there that was meant to keep you from voting in a Republican Primary in Virginia in the future and to allow “Slating” to keep libertarians and independents from voting in “Republican Primaries” as well. Keep it small Keep it all- your Republican Party of Virginia.

      Don’t be STUPID and vote for Ed Gillespie for Governor and give these people a Win… Vote Cliff Hyra for Governor and Give the Libertarians a real seat at the table in Virginia politics- DEBATES.

      This is how you create real change in YOUR REPUBLICAN PARTY- DEFEAT THEM and make them come crawling to YOU. Begging YOU and Giving you a seat at the table.

  2. S. Stern says:


    You forgot Robert Kenyon- the original inspiration for the “Christian Taliban” label of these intolerant hateful political pundits responsible for the widespread destruction of Virginia’s Republican Party.

  3. John R. says:

    Listen to the tape recording imbedded in this post where RPV State Central Committee member Pastor Travis Witt states he is both an Islamaphobe and a Homophobe: this is YOUR REPUBLICAN PARTY?

    • Travis Witt says:

      John R. Too bad you left the key portion of my statement out.

      “I fear FOR a Muslim and a homosexual who stands before a Holy God at the moment of their last breath
      As a pastor, should I not be concerned about the eternity of everyone?
      It is easy to leave out the most important part of the message. In doing so, you have manipulated others who may not have heard what I said in the full context.

  4. Captain Luger says:

    Wasn’t Witt Co Chair of Senator Bryce Reeves’ campaign for LG ?


  5. lawrence wood says:

    This group of individuals overplayed their hand during the Virginia 2016 presidential primary process and later at the Republican National Convention. As an often vocal state minority political clique that worked for their own ends while generally disregarding the issues of the Republican base they have now in the post President Trump political world become little more then an annoying modern rendition of the 1960’s John Birch Society. There behavior and misrepresentations have totally marginalized them and will ultimately result in their long overdue disappearance from the Virginia political scene. This is a dying group that in the final assessment were and remain as William Buckley once stated about the early Birchers “far removed from common sense”. Free advice to all the young up and coming Republican individuals interested in elected state office here in Virginia – avoid this clique at all costs! Unless that is you want to sign on as crew in a sinking vessel with permanently damaged political credibility.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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