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I decided to write about UKIP because I loved the party (I’d be, if British, an MP candidate if UKIP would have me, in every General Election no matter where the party sent me to run) and it felt it was a niche area to blog about that would have few competitors and many readers!

Well, not so fast:  That niche area is filling up fast!  You could call it climate change!  A climate change in politics in the UK and now it is invading the Daily Paul!

Here is the first article from the UK Independent:

European elections: Nigel Farage’s Ukip under repeated fire – but it’s not putting off the voters, say the polls

They have basically thrown the kitchen sink at the semi-libertarian UKIP but the polling numbers are similar than before.  And the attempt by the media, the chattering class and the Tweedledee-Tweedledum parties to destroy and smear UKIP and Farage did not work:

A series of Ukip posters that warned “26 million people are looking for work – and whose jobs are they after?” and “British workers are hit hard by unlimited cheap labour” were condemned by opponents but a YouGov poll showed that the majority of voters – 57 per cent – believe the ads were a “hard-hitting reflection of reality”, and 59 per cent said they were not racist.

There could be political realignment coming to the UK.  If large numbers of Labour voters defect to UKIP, especially in their North England stronghold, the Farage Labourite (The Sandy way of saying Reagan Democrat) will be a political force for the future.  And so will UKIP.  Remember, it only takes about 35% for UKIP to win the General Election outright!

And the readers of the Daily Paul, like what they read and wish it were here!  SteveMT posted this comment at the DP with a video:

“An example of piss yellow journalism by this woman with the hit piece, racist agenda. Nigel reduced her to babbling idiot status about 2/3s of the way through this attempted smear interview. Nigel, we are with you.”

Nigel, I am too!

The second article at the DP is better!

Sunday Times: UKIP Is the Leading Party in the UK – Ahead of Labor & The Conservative Party!

Here’s the chart (The London Times has a pay wall) with UKIP in the lead (albeit probably within the margin of error):

According to the U.K. Sunday Times

UKIP 32%
Labor 28%
Conservative 18%
Lib Dem 9%
Green 8%

This is exciting news.  UKIP is on the march!  Lord willing nothing will stop it.  This is climate change I can believe in!

UPDATE:  The Independent article is cited on PAGE ONE of DRUDGE REPORT today with a large photo of UKIP Leader Nigel Farage!

SECOND UPDATE:  Breitbart is writing about UKIP as well!

THIRD UPDATE:  As of 754Pm Sunday, Breitbart has this article on UKIP’s first place standing!


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