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Common Core Reps making Home Visits in VA

SUMMARY of Home Visit by Cyndy Ozbat from Petersburg,VA.

Somone rang my doorbell this morning and I seen a car in my driveway and a young lady on my porch with some sales material of some sort. I opened the door and she introduced herself (a college student from Texas A&M) and gave an overview of what she was selling. She asks me “don’t you have a son, jr. high, and in honors classes?” At that point I thought maybe she knew him or something. I said “yes”. She went into her sales spew, books, homework tools for his age through college. I was still perplexed as to how she knew so much about my son. Into the conversation she says “these books will really help your son with his common core curriculum”. She says “Texas, Virginia and many states have adopted this”. That is when I said STOP. I told her first of all common core are bad words to me and second Virginia does not have the common core curriculum and most certainly Texas doesn’t. She says “where did you hear that?” I replied when I first learned of the horrors of common core I researched it because if my state had adopted it I would homeschool my son. Virginia adopted it, then backed out of it, Texas never adopted it. She opens her binder with a map of color coded “common core” states and discovers that Virginia and Texas are two of the very few that have not adopted it. She proceeds to say “but look at most of the states, they have common core”. I told her there has been a lot of blowback about common core and other states are reconsidering it. Her tone then changes to one who suddenly does not agree with common core and the company she is selling for doesn’t either. Really? That was her original selling point! I let her show me one of the books, math. She points out that it helps students with their homework because it shows the “old” way of doing a math problem, followed by the “new” way. I asked “would that new way be the common core way”? She says “oh no we don’t agree with that”. I proceeded to give her a little education on common core and then asked “how did you know so much information about my son?” She is very shocked at the questions I am asking. She tells me a vague, I have a county list type answer. I told her I didn’t want to hear any more of the sales pitch I wasn’t interested. It left me with a very bad feeling.

BTW, I wrote down the company she was selling for (Southwestern Advantage) and the word Kaplan was also on there. I looked it up on net and found this:

Cyndy Ozbat
Petersburg, VA

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One Response to “Common Core Reps making Home Visits in VA”

  1. Sandy Sanders

    Just remember that Terry McAuliffe can load up the State Board of Education with Common Core disciples and we can have it after all.

    BTW, I wish we could homeschool and I would suggest every parent do it!



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