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Congressman Dave Brat Subjected to Pathetic Fake News Attacks

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They say that no two snowflakes are the the same. But what I have discovered is that all RINO’s (Republicans in Name Only) are identical. And I find it quite amusing to ponder the circumstances of these attacks, primarily on a certain RINO Blog here in the Commonwealth read primarily by fanboys of Lindsey Graham with na

ked posters of Chaz Bono hanging on the basement wall of their Mom’s house which they call home.

These are the lady boys of the Republican Party that still drool and stammer at the thoughts of Eric Cantor’s awesomeness and prowess and custom made suit that costs more than they will make in a lifetime. And they long

for the sweet whispers in their ears as Cantor lies and calls himself a Conservative.

These are the people that favor amnesty because they are told to do so. They want as many immigrants as possible and harbor a proclivity towards self annihilation. And when that threat comes, they will run and hide in their basement bedrooms and cry little Chuck Schumer alligator tears while cowering in the corner.

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But their hatred and false claims against true Conservatives never stops. Conservatives like Dave Brat, Congressman Extraordinaire from Virginia’s 7th Congressional District are a favorite target. They loathe and fear all true Americans, but they have held an especially strong (and unhealthy) obsession with Congressman Brat. Partially because he defeated their man-child idol Cantor, but mostly because he ran on his ideals, said what he was going to do and has done it!

Photo by Gage Skidmore

No telling the folks at home he was a Conservative who was going to get rid of Obamacare and Planned Parenthood and going back to DC and fully funding both. No, Congressman Brat is an honest man of principle, something the RINO bloggers will never grasp nor understand. Brat is part of the growing Conservative voices in Congress that want to fix this country for the people. Not perpetuate the riches and power of the ruling class.

Congressman Brat has consistently moved the Rudder of State starboard. He has halted the leftward drift and there has been a definite and measurable correction to our constantly leftward movement.

So what are the RINO blogs whining about now? Remember their “liberal college professor” lies? I told you that was completely false and I was proven right. Dave Brat is the real Conservative deal. So the latest bull from the RINO blogs are false claims that Dave Brat is unreachable. Funny, I don’t remember these folks complaining that Eric Cantor was unreachable. After all, he held a birthday bash, Christmas Party and the Roundup. And an occasional district meeting where only pre-selected Cantorites were allowed to ask a question – softballs only! If he took questions at all. Usually you got a speech when he arrived and then he was gone. Poof! Totally unreachable by voters, but always available for the Lobbyists and money people.

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So I can imagine the little RINO blogster who was told to write something attacking Dave Brat. Their biggest fear is that with President Trump now in power, Brat’s plans to steer our government by the people back to the people may actually succeed. And that scares them to death.

So the RINO Blogster locks the basement door, dons his pu$$y hat and Vag^&a Costume he bought for the Menopausal March last week and sits down at his keyboard and makes stuff up, his snowflake pacifier popping in time to the keystrokes. Is that Green Day playing on Pandora on the Iphone?

Perhaps these little RINO blogsters should sign up for Dave Brat’s email. Obviously they haven’t. A quick search of my inbox shows 75 emails from [email protected] alone. Many of those announcing Town Hall meetings. And I am not even in his district anymore! Curse redistricting.

If you want access to Dave Brat, all you have to do is reach out. He is one of the most accessible Congressmen in the House. And if you say he is not, then all I can say is you haven’t been paying attention.

Sign up for his email, visit his Facebook page, call his office. He’s there for you.

Virginia does not want to turn back the clock to the Cantor days. Why would we? We have a responsive and honest representative who truly understands who he works for. We, the People.

Dave Brat was never a Liberal College Professor and has always been accessible.

What lie y’all RINO blogsters gonna try next?



About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

6 Responses to “Congressman Dave Brat Subjected to Pathetic Fake News Attacks”

  1. Liberty!

    Let the record show that Congressman Brat has held close to 40 Townhall meetings & attended & was available at literally 100s of events all over the 7th District. Schools, Churches, Govt meetings, Festivals, Ball games etc.

    He has easily been the most available rep I have ever had or seen.

    Where were all these snowflakes when Mr. Brat was having all these townhall meetings?

  2. Brat Pack says:

    The Truth is that following the Tragic Shooting of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords Congress went underground. Took to Twitter and FB to communicate. Cantor attended closed Republican events in his district like a Girl and walked around with ARMED Guards.

    Brat is a Brave Patriot for being on the front lines of his DISTRICT in PERSON all the time.

  3. Carrie Klenske says:

    This article is full of alternative facts. Get real fa!

  4. Kay Moore says:

    I’m not in the least worried about what another blog may write. I am, however, concerned by the electronic media attacks now being levied against all republican members of congress in Va. There appears to be a coordinated effort to create Facebook accounts slamming each congressman and trolls ready for a blizzard of replies to any post by an “R” elected official, all tied to a visceral hatred of Trump. I fear that public meetings of republicans will be targeted for violence by those who are calling for the impeachment of the President, and assassination, if their demands are not met.

    • David Jackson

      This effort in Virginia against Brat is right here in the 7th with a few more from the statewide establishment people and even some of those now running, i.e. Senator Bryce Reeves. I have been to many of Dave Brats town halls and in every and I repeat every time he is the last man standing. Most politicians kiss the baby and move on, not Dave. He will talk with every attendee until their last question has been this to Cantor. I voted for him once and saw what an absolutely phony he was. He is the worst of the self serving politician. He seeks to bring more money and power to himself. He is the one who single handedly took the teeth out of the legislation that would not give congressmen the privilege of the right to insider trading by exempting their families. Look and see how much his portfolio increased while he was in office. He is a swarm little weasel. I would vote for a Democrat before him. At least we know where the Democrat stands. He is a coward that hides in the Bushes and sneaks around joining the Democrats. Voted for TARP and every budget increase. He did more damage than Pelosi.

  5. Opposed to NASTY WOMEN says:

    The “NASTY” women of the 7th District- those VEA teachers who oppose Betsy DeVos for Education Secretary and those awful Hillary Clinton and Eileen Bedelle voters are all out to attack Congressman Brat on social media- mainly FB.

    The Patriots in Dave Brat’s District support him and will work hard to defend his campaign promise to hold monthly Townhall forums.

    Brat, an educator for 20 years, endorsed DeVos for Education Secretary.

    When these “NASTY” women earn their Ph.D.s in economics and teach for 20 years in a college like Brat did where he can see how decades of teachers unions with their tenured “failures” have destroyed the public education system, THEN and ONLY THEN should these “Nasty” women comment about education.

    Many teachers and Superintendents and School Adminstrators supported and voted for Brat in 2014.
    They saw the chance to have an “Education” voice for Virginia in Congress.

    but the “Nasty” women have an agenda and it’s NOT THE CHILDREN. It’s never about the “Children” with the Abortion Crowd.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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