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Conservative Stalwart Russ Moulton Withdraws Support for RPV Chairman John Whitbeck

Russ Moulton put out an email withdrawing his support for the re election of current Republican Party of Virginia Chairman John Whitbeck.  Below is Moulton’s letter:


Dear Conservative Fellowship:


As you know, I take very seriously the key mission of our Fellowship on conventions and who I endorse for Party leadership positions to advance that mission.  Some misinformation circulating needs correcting.


Let me be clear: I withdrew my support from John Whitbeck in June for broken promises to conservatives, and specifically to our Fellowship.  These are the only reasons.


As you may recall, I circulated to all of you the written responses to Fellowship questions from all the candidates we vetted seeking our endorsement for RPV Chairman.  John Whitbeck committed:


I support conventions. I do not support state-run primaries.”  — John Whitbeck, Nov 20, 2014, from his written Conservative Fellowship candidate questionnaire.


I put out an email last month to some who asked me about this, but some Fellowship members felt I should let you all know directly.


Now apparently John is telling concerned conservatives that he actually supported the 2016 Presidential Convention and opposed the primary, and that “he never voted against us”.


Here are the facts:


  1.  In March, John flip-flopped on his support for the Presidential Convention after talking with RNC. He declared in phone conversations, “The only way we’ll have a convention is if you (conservatives) paid for it” – even though he earlier conceded the Presidential Convention would make substantial needed revenue for RPV.


  1. John attempted to delay the June SCC meeting until late August, which he knew would kill the Presidential Convention.   He actually rescheduled the June meeting twice – first to July and then to  August. Conservative SCC members had to force him to restore a June SCC meeting date – the latest date by which an adequate venue for a Presidential Convention could be secured.


  1. John attempted to unfairly disqualify one of our pro-convention SCC votes.  A day before the June 27 convention vote, John put out an email summarily disqualifying a pro-Convention SCC member, without basis.  Conservative SCC members had to challenge him to get that SCC member’s vote reinstated.


  1. John refused to cast his vote for the convention at the June 27 SCC Meeting.  Even after conservatives confronted John on his pledge to support conventions, and after a donor agreed to loan RPV $40K toward a down-payment on the Presidential Convention until candidate filing-fees arrived, John still refused to support the convention or even vote for it.  He did however commit to cast tie-breaking votes in our favor — but then broke that promise too.


  1. On the key test-vote June 27th on the Presidential Convention, John failed to vote with SCC conservatives to break the tie-vote against a secret ballot being used to kill the convention.  When the establishment’s play for a secret ballot was dead-locked after an obvious 40-40 roll-call vote, instead of voting as Chairman to break the tie immediately in favor of conservatives, John instead called a recess he claimed was needed to “count the votes”.  He held SCC in recess for some 25 minutes – until a single vote could be flipped against conservatives to break the tie against us.


These are not the actions of someone supporting conventions and opposing state-wide primaries.


Our Fellowship was founded first and foremost to secure our state-wide conventions that are so essential to growing our Party’s conservative grassroots, and making RPV a viable independent entity representing our grassroots.  John has demonstrated he cannot be trusted to advance that key Fellowship goal.


And John has still not come out publicly for a convention in 2017 for Governor, 2018 for US Senate and 2020 for President if re-elected.  But given that John has already broken his written pledge to us on conventions, why would another written pledge from him now even be believed ?


What have conservatives gotten from John Whitbeck as Chairman that we wouldn’t have gotten from any establishment chairman?  We would be getting primaries under the establishment, and we are getting primaries now.


Despite this disappointment, I remain as optimistic as ever about our future and 2016.  We see incredible signs of grassroots dissatisfaction with the status quo in the presidential campaigns.  In spite of the unfortunate primary, we still anticipate heavy turnout to our mass meetings and district and state conventions this spring driven by the presidential campaigns.  The way the race for President is unfolding, folks are beginning to realize that who the national convention delegates are may well matter – even possibly deciding the next President at the National Convention.


And we are fortunate to have an excellent and growing slate of true pro-convention conservative candidates for party leadership positions at all levels.


So let’s keep pushing ahead !


Best regards,


Russ Moulton

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

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