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Continuing Live Blog of the LP Convention

But NOT Until After Church! First Things First!

Yes I plan to listen in and live blog on the LP VP balloting. Dr. Jo Jorgensen (I have reached out to her and offered to help – maybe a blog interview is what I am thinking) and now who will be VP?

Now since church has not started (I go to Hope Community Church of the Nazarene in suburban Richmond VA and here is our FB livestream that starts at 1015AM! All are welcome!)

I think Larry Sharpe will win on the second or third ballot BUT John Monds impressed me a lot. He could surprise. So we’ll see. Real politics. A lot more fun…Be back after church.

Well, church has not started yet and I owe apologies to all the candidates I did not know about. Next election, Jesus willing if there is a next election, I’ll do better. Here is Ken Armstrong and he has an impressive bio:

Ken brings to the table a background rich in those experiences, and a management style of surrounding himself with brilliant people who excel in their subject areas, and then equipping them to do their jobs.

Ken was born in Pasadena, California. At seventeen, he was assistant manager of one of the largest cinemas in Los Angeles County, and at eighteen, he was working on the Alaskan Pipeline, some 300 miles north of the Arctic Circle.

He would later enlist in the United States Coast Guard, and quickly go on to become a commissioned officer. He served in joint commands with all five military branches, commanded a NATO base in Italy, and was a NATO and United Nations adviser aboard foreign naval ships during the Bosnian War. When Hurricane Iniki devastated the island of Kauai, he was immediately assigned by Rear Adm. Bill Donnell to command the Coast Guard’s humanitarian response.

He was a principle architect, in finance and logistics, of major international joint service operations under the auspices of Vice President George H. W. Bush, and he served outside of his specialty as a federal health care executive, working with U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop. (Dr. Koop would ultimately recognize Ken’s expertise in health care management by nominating him to become the first Coast Guard line officer to be granted full membership in AMSUS — the association of federal health care professionals.)

During a significant human smuggling case in the Pacific, he led international media relations in coordination with the White House Situation Room.

He served as representative to the Pelagie Islands for the U.S. Consul General at Palermo.

As a joint service military officer, Ken was certified on the Enhanced Naval Wargaming System at Point Loma, California. He received Coast Guard and Navy training and was assigned in littoral defense operations, mine warfare, and inshore-undersea warfare. He also attended highly classified training under the auspices of the FBI and CIA in Management of Terrorist Situations.

He was a heavily decorated officer, and was nominated as Federal Executive of the Year by the Federal Executive Board of Los Angeles.

There is a third VP candidate: Spike Cohen. He is similar to Vermin Supreme and here is his platform. Try this:


Full legalization of recreational plutonium. (this one is serious)

Well, maybe Dr. Emmitt Brown might like it! But it is unserious for more non-political people.

Well, almost 10:15! Wouldn’t it be great if large sections of the LP convention crashed the Hope Nazarene livestream! All are invited!

It is 1:10 EDT and I am listening to Spike Cohen and he is very serious. He ran a dot-com company and sold it to spread the message of liberty.

Now the President candidate spekas and she diplomatically refused to select a VP running mate. There are four that made the ballot: Adam Kokesh, Armstrong, Monds, and Cohen. No Larry Sharpe! I think there could be a radical nomination but it ought to be between Armstrong and Monds.

Be back in a few minutes…

Awaiting the vote…at 1:35PM EDT.

At about 2:30PM EDT these were results:

Spike Cohen leads with 416, John Monds is second with 322, Ken Armstrong has 180 and Kokesh only drew 87 votes. Kokesh will not advance.

It is intriguing that the two more radical candidates garnered exactly one more vote than the more pragmatic hopefuls: (503-502) I’ll be back…

It is 3:25 PM EDT and no second ballot results yet. A computer glitch afected this balloting. Can happen to any of us.

The ballots are in: Cohen won 474 votes, but Monds is right behind with 432 and Armstrong was third with 92. The next and final ballot (unless there is a tie) will be between Cohen and Monds. Is Monds a slight favorite?

While we await the final results, the chat room is lively. One side issue is apparently both Jorgensen and Cohen are from SC and there is an obscure clause in the Constitution that prohibits both the Presidential and VP candidates from the same state. I wish it would matter but it probably will not.

The final ballot is a narrow but decisive win for Cohen! (533-472).

I am signed off for a while! Enjoy…

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