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Could Chris Peace LOSE the Election? UPDATED with Website

Yes of course Del. Peace could lose.  Anytime we have a contested race, the incumbent could lose.  I do not think it is likely – in fact it would be something of a perfect storm election for Erica Lawler to win.  She’s not even a Democrat but rather an Independent Green.  And she has only raised $700 according to VPAP.  Not enough for any sort of mailing, let alone signs etc.  Lawler has clear talents and has issues to discuss; when I spoke with her, she understood the issues well enough to try to convince other people.

Conservatives need to make sure we vote and urge others to vote in this election.  I think this race ought to be in the bag but take no chances.  I will be curious what the turnout and percentages will be but get out and help Del. Peace.

I forgot:  Here is the website for Del. Peace!

About Elwood Sanders

Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)

11 Responses to “Could Chris Peace LOSE the Election? UPDATED with Website”

  1. Mary S. says:

    Delegate Chris Peace is no Conservative.

    Evidence: He just endorsed Ohio Governor John Kasich for President last week at the University of Richmond.

    John Kasich supports Gay Marriage and is a Tax And Spend RINO Progressive like former Governor Mike Huckabee of Arkansas.

    Peace’s mother Nina Peace was a raging liberal and Peace’s wife, Ashley, is a Liberal.

    Peace ain’t no conservative with that influence in his life.

    • Sandy Sanders

      I think Chris Peace’s voting record has been mainstream conservative (although I am distressed as you are about Chris’ endorsement of Ohio Governor John Kasich) and I actually admire the late Nina Peace very much and she is another reason for me to help her son Chris. I think Judge Peace was kicked off the bench for bad reasons. Gay marriage is not a political issue anymore and I would not call Gov. Huckabee a RINO. I do not know about Ashley Peace’s politics. Thanks, Mary S. for your visit.


      • Mary S says:

        Mr. Sanders:

        The best section of VA Right is often the Readers’ Comment Section.
        That’s where fans of VA Right learn the truth left out of the editorials. The Rest of the Story.

        The fact that you didn’t know Chris Peace endorsed John Kasich for President at U of R last week- it was published in the Times Dispatch- or that he and wife Ashley bought a home in Richmond to be close to the elite private schools where they educate their children makes us question your qualifications to write about Chris Peace on the VA Right Blog. Much less endorse him.

        Readers’ patience with your GOP Establishment Apology Tour each election is wearing thin.
        We have Bearing Drift for that.

        • I admit I am not consumed by politics every day and I write about what is interesting to me but Mary S., if Chris Peace moves out of the district, he forfeits his seat at the very least. Now, maybe he did buy a house for a future retirement or maybe for investment. But it is not fair to imply what cannot be true.

          People know where I stand on President: Since Ron Paul is not running this year, I am for Governor Jim Gilmore.


  2. Erica Lawler Supporter says:

    Recently the Richmond Times Dispatch published the closing documents on the Richmond home purchased by Ashley and Christopher K. Peace.

    Now the voters in Hanover, New Kent, and King William Counties need to ask themselves if their Delegate Chris Peace really represents them in the General Assembly when he and his wife and children plan to live in Richmond close to St. Catherine’s and St. Christopher’s Schools where they send their children?

    VA Right Editors endorsing Delegate Chris Peace: Tell us more about how Christopher Peace who graduated from $30,000 per year St. Christopher’s School in Richmond understands Public Education.

    • Sandy Sanders

      Well, Erica Lawler Supporter, thanks first for your comment and the blog has NOT endorsed Peace for re-election. That is just a personal support. I did not know the Peaces had two houses but they have to have their main residence in the district. That’s the law.


  3. Gene Lefty says:

    No, Chris Peace will easily be re-elected.

    However, while you write these type articles, the American Corporation/Wall St. continues to use government to regulate the transfer of more weath from the middle-class and poor to themselves. They do this with bills like the one that passed the US House on Friday, HR 702. They do this will things like TPP. They do this by refusing free market healthcare.

    And don’t you support this government mandated robbery with your silence?

  4. Gene Lefty says:

    This site will not let me post links. Google 114th Congress HR 702. Then go to the HeritageAction and read about the $500,000,000 that Boehner and Republican’s put in the bill for the Unions. Or, tell me how to post the links?

    Why can Republican’s pass legislation for big oil to make crude oil pricing free market, yet, when it comes to making healthcare free market, Republican’s do quite the opposite? This is classic Republican screw the middle class and poor legislation.

    This my friend is why we have Obamacare.

  5. robert shannon

    I listened to Erica Lawler on Saturday when she spoke in King William. She is clearly bright, very articulate and at this point no one has raised ethical questions about her. The same can not be said about the current Delegate who has ignored legitimate questions raised concerning a conflict of interest with a spouse sitting on a Planning Commission , making judgments on developers/real estate interests that in turn fund her husbands campaigns.

    Regardless of voting records, regardless of the Virginia house being retained by republicrats, Integrity as I have often opined on,is and should be the very first quality a candidate must have. It is integrity that guides one’s decision making process. I can hope to sway an honest persons opinion or position on an issue. I , nor any of you can sway the mind of a person who’s integrity is or has been compromised by money.

    Mrs.Lawler wins my vote on that basis and that basis alone. On issues where I disagree with her, I at least take comfort in knowing she will listen to me , unencumbered by outside money interests that control the incumbents vote.
    Peace has been a delegate long enough, and if he believes in public service their are a myriad of ways to serve the public besides elective office.

    Unless and until voters wake up and acknowledge the harm done by leaving them in office too long then the wheel keeps spinning, nothing will be done to right the ship. I hope voters of conscience understand the message and act accordingly on November 3rd. I know my conscience is clear.

    Bob Shannon King William


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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