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Cuccinelli Proved Conventions can be Hijacked. Primaries are the Only Somewhat Honest Nomination Process

Kookinelli1Ken Cuccinelli has said you can win a Convention by bringing more people. And we saw that in action in Richmond in 2009. And Cuccinelli’s tenure as Attorney General gave the GOP a black eye as the most activist AG ever to hold that position (until Mark Herring, the current AG). He made it easy for McAuliffe and company to seize control of the Commonwealth.

We watched Eric Cantor and his Young Guns descent on the Virginia Beach Mass Meeting – which is pretty much the same as a Convention – and slate off the delegates and hand their votes to a few selected people – many named Stolle – in a power grab the likes of which most Virginians have never seen.

And I believe Cuccinelli learned from that.

So when his Christian Taliban candidate Ted Cruz came in a distant third in Virginia in the Presidential Primary, Cuccinelli set out to thwart the will of Virginian’s that had voted in the primary by first, commandeering the State Convention and stacking the delegation with other Christian Taliban Cruz enthusiasts with the ultimate goal of resurrecting his candidate at the National Republican Convention in Cleveland and thwarting the votes of the entire country.

Whoever brings the most people …

And when his plot to release delegates bound to Trump by the processes of the individual states and their rules, bylaws and the decision of the voters in each state failed, he tried to use Robert’s Rules and a lot of Hocus Pocus to change the rules for the next convention, which, in my reading of his proposed rule changes, would make it easier for him to hijack a Convention in 4 years.

Mercifully, that failed as well.

Most Trump supporters believe that the Christian Taliban #NeverTrump cult are intentionally working to undermine the GOP Nominee in hopes of another hijack attempt in 2020, after 4 years of Hillary. And 4 or 5 Supreme Court Appointees by her. And maybe between now and 2020 they can finagle enough rule changes to completely invalidate the will of the voters and put Cruz or some other Christian Taliban candidate in as the nominee.

Those of us that attended the 2013 State Convention saw prime examples of underhanded dirty deeds that were done by various groups and individuals. Late ballot count results such that the second round of voting was already underway when they announced the first round winner. And people walking around the coliseum with hand written signs telling delegates that this candidate or that has asked his supporters to cast their votes for another candidate still in the running. And that was a complete lie.

I have always been a Convention supporter. Until I saw how individuals can and do manipulate the process. Most delegates are first timers and really don’t know what is going on. Most delegates are totally ignorant of Robert’s Rules and can be easily tricked into accepting improper rules. And once the dirty deed is done, the only recourse is to appeal. And with a large Convention, that is not likely to happen. But I have seen these things happen and many people are sitting with their mouth’s wide open wondering what just happened.

You were just shafted, that is what happened. And no matter how loudly or often you cry “point of order” which is supposed to stop the proceedings until the point is clarified, you are ignored, the gavel comes down and the meeting is adjourned.

Be it Cuccinelli, Cantor or one of the 4 or so local Committee meetings that are being appealed at the SCC meeting this Saturday.

I also understand that there is an item up for consideration that will prevent someone like Cuccinelli from stacking the State Delegation to the National Convention with delegates loyal to a losing candidate who are bent on changing the will of the voters.

This vote – as I understand it – would go to the Bylaws Committee to consider a change to Convention rules to stop this outrageous maneuvering to disenfranchise voters and allow a minority to override the will of the majority.

I urge all SCC members to vote your conscience. Do not allow any more easy manipulated Conventions. Vote for primaries. We must have primaries that can better ensure the integrity of the process and put a halt to the divisive manipulation by the Cruz supporters (this year) that only drives more and more wedges between Republicans and makes unity a fantasy.

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

15 Responses to “Cuccinelli Proved Conventions can be Hijacked. Primaries are the Only Somewhat Honest Nomination Process”

  1. Bob McMahan says:

    OK, but primaries permit Democrats to participate in our nomination process. That will only happen if their own primary is uncontested. Our guys who like primaries, implicitly hope that the Democrat votes will yield a more moderate Republican candidate.

    • Tom White says:

      That is what we always hear, that Democrats will turn out and vote for the weakest candidate. But other than some sour grapes losses, like Cantor, it really doesn’t happen in numbers large enough to make a difference. The Cantor people claim that Democrats came out for Dave Brat. But the most liberal areas, Orange and Fredericksburg ares and Richmond, Cantor won. Dave may have had his students turn out, but that is hardly unexpected. But often, Democrats have a primary the same day. And like you said, they will turn out for their own unless the nomination on the Dem side is uncontested.

      But in Conventions, the establishment is hell bent on keeping as many Conservatives out as possible. They reject anyone on the right for almost no reason, but allow the GOPe and RINO’s that supported non Republicans to go uncontested.

      I don’t want to see RINO’s elected, but I don’t want a convention hijacked either. I think that Primaries are harder to manipulate.
      Tom White recently posted…Cuccinelli Proved Conventions can by Hijacked. Primaries are the Only Somewhat Honest Nomination ProcessMy Profile

      • Are we there yet? says:

        Saturday’s SCC vote was supposed to be for a Convention. Martha Boneta’s Farm event Sept 10th organized by the Conservative Fellowship and VTPPF was designed to mine delegates for their
        Convention Candidates ( Ken Cuccinelli is a speaker Sept 10th thus the Cuccinelli plan was invoked to turn out the delegates.)


    • lawrence wood says:

      I’ve heard this Democrat’s impacting primary election outcomes stated as fact for over a decade here in Virginia (interestingly almost always by a Republican Primary runoff loser or the convention at all cost crowd). What I have never seen despite countless times I have requested this from such claimants is any actual factual proof that this event has every happened. NOT once. Does that mean it never has, no but it also doesn’t substantial as fact this Democrat’s running amok in the Virginia Republican primary process as fact either rather then the myth which I believe it currently is.

      If someone has some absolute incontrovertible data proof of how, where and when this has ever occurred in a Virginia Republican primary election I would love to see it in a clearly reasoned data based reply. NO second hand tales, could have been but don’t know or it’s so obvious examples need respond. If you have a specific data based factual example let’s see it by all means otherwise this needs to be filed under the category of political urban legend along with bigfoot and the abominable snowman.

      • Former Chairman says:

        Look at the Virginia Election Commission voter roles.

        4 years ago, as Chairman of a small local committee, I asked the VEC for a list of only those people who had voted in three or more Republican Primaries in the past ten years. VEC came back with a list of 550 people. We sent a red meat fundraising letter to each and then followed up with a phone call. 50 on this list were hardcore Democrat activists.

        The best thing was when they said “How dare you send me such a vile letter. I have never voted for a Republican in my life!” They hung up when we told them where we got their name.

        Our county regularly votes 65-70% Republican. It was the only way the Democrats could influence the election.

        • lawrence wood says:

          So over a decade time span assuming around (15-20 total primaries over the period with 20 being on the high side) we have a total of 10% possible Democratic participation before factoring in the assumption that this percentage group did not vote in each and every primary. If we use your 3 or more criteria as a rule of thumb the impact might be more along the lines of 3% if you follow my logic and assumptions.

          I’m not belittling a 3% possible impact though it’s likely impossible to ascertain whether this resulted from deliberate attempts to push forward the weaker opponent from the Democratic perspective or just policy related issues but I still frankly don’t see how in a district with that heavy of a Republican base that small percentage would swing much of anything (it’s within the margin of error of most political polling) but I grant it’s not totally impossible.

          I’d still take the 3% fudge factor and NOT exclude the independent vote every time with the primary rather then the gated credentials checking convention process. I have always maintained over my many voting election cycles as a Republican that it is typically the turnout that puts candidates in office not the selection of the “perfect” candidate itself what ever that may entail. The one exception over the years to that was Ronald Reagan and he was truly unique in persona and time. Thank you for the example.

        • Bob McMahan says:

          I used to make phone calls and ring door bells. We had data sheets with folks’ names with a big “R” after it. Apparently, that signified that they had voted in several Republican primaries. I often got the response “Why are you calling me, I am a Democrat?”

          • Battle Fatigued Republican says:

            People lie. All day long.

            I used to knock doors with those sheets of KNOWN VOTERS with their voting History.

            I’ve had Jehovah’s Witnesses tell me they don’t vote. I had their SBE data in front of me at the door with their voter history.

            People want to think their vote is private or secret – but the government is tracking you when you purchase a bottle of wine at Costco. Seriously- every transaction you make is queried in a data base.

            MIddle Resolution Pac is now purchasing this data analytics and using it to target whether to register people to vote or not at their door based on their “retail history, Social Media, magazine subscriptions, etc.”

            That should frighten you. It frightens me.

      • RINO HUNTERS says:

        Mr. Wood:

        In 2014 the campaign of Senator Thad Cochrane ( R- Mississippi) was caught paying Black Democrats CASH to vote for him in the republican primary against conservative challenger Chris McDaniel. Cochrane won of course. There were no charges, of course.

        Most recently there have been accusations made that Congressman Paul Ryan – Speaker of the House- R- Wisconsin turned out the Democratic Union vote to defeat his conservative Primary Challenger Paul Nehlen in the August Primary in Wisconsin. He won 5-1 over Nehlen and no one believes that was possible without Democratic turnout for Ryan.

        Republicans aren’t so Holy when it comes to winning honestly in conventions or primaries. Don’t allow the RINOs to convince you that we need Closed Primaries in Virginia to keep the Democrats from influencing our nomination process.

    • Rush Ditto Head says:

      Hey Remember Rush Limbaugh’s OPERATION CHAOS where hundreds of thousands of Republican voters went out at Rush’s insistence and voted for Hillary Clinton in 2008 in the Democratic Primaries?

      Democrats aren’t the only ones who vote in opposition primaries you stooge.

      This is why people hate the GOP. Filled with Holier than Thou types like you who can’t see how corrupt the Republicans are….

      • lawrence wood says:

        Here is an unsolicited bit of advice for making your comment rebuttals a little more sane and convincing to others. Refrain at much as possible in calling someone you disagree with a stooge as part of your critique you may find it garners you more serious consideration from others and doesn’t relegate you to being labeled as unhinged. No need to thank me for the advice.

  2. Ken Cuccinelli's mortician says:

    You know what they call Senator Mike Lee from Utah? Senator Lee.
    You know what they call Senator Ted Cruz from Texas? Senator Cruz.

    You know what they call Ken Cuccinelli from Virginia? Ken


  3. JURIS Doctored in 78 says:



  4. Geezer says:

    “Proof that Principles Matter?”



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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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