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Deeds Campaign Requested Abortion Clinic Remove Deeds Signs

One of the many websites I read daily with great enthusiasm is I noticed today, one of the workers at the clinic posted a message about this week’s abortion flap. In the post, she claims that Don Marks from Deed’s Richmond campaign asked the clinic to remove the signs.

I applaud Mr. Marks for his request. Abortion is a hot button issue with very strong emotions on both sides. Despite the assertion from the clinic worker, Marks did not “give us a victory”. This was not a contest and there is no victory. There was nothing to “win”.

This was simply not the place. I hope the workers will place Creigh Deeds signs on their personal property, and support their candidate in any way they can. She should not hold a good decision against the Deed’s campaign. And as I have said, it is never a good idea to put a spotlight on an abortion clinic.

I have posted the comments from the clinic worker below, because they will probably be deleted soon. And I hope the clinic worker can gain some perspective and realize there are some rights that are too controversial if you exercise them. Others have rights and feelings too.

An I have also said that this is not about abortion.

The comments from

SH*T has hit the fan for Pro-Choice Virginian’s

The state of Virginia will be having a gubernatorial election this November there is only one Pro-Choice candidate- Creigh Deeds.

I work at an abortion clinic that has decide to publicly endorse Creigh Deeds with signage on our property. A conservative blog caught wind of this and has encouraged calls to the clinic, and campaign HQ in protest, as well as drive by honking, etc. They are insinuating our endorsement is a tactic to “increase buisness” and displaying graphics on the blog claiming, “Abortionists for Deeds Volume Discounts!” Atrocious, I know.

We have been receiving calls in protest, and our signs have been stolen. Apparently our endorsement is “offensive” and “disgusting”. I wonder if this would be said about any other buisness?

The sad thing is at this point the Deeds campaign has REQUESTED THAT WE REMOVE THE SIGNS. Don Marks from the Richmond campaign office told our clinic director that, “we didn’t want to give the bloggers any more fuel.” Are you kidding me? You’ve just given them a victory.

What kind of message does this send from the “Pro-Choice” candidate?

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