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Defending the American Dream Summit 2012


This weekend, thousands of political activists traveled to Washington DC by car, bus and jet to take part in Defending and American Dream Summit. The primary sponsor of the event was the Americans for Prosperity, a group at the forefront in restoring both prosperity and the American Dream to our nation. And while many, particularly on the left, assume that AFP is some type of Republican group intent on putting Republicans in power in November, that is not even close to AFP’s mission. The election may have come up in one on one discussions between attendees, but was never even mentioned as part of the weekend event. Candidates did not speak, nor did any campaign take part in the weekend events.

What the event was all about was Constitutional, limited government, free enterprise and education. There were several main events in the ballroom at the Washington Hilton with breakout sessions covering everything from Social Media to Tax Laws and the future of health care in America to analysis of events like the turn around in Wisconsin and the momentum and educational efforts on the ground that educated the voters so that they could make an informed decision.

Participants had the opportunity to meet activists from all over the country that have been working to return America to the Constitutional Government our founders envisioned as well as various new media “hero’s” like Michelle Malkin and Jim Hoft, founder of Gateway Pundit.

AFP President Tim Phillips set the tone at the rally on repealing the Health Care bill saying:

… but folks, here’s the good news. In the end, the Supreme Court of this great nation, as powerful as it is, they don’t have the last word. You have the last word! It’s not over until we say it’s over. And guess what? It’s not over!

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker spoke and also received AFP’s George Washington Award for his efforts at restoring economic freedom in his state. And if you know the story, Walker was under a tremendous amount of pressure from the left and even faced (and won) a recall election.

Here is Governor Walker’s Speech:

Quotable Quotes from Notable Speakers:


From Friday evening after the rally until the closing remarks Saturday, participants were treated to an amazing lineup of political leaders, Conservative Personalities and Media favorites in a non stop sequence of speeches and events that were nothing short of amazing.

Here are some of the top comments that brought the house down.


Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker:

Madison was 30 square miles surrounded by reality. And I like to get out to reality and go around the state. What I found was factories and farms and small businesses alike, I’d find guys that would come right off the line at the end of their shift and come up to me and, the first couple of times I wondered because you think about these protests and they’s get right in my face and these big guys with grease on their shirts would say ‘Governor, me and my wife are praying for you.” – Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker


Moderation and frugality in our government lead to freedom and prosperity in our people. – Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker


For more than two centuries, what has made America great, what has made these United States exceptional, what has made this country arguably the greatest country in the history of the world is simply this. In moments of crisis, be it economic or fiscal, be it military or spiritual in moments of crisis what has made this country amazing has been the fact that throughout our nation’s historythere have been men and women of courage who thought more about the future of their children and their grandchildren than they thought about their own political futures. – Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker


Tonight I charge to you this. Let this be one of those moments. Let this be the time in our history that we can look back and say to our children and our grandchildren that we were there. We weren’t back at home in our seats behind the TV. We were there in the trenches. We were at the Capitol. We were in our Nation’s Capitol. We were everywhere and everywhere where freedom was at risk. We were the ones that stood up for our freedom and our liberty. Now let’s move forward and make that possible for future generations. – Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker


Michelle Malkin:

I am AFP. You are AFP. Obama – come get us! – Michelle Malkin


 Entrenched incumbency is the disease – fresh, young Conservative blood is the cure. – Michelle Malkin


And haven’t you wanted to grab some of these people (Progressives) through the TV by the lapels and say, SHUSH! You know what I’m talking about. I need an opportunity to do that to Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.   – Michelle Malkin

Wealth is not a 4 letter word. Joe Biden – count the letters. – Michelle Malkin


I want to speak and address each and every one in this room who is a first or second generation American like me. Because my parents didn’t come here with nothing, not knowing anybody, not having a dime in their pockets, or a connection, or political ties. Didn’t come here for me to be a wall flower and to sit still while the American Dream is being destroyed.   – Michelle Malkin


The American Deram. Let me tell the Commander in Chief something while we have the cameras on us. You didn’t build that!  – Michelle Malkin


I got in trouble with some celebrity Progressive a couple of weeks ago because I tried to sum up the difference between those of us who believe in the American Dream and those of us who want to tear it down. And I said ‘There are those who sign the front of paychecks. And there is an entire entitled class who has ever know signing the back of those checks. ”  – Michelle Malkin


These are BuckyBalls.  This country needs more balls.  – Michelle Malkin


When they’ve got us by the balls (holding up the BuckyBalls) we’ve gotta tell them to lay off. We’ve gotta tell them to get their boots off our necks. We’ve gotta tell them go get their grubby fingers out of our pockets. – Michelle Malkin


There is a light at the end of the tunnel. And we are getting there in a locomotive powered by freedom. Powered by individual will. And we will get there because the American Dream, even when it’s under attack will always endure. And freedom will prevail if we fight for it.  – Michelle Malkin


 Mark Levin:

So what is it? (The Federal Government). It is a post Constitutional Government in an increasingly authoritarian society where the circle of liberty that surrounds each and every one of you is getting smaller and smaller. One hundred years of Constitutional degradation brought us to this perilous point providing an opportunity for a president like Barack Obama to impose his will on this nation. As I said it’s his birthday today, but then again, so what? It’s also Saturday. – Mark Levin


The fact is, never before has an individual occupied the Oval Office who has had more contempt for the country he leads and the people he represents than Barack Obama. – Mark Levin


Obama said he seeks to fundamentally transform America. That’s obvious. Well if you want to fundamentally transform America that means you don’t love it, you don’t appreciate it and you don’t respect it. Otherwise, why fundamentally transform it? Furthermore, Mr. President, you don’t have the Constitutional suthority to transform anything.  – Mark Levin


A few weeks ago Obama said ‘If you’ve been successful’ you can fill in the blanks. Boy, that will go down in history. Hopefully a footnote to a footnote to a footnote.  – Mark Levin


Obama said ‘We can’t drive our SUV’s and eat as much as we want and keep our homes at 72 degrees at all times and just expect that other countries are going to say OK.’ Who gives a damn what other countries say? We live in the United States of America and we don’t need the permission of other countries or for that matter the President of the United States to live as we choose. And if I want it to be 72 degrees in my home, by damn, it’s going to be 72 degrees in my home.  – Mark Levin


Saul Alinsky said ‘the time is right for revolution.’ I say the time is right to reinstate the American Revolution.  – Mark Levin


We have no choice. There’s nowhere else to go. This is our country and we want it back.  – Mark Levin


Laura Ingraham:


I decided to start today with a little joke. You guys mind? Harry Reid. – Laura Ingraham


Only in Washington would 8.254 percent rather than 8.3 percent sound like a great accomplishment.  – Laura Ingraham


I want to thank all of you for coming here. I know some of you came from long distances but remember. You didn’t travel here on your own. Somebody built the roads. And Flight Attendants.  – Laura Ingraham


Here’s my question for the American left. When are you going to stop demonizing the good people of the United States?  – Laura Ingraham


They (the Left) want us to sign onto a new Declaration of Dependence. Food stamps in this mind set are not temporary help for the truly needy. Food stamps are an economic stimulus.  – Laura Ingraham


By the way, is it terrible of me that during our recent power outage in DC when we had those terrible wind storms that when I saw a Chevy Volt on the side of the road abandoned I felt good about it?  – Laura Ingraham


I like to call this the ‘Occupy the Constitution’ movement.  – Laura Ingraham


Laura Ingraham quoted her Mom on welfare – There are too many people in the wagon and not enough who want to pull. And boy, that stuck with me.  – Laura Ingraham


Phone Banking:

During the entire time we were at the weekend conference, Americans for Prosperity was holding Phone Banking sessions. I stopped by the conference room in the hotel where the calls were taking place to find out exactly what is involved in making these calls.

AFP provides a number of cell phones and a printed sheet with questions. These are targeted by locality and the questions involve issues important to these areas.

The caller first dials an 800 number and inputs their individual code which is provided by AFP. They listen to music while the system dials numbers and connects the first answered call with the phone bank caller.

You simply read the questions, notate the answers and when the call is completed, the phone bank caller is asked to input the answers they were given using the touch pad on the cell phone.

I spoke with the AFP worker that was supervising the call center and he said that as he drives from place to place during the day, he uses his hands free Bluetooth headset to make calls while he is traveling.

The AFP system also allows volunteers to make calls from home. No manual dialing, you simply dial a toll free number and enter your personal ID code you will be assigned when you sign up. Make calls from home, on a long trip, or when you have some free time. Your number does not show up on the caller ID of the person being called.

These calls are an important part of winning in November and nothing could be easier. Of course, if you prefer to go to an AFP office or remote site sponsored by the group to make calls you may do so as well.

I did a short video of an actual call being made to show how easy this really is.

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