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Delegate Lynwood Lewis Takes Personal Feud to Legislature

Delegate Lynwood Lewis has decided to take an Eastern Shore feud to Richmond in the form of HB 2383 ostensibly to prevent harassment by a requester.

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA); court review in cases of requester harassment. Allows any public body to petition an appropriate court for a summary determination whether a requester, in making a request for records, is intending to harass or otherwise abuse the rights or privileges granted by FOIA or whether such request is overly burdensome on the public body.

But if you want to know what is behind this, you need to review a couple of past Virginia Right! blog posts.

Towns Gone Wild Staring Delegate Lynwood Lewis


Feud May Destroy Eastern Shore Town of Hallwood

These will give you a bit of background on what is going on with these dysfunctional Virginia neighbors.

Lynwood Lewis was, at some point, the town attorney for more than one Eastern Shore town, but has seemed more than willing to continue injecting himself in this feud. As a Delegate, it was probably ill advised to take positions as town attorney – especially for more than one town – but certainly not illegal.

And it can lead to a situation where a Town Attorney, who also happens to be a Delegate, is tempted to tweak the law to his advantage.

But in this case, the Eastern Shore Old Boy network seems to have spilled from the Eastern Shore and the feud has now moved to the Virginia General Assembly, which is shameful.

Eastern Shore resident John Smith and the town of Hallwood, Virginia have been involved in a back and forth with each other for years. Things have been done and said by both sides that are less than admirable, to be sure.

And there is no doubt that both sides have used the system to elevate this feud to an expensive and wasteful battle between strong willed and stubborn individuals.

There may be some merit to the issues that Delegate Lewis raises in this bill, but there is also no doubt that, if passed, this law would be used to tie up FOIA requests in court and add expensive legal proceedings to a process that was supposed to make it easy for citizens to find out what is going on in government.

If passed, there is no doubt in my mind that any and all FOIA requests submitted by John Smith would end up in court, requiring Smith to hire an attorney and fight for each and every request.

This bill is designed to act as a roadblock to the Freedom of Information Act and will allow reverse harassment, if you will, by the government.

Delegate Lewis: You need to find another way to deal with Mr. Smith. We do not appreciate you taking a personal feud statewide and stomping on the rights of Virginians to a free and open government.

You do not need another way to crush citizens with a court battle for each and every FOIA request.

In the first post on the subject, I called on Delegate Lewis to step up and be a leader, rather than just another tool to continue this feud. Although I have not spoken to Mr. Smith in over a year, I can see this continues to boil in Hallwood.

This is a two way feud. Delegate Lewis and the town of Hallwood’s hands are just as dirty as John Smith’s. The back and forth and tit for tat must stop.

HB 2383 does not solve a problem, it only escalates it. This bill is an embarrassment and an affront to open and honest government.

You guys on the Eastern Shore do not need legislation to solve your problems.

You need mediation and perhaps counseling. And prayer. Lots of prayer.


About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

8 Responses to “Delegate Lynwood Lewis Takes Personal Feud to Legislature”

  1. Dona L. Danziger says:

    Excellant article once again! The key words used were “good old boys feud”. This is a dangerous Bill, contact your Delegates to vite NO.

  2. John Smith says:

    It is quite obvious why Lynwood Lewis has submitted this bill. I have been prosecuted many times by this town of Hallwood. When I filed subpoenas to get documents to defend myself, Lynwood Lewis successfully filed Motions to Quash to prevent my access to documents and successfully filed a Motion for Sanctions for me to pay his hourly rate of $150 for time spent filing his Motion for Sanctions. After that I began filing FOIA requests to get documents. The police commissioner Merle Allshouse told me on 07/07/07 after my first three arrests: “We tested the waters and we know what buttons we can push whenever we have to to make whatever happen.” I believe I know who one of the police commissioner’s buttons to push is. Since his comments I have been arrested nine more times. Nine summons ago, the town got a $25 fine from me. The last eight arrests have had no convictions. I need access to documents guaranteed by the FOIA laws of Virginia. Lynwood Lewis would use his bill for the Eastern Shore Old Boy network to prevent my access to documents to defend myself from the relentless ridiculous prosecutions by this town of Hallwood.

    • Hallwood says:

      Did you forget you had to pay everyones Legal Fees because your law suit was a complete joke. Seriously, taking the Virginia ATT GEN and a magistrate to court? You leave allot out Johnny!!

    • Hallwood says:

      Arrested 9 more times? John, you have only been arrested once, and I believe that was for stalking or something similar. You have been ticketed but not arrested. I even cross checked this with the Accomack County Court web-site. If you could please tell us why and when you were arrested these other 8 times maybe we could make some sense of this! Again, another John Smith lie!

  3. Hallwood says:

    Really John? You have nothing better to do then harass people! You are the lowest of the low! You need to be evaluated by a Mental Health Dr! You try to act like you are so innocent in this situation, but your hands are dirtier than anyones in this situation! You walk the very fine line and occasionaly step well over it, and then you cry to anyone who will listen. You carry two to three recording devices on you constantly. Why? So you can minipulate the content and piece it together. Why don’t you just move back to Maryland with your wife in your nice condo? You won all that money in a BS Medical malpractice case but you would rather live in a converted school bus with no electricity or runnoing water. Why is that Mr. Smith? You could be in MD with your WIFE and forget Hallwood even exist! Wait a minute….I know why! Because if you did all of this in MD you would be thrown in jail! Yep MD has some pretty good harassment and recording peoples conversation laws! You are sick! You get off on what you are doing to people! Why dont you send Mr. White a copy of every letter you have wrote over the past few years? Why dont you send him a copy of every FOIR you have sent off in the past few years? You send them off just to harass people. Tell Mr. White how you sneak around Hallwood with your camera taking pictures of people through their windows or when they come out to get the morning paper. How about the time you got caught peeking into the Police Commissioners window at his wife! You leave allot out of your story Mr. Smith. You will sit there and take pictures of someones kids just to get them worked up until they say something to you so you can record it and stand there not saying a word but still taking pictures trying to play it off as “I was not doing anything and these people keep coming after me” You are a joke! Just pack up and go to your condo in MD! Everyone would be better off, even you! You can’t though, you need to keep this going for your own sick thrills! You dont work because of the money you got from the case, so you have all the time in the world to keep this going. Your life revolves around it, you are obsessed. And while were at it why dont you tell everyone why you quit your job. Is it because you made to much money and you wanted the state to pay for your daughters operations, thats why you quit!! You play it off as poor little ol me who is barely making it in this world, but that is so far from the truth! You have all the money you will ever need. You hire a court recorder from Va. Beach everytime you go to court! where does all this money come from! You are fake and mentally disturbed. Maybe, just maybe, due to what happened in AZ with that psycho they will pass some laws about people like you and the state can intervine and have you evaluated before you really hurt someone! Tell Mr. white how you mailed the Judge and the commonwealth attorney a set of deer testicals when you were caught spotlighting deer. If that is not pshyco I dont know what is! Well enough from me for now. I am too tired to write anymore. There are volumes that could be said about you, so maybe I will put a little on here each day!

  4. Tom White says:

    I am not sure why you think Mr. Smith has not been honest with me, or given me the details. I have 4 volumes of documentation in 3 ring binders that have every filing and foia request, summons, recordings and I am missing the last year or so, which John is willing to give me. I assure you he has held nothing back.

    I am well aware that it takes two to tango.

    The town pushes John, and John pushes back. I believe I called it Maybury meets Twin Peaks.

    It reminds me of the Hatfields and McCoys. Or more accurately the Arab-Israeli conflict- on a smaller scale.

    Who started it? Who the hell knows?

    But Linwood Lewis should be above this. I simply cannot understand why he is willing to use his office to leverage this feud against John Smith. And what really gets my attention is this moronic bill that shows Lewis is willing to sacrifice the intent of the FOIA to settle a vendetta against Smith.

    You would think that someone in the town of Hallwood would have the maturity to realize this is a fight they cannot win.

    You push John Smith, he pushes back.

    Understand I do not take John’s “side” in this. But he is smart, relentless and resourceful. I admit there is a David vs. Goliath dynamic here. Those in Hallwood intent on fighting Smith need to either swallow your pride and leave him alone, or continue trying to one up him.

    But rest assured. Having Lewis intervene and usurp MY rights to file a FOIA request, and be subjected to obstructionist governmental agencies that would love to deem every FOIA request “harassment” and take me to court, simply to advance his position against Smith is not going to happen.

    Lewis crossed the line on this. I truly hope someone steps up to challenge him and I will make sure the voters are fully aware of this kind of smarmy politics from a Delegate that deserves to be sent home.

    • Hallwood says:

      Completly understand Mr White! I do not agree with this Bill in no way shape or form! But do we really know that Mr. Smith is the reason for this? Might be, might not be! Just know that Mr. Smith is only going to give you the information that makes him look like the victim. I can assure you that, in those three volumes, the whole truth is not there. Mr. Smith tried to use the U.A.R.F to get his story out and they caught on quick and ran away. Then Mr. Smith tried to rally a Gay and Lesbian to go after his then neighbor. Mr. Smith went as low to claim he was Gay and that his rights had been violated. He was in contact with an attorney for the gay rights group in San Francisco, I believe his last name was wong. I hear his neighbors had to pack up and leave. His neighbor was a retired Coast Guard veteran who has never had a problem with anyone until Mr. Smith started in on him. This goes much deeper than Hallwood Vs. Smith. It is an entire community that he constantly harrasses. He even went as far as trying to get the Church bells silenced on Sundays because it disturbed him. It was’nt that though. He knew he could upset people by doing so! He let his dog in the church during a sunday service. Why? Why did he hang a rotten decaying deer head 3 feet from the Post Office door. Yes it was on his property line, but come on! Dig deeper into this story. Go talk to people in the town of Hallwood and get the “other side” You just might be shocked at what you find!


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