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Democrat Tom Shields Supporter Ann Jones Exposed As A Liar

If Ann Jones is typical of Democrat Tom Shields’ supporters, he is in serious trouble. “Ann” is one major liar!

That is if Ann Jones exists at all. It appears to be a “pen name”. I wonder who would want to masquerade as Ann Jones? And why.

Well, if you look at correspondence from Ann Jones to Delegate O’Bannon’s office, and compare it to comments “she” left on this blog, one can see that something is not right about Annie.

First, on August 4, “Ann” sent the following bizarre email to Dr. O’Bannon’s campaign manager Richie:

Subject: please respond
From: Ann Jones
Date: Tue, August 04, 2009 7:59 pm
To: [email protected]


This email is intended for Del. O’Bannon but it is hard to find out how to reach him on his website. Your email was all I could find.

Let me begin by saying I live in the district and have always voted for John. He will get my vote again this year.

However, his website is embarrassing. I cannot believe he would spend time defacing Dr. Shields and run a personal, negative attack on his opponent. To be honest, Delegate O’Bannon flies well below radar in our area. I have never had him or anyone knock on our door. I have never known of his town hall meetings. This is the general consensus in my neighborhood, which by the way is next to his. Dr. Shields has an excellent reputation at the University of Richmond and has taught my children there as well as many of their friends. He is an honest, genuine, intelligent man. I am a Republican, he is a Democrat, that is why John is getting my vote.

John needs to be careful that he doesn’t ruin his own reputation by asking for a retraction from Dr. Shields. It’s pathetic really.

Stick to the issues, defend his voting record, and stop the personal attacks. No one cares but you and your campaign. John needs to be the bigger person. Don’t try and ruin a professor’s life. It’s NOT worth it. We need more educators like Dr. Shields at University of Richmond. We don’t need more arrogant politicians like John O’Bannon who seem to be running a smear campaign.

I am not the only voter who feels this way. Republicans are talking, they are embarrassed that John would stoop so low when at face value, John has been an absent delegate.

Thank you,
Ann Jones

Now, all you need to do is go to the Dr’s Website and click “Contact Us” to get any method of contact you want. But, notice Ann lives in the district and has always voted for Dr. O’Bannon, but then “she” turns quite hostile.

Dr. O’Bannon responded:

Dear Ms. Jones:

Thank you for your email.

I stand firmly behind my recent news release, which I have attached.

I concur with your viewpoint that this campaign should be about the issues. But as demonstrated by the announcement of his candidacy, Mr. Shields does not share our view on this matter. Mr. Shields chose to promote falsehoods regarding my record of constituent service. Making matters worse, accurate information contradicting the false charges he disseminated was readily available. As an educator at my Alma mater, I would have hoped that his standards were higher. Unfortunately, he chose to announce his candidacy by advancing information concerning my record that is entirely untrue. That does not bode well for the tone he clearly intends to employ for this campaign.

As an elected public official, I cannot stand idly by as others – for fleeting political advantage – promote a campaign by deliberately misinforming voters. Ultimately, I hope that Mr. Shields will redirect his campaign to the high road, take responsibility for promoting these falsehoods, retract them, and apologize to the voters of the 73rdDistrict.

Although we disagree on this matter, I appreciate your expression of support. I am also pleased that you took the time to write me to express your views. I would love to stop by while I’m going door-to-door and talk with you more about your views. In your email you said you lived near me, but you didn’t specify an address. Please provide me with your address and I’ll make it a point to stop by in the near future.


John M. O’Bannon III, M.D.
Member, House of Delegates

Ok. Dr. O’Bannon has the right to defend distortions of his record. It is not a personal attack to do so, but when someone goes negative and starts sling mud and false information, you must set the record straight.
Dr. O’Bannon offered to personally stop by her home and talk with her. But “Ann” strangely refused to tell Dr. O’Bannon where she lived.

Here is her response, keeping in mind the “attacks” in question were pointing out the misinformation from Shields:

From: “Ann Jones”
To: [email protected]
Sent: Thursday, August 13, 2009 8:51:24 PM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern
Subject: please respond


I do appreciate your response to my email.

I whole heartedly disagree with your personal attacks on Dr. Shields. My children have been canvasing with Dr. Shields and have encountered your team (and certainly NOT you) on the same territory. Your campaign team, young and old, are disrespectful. They have told my daughters that they “pity her” for being on the Shields team. They meet many families who say “your opponent’s team members do not have very nice things to say about your candidate.” That is absolutely embarrassing.
By the way, seeing as Dr. Shields does not have a voting record, you are clearly attacking him personally.

Having always been a Republican, this will be my first vote for a Democrat. I will not vote for you one more time. It is time I vote for our future and when my children feel threatened by the rude and angry tone of your campaign, I know it’s time for new leadership.

I can only be thankful that you have not had an opponent for the last nine years. No one appreciates dirty politics and that is exactly what you are playing.

I will NOT provide you with my address. There are plenty of Jones’ residence in your district and I will be curious to see if you work as hard as my children (and Dr. Shields) to spread your message by personally knocking on my door.

Ann Jones

Oh. Now Ann is NOT voting for O’Bannon. His “negative” messages correcting Shields incorrect information turned her off. But Shields’ accusation that Dr. O’Bannon wanted to kill Alzheimer’s sufferers is just fine with her.

Well, Ann Jones showed up again this week commenting on one of my posts seen here.

Ann Jones
October 29th, 2009 at 1:45 pm · Edit

“Those who can, do. Those who can’t teach.”

Did you really just post this?

Seems to me that fat sucks like yourself seem to have nothing to do but blog.

I sure as hell hope that you don’t have children and if you do, keep them home because their teachers will hate you.

You have a nice, hot spot waiting for you in hell.

To which I responded:

I am guessing that you are Tom Shields’ sister. I believe her name was Ann Jones. And from the venom spewing from your keyboard I can see you are as unstable as old Tommy Boy.

And Ann Jones, who lives in Dr. O’Bannon’s District and claims to have voted for O’Bannon responds:

Ann Jones
October 29th, 2009 at 2:19 pm · Edit

Try again Tom. I am unrelated to the candidate and I don’t live in the 73rd. I didn’t even read the post beyond your disrespectful the quote. But, no one knows venom better than you. Actually, looks like everyone can learn about hatred and venom just by reading your blog. Shame on you.

Ann Jones, You’re BUSTED!

You have claimed that Dr. O’Bannon never came to your door and you live in the district. You are a liar. Plain and simple. There is not one word of truth in your emails or your commonts on my blog.

I know how to read log files. When I posted a response to the last comment, Ann went away. IP Addresses can be traced. And, Ann, I know you are aware that I installed the University of Richmond network backbone when I worked there. You are aware that I have been working on networks for at least 20 years. Because I told you that when we spoke in person.

How dare you accuse Dr. O’Bannon of political dirty tricks? This tactic is the most dispicable thing I have seen from you yet.

It is proof positive that there is no honor and no truth whatsoever with the Tom Shields campaign.

By the way, exactly how did you manage to contact Shields to “work” for him? Unlike O’Bannon who has an office address, phone numbers, email addresses and more, all I can find on Shields’ website is a form. No address, because he is in the Democratic Party HQ, no phone because he does not want to be bothered, and no email for the same reason.

Ann, I know who you are. Why don’t you come clean?

Note: For “Ann’s” protection, I used XXXXXX for part of the email address. All emails and posts from Ann carry the same email address.

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