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Democrats ‘Back on the Mat’ After Djou Win in Hawaii

Republican Charles Djou Wins Obama's Hometown Seat

Republican Charles Djou Wins Obama's Hometown Seat

The PA-12 race was won by a Democrat who was running as far away from the Progressive Socialists Pelosi, Reid and Obama as possible. As we pointed out earlier this week, this was hardly cause for a Democratic celebration. The clear message from voters was the total rejection of the Obama Administration’s overreaching and Socialist agenda. Democrat Mark Critz will now be put to the test. If he lied to voters and votes with Pelosi, he faces another election in November. A very short grading period indeed.

The Liberal spin has been that the PA-12 Democratic win, in a district with a 2 to 1 Democratic advantage has pulled them “off the mat”. Well, this loss in Hawaii has put them back on the mat.

On Saturday, a special election was held in Hawaii featuring three candidates, two Democrats and one Republican. The Republican, Charles Djou won with 39.7% of the vote. So, the Democratic spin is that their vote was split and the Republican benefited. Democrat Colleen Hanabusa was second at 31 percent, with Democrat Ed Case third at 27.8 percent.


This is President Obama’s Home District (arguably) and Obama won 72% of the vote in 2008. So this represents a 24 point swing away from Democrats and towards Republicans, a fact that all Democrats should find both telling and disturbing.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) wanted to support Democrat Ed Case, the most conservative candidate, but liberal Hawaiian State Senator Daniel Inouye has a feud going with Case because of a 2006 challenge Case mounted against Hawaii’s junior Senator Daniel Akaka. Apparently Inouye is not in a very forgiving mood. Case promised strong support for President Obama’s agenda, making him a lap dog for the radical Socialist policies of Pelosi and Obama, but his Blue Dog record makes him unacceptable to the far left.

Democrat Colleen Hanabusa had the support and endorsement of the left wing spinners MoveOn.Org. That tells you all you need to know about her.

The bad news for Democrats is that the September Primary will most likely feature a contest between Hanabusa and Case. There was a 3 point difference between them (31% – 28%) meaning a close primary is likely in store for the Democrats. The rift within the Democratic party will be interesting to watch. The DCCC apparently understands the voters have shifted to the right, even in liberal Hawaii. Their support of Case is an indication that they are willing to support more conservative Democrats over the more Liberal ones because they can always pressure the vote if needed, but need a Democrat elected. Which is also an admission that the DCCC understands that Obama’s leftist agenda is coming to a close.

This is a bitter disappointment for Democrats and it will be interesting to watch how the independents vote in November. Should Hanabusa win the primary, as many expect, the anti Obama vote will likely go for Republican Djou.

While this seat will most likely go back to the Democrats in November, it will be a costly race for them. The DCCC has already spent $300,000 in negative ads against Djou, look for far more money to be spent between the primary and the general election disparaging the Republican. Ironically, this may serve to drive more independents and Conservative Democrats to cast their vote for Djou.

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