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Democrats Spinning Horrible Unemployment Numbers

As the monthly unemployment numbers are released each month, it is astounding how the Democrats spin this downward economic spiral. The job losses began 6 months after the Democrats raised the minimum wage. Despite warnings from Republicans that this will lead to job losses, as Companies are unable to afford to pay higher wages, Democrats passed the bill. And the job losses followed.

For the month of December, the Democrats were eagerly awaiting job numbers. After all, merchants hire Christmas help, right? Temporary jobs are fine when the Democrats count their own successes. Just imagine – finally creating jobs after a year of Obama in the White House – just in time for the State of the Union address.

In a stunning upset to their plans, December unemployment numbers were abysmal. Worse than expected. Worse than the previous month. Yet, somehow this is good news. Nancy Pelosi casts a teary eye to the losses under Bush, proclaiming these 84,000 jobs lost are less than that! (And we are all aware that that number will continue to decline as it is adjusted in the next 3 weeks. We could see a loss of 100,000 when Obama finishes playing with the numbers. )

Just wondering what she will say next month when the rash of business closings hit. Many merchants were hoping against hope that the Christmas buying spree would put some much needed cash in their tills. A quick spin around several shopping centers shows that the only good news is for the sign makers. You know. The ones that make the “Going Out Of Business” banners.

It is easy to see that the numbers for the next few quarters will continue to decline. Banks are reluctant to lend money, with no end in sight for the recession. The odds of another Depression are looming larger than the odds of any recovery. And one gets the feeling that the new definition of Recovery will be when the job losses finally bottom out, which might end up in triple digits if you take away government growth.

This graph can be found at Free Republic and tells a sorry tale of unemployment under a Democrat controlled HOuse and Senate. Bush’s fault? Yea, right.

Unemployment With Democrat Controlled House and Senate

Unemployment With Democrat Controlled House and Senate

The Obama policies are making sure the economy will never recover the jobs lost, but at some point we will hit bottom. ANd that bottom will be the new reality as Socialist policies kill all growth and production.

The Republicans released the following press release to remind us all of how bad Pelosi and Reid, et. al. saw the Bush jobs reports when millions of jobs were being created each year. Strange how they have changed their tune, right?

After Attacking Bush During Periods Of Job Growth, And Pledging Their Stimulus Would Create Millions Of Jobs, Where’s The Dems’ Outrage?


In 2003, Over 87,000 Jobs Were Created. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,, Accessed 1/6/10)

  • But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) Criticized 2003 Job Creation As “Far From Enough.” “The slight increase in jobs last month is wonderful news for 57,000 Americans. But the 2.1 million Americans who have been actively looking for work for more than two years … know that it is far from enough …” (Rep. Nancy Pelosi, “Pelosi: ‘Slight Jobs Increase Far From Enough — We Must Do More to Create Jobs and Growth,’” Press Release, 10/3/03)

In 2004, Over 2 Million Jobs Were Created. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,, Accessed 1/6/10)

  • But In 2004, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) Claimed Bush “Created A Climate … Where The Number of Jobs Is Not Growing.” “This President has created a climate in this country where the number of jobs is not growing. It did not have to be that way.” (Sen. Dick Durbin, Congressional Record, 10/08/04, p. S10764)

In 2005, Over 2.5 Million Jobs Were Created. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,, Accessed 1/6/10)

  • But Pelosi Called 2005 Job Creation Numbers “Anemic.” “Today’s anemic jobs numbers confirm that President Bush has still failed to create a single new private-sector job since he became President.” (Rep. Nancy Pelosi, “Pelosi: ‘Today’s Anemic Jobs Numbers Confirm the Administration Has Failed to Create a Single New Private-Sector Job,’” Press Release, 6/3/05)

In 2006, Over 2.1 Million Jobs Were Created. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,, Accessed 1/6/10)

  • But Pelosi Claimed Bush Policies “Favored The Privileged Few At The Expense Of America’s Working Families.” (Rep. Nancy Pelosi, “Democrats Will Restore the Economic Security of America’s Working Families,” Press Release, 9/22/06)

By 2007, 5.7 Million Jobs Had Been Created Under Bush. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,, Accessed 1/6/10)

  • But Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) Claimed Bush Had “Shameful History Of Losing American Jobs.” (Sen. Harry Reid, “Reid: As Unemployment Reaches Two-year High, American Jobs Are The Latest Casualty Of Bush’s Failed Economic Policies,” Press Release, 1/4/08)


In February, Obama Signed $787 Billion Stimulus Bill, Claiming It Would “Fix The Economy.” “President Obama on Tuesday signed the $787 billion stimulus package … ‘We have begun the essential work of keeping the American dream alive in our time,’ Obama said, calling the legislation ‘the beginning of the end’ of what needed to be done to fix the economy.”  (Michael A. Fletcher, “Obama Leaves D.C. To Sign Stimulus Bill,” The Washington Post, 2/18/09)

And Obama Pledged That Stimulus Would Create 3.5 Million Jobs By End Of 2010. “[W]hat makes this recovery plan so important is not just that it will create or save 3.5 million jobs over the next two years …” (President Barack Obama, Remarks At The Signing Of The American Recovery And Reinvestment Act, Denver, CO, 2/17/09)


2.8 MILLION Jobs Lost Since Obama’s Signed His $787 Billion Stimulus In February 2009. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,, Accessed 12/10/09)

  • Including 85,000 More Jobs Lost Last Month. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,, Accessed 1/8/09)

In Addition To 3.5 MILLION Jobs Obama Promised Would Be Created By His $787 Billion Stimulus By December 2010. (President Barack Obama, Remarks At The Signing Of The American Recovery And Reinvestment Act, Denver, CO, 2/17/09)

That Equals 6.3 MILLION Jobs Dems Need To Create This Year Alone To Declare Economic Success, A Level Of Job Growth That Has Never Been Achieved in American History. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,, Accessed 1/6/10)

  • Because In 1946, 4.3 MILLION Jobs Were Created, Largest Job In A Single Calendar Year In American History. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,, Accessed 1/6/10)


Obama Says “The Yardstick Should Be … Am I Creating These Jobs?” (Sam Stein, “Obama: Judge Me On The Jobs I Create,” The Huffington Post, 12/15/08)

  • Pelosi: “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs … We Will Measure Our Success In That Way; And Hopefully The American People Will, Too, In The Next Election.” (Greg Sargent, “Pelosi: Judge Dems’ Success On Whether We Create ‘Jobs, Jobs, Jobs,’” “The Plum Line” Blog, 12/3/09)

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