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UKIP is my favorite British political party (I used to be a committed Tory fan but too many compromises on Europe for my liking and UKIP is more libertarian and non-racist!) but this week’s news is intriguing:

A foster family lost their three foster children because it was revealed they are members of UKIP.  Yes, that’s right:  The United Kingdom Independence Party!  Here’s a report from the Sun:

The mum, of Rotherham, South Yorks, said: “We would not have taken these children on if we’d been racist.”

She told how they bought Christmas presents for the two girls and boy snatched from their care.

Council officials removed the children following an anonymous tip-off that the couple were UKIP members.

They acted amid fears that the white pair’s political affiliations meant that they were racists.

But the devastated fosterers hit back — and claimed the COUNCIL acted in a racist manner.

They also told how the festive gifts they bought for the children lay unopened in an upstairs room.

Fighting back tears the mum, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, said: “They just came in and took the kids away.

“We want them back but that would cause them more disturbance. We just want them happy.

“Their presents are upstairs, some of them wrapped. They won’t get to open them. That’s the most heartbreaking thing of all.”

This is not political correctness run amuck:  This is how the left works.  It’s no different from the soda ban in NYC or Agenda 21 or other similar issues.  Soem sort of local government felt that disrupting three children was the price to pay to make a political statement.  I am glad both Labour and the Tories have condemned the act.  But I can assure the UK people that a UKIP parliament would do more than cheap words. (This other UKIP story was not needed right now!)
That this is a Labour council in Rotherham, where there is a by-election on Thursday, that did this act opens up possibilities.  As Andrew Gilligan wrote in the Telegraph:
In a low-turnout by-election with big protest vote potential, the fostering decision by a Labour council could just be the kind of issue UKIP might use to pull off an upset. It’s still much more likely that Labour will win, of course. UKIP is notoriously crap at the ground game of fighting elections. But if I was them, I’d pile everything I have, and more, into Rotherham.
It is not likely UKIP can win but in a unscientific poll cited in a email I get from UKIP (along with 90 million others!) there may be a surge for the anti-EU libertarian social conservative party:

We’ve been phoning voters in Rotherham all weekend. This is not a scientific survey, but look what people told us:

 Voting Labour………………………..36%

Voting Conservative……………….0% (1 person)

Voting UKIP……………………………25%

Would consider voting UKIP…..26%

We have 4 days to persuade the people of Rotherham to do something extraordinary, by voting for liberty, voting for freedom of speech – voting for UKIP.

The UKIP email asked people from all over the UK to help.  If I were able to do so, I’d help, too.  Walk a precinct.  Pass out literature.  Talk to people.
There is also a great report in the Guardian that as many as nine Tory MPs might defect to UKIP:

The secret talks were disclosed by Ukip’s Treasurer Stuart Wheeler, the spread betting millionaire who used to be a major donor to the Conservatives, donating £5million to the party during the 2001 general election.

Mr Wheeler admitted that he had been privately courting disaffected Tory MPs to see if they might be tempted into switching sides.

He told The Daily Telegraph: “I have had lunch secretly if you like, in a completely confidential way, with eight different Tory MPs.”

If UKIP gets 25% in Rotherham, it might push one or more of the Tories to act.  We’ll see…

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