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I saw this story and I had to write about it!


I thought maybe this was some sort of weird drug testing rule – allowing poppy seeds on top of bagels or something like that.  But it is worse than that according to Lost Letterman:

But take a look at Proposal No. 2011-78 set forth by the Big East that would allows schools to offer spreads such as butter, cream cheese, jelly or peanut butter on top of bagels they provide for recruits. Currently, schools are only allowed to provide spreads for their own student-athletes.

Yes, it is there!

How about this EU directive on bananas:

This standard defines the quality requirements to be met by unripened green bananas after preparation and packaging.

A. Minimum requirements

In all classes, subject to the special provisions for each class and the tolerances allowed, the bananas must be:

– green and unripened,

– intact,

– firm,

– sound; produce affected by rotting or deterioration such as to make it unfit for consumption is excluded,

– clean, practically free from visible foreign matter,

– practically free from pests,

– practically free from damage caused by pests,

– with the stalk intact, without bending, fungal damage or dessication,

– with pistils removed,

– free from malformation or abnormal curvature of the fingers,

– practically free from bruises,

– practically free from damage due to low temperatures,

– free from abnormal external moisture,

– free from any foreign smell and/or taste.

In addition, hands and clusters (parts of hands) must include:

– a sufficient portion of crown of normal colouring, sound and free from fungal contamination,

– a cleanly cut crown, not beveled or torn, with no stalk fragments.

The physical development and ripeness of the bananas must be such as to enable them to:

– withstand transport and handling,


– arrive in satisfactory condition at the place of destination in order to attain an appropriate degree of maturity after ripening.

I ponder this question:  Does the NCAA train EU bureaucrats or the other way around?  Is there a central place they both go to train?

I think Lost Letterman says it well:

It looks like the NCAA has its watchful eye on all the minutiae in college sports, but it took eight years to realize that schools like Miami (FL) had boosters offering extravagant benefits like large wads of cash, yacht rides and prostitutes.

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