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The night is young so to speak, but it is looking like a great night for UKIP.  This blog by Daniel Hannan says several encouraging things:

Alright, I’m going to go out on a limb here. The rise of UKIP is the real story of the night so far. Until now, their presence in local government has been made up overwhelmingly of defectors from other parties. Just occasionally, these defectors hold their seats under UKIP colours. More often, they don’t, but their numbers are sustained by new defections. Tonight that changed. UKIP has been winning seats outright, and coming second all over the place. They are so far averaging around 14 per cent in the wards where they had a candidate – not enough to win in many places, but often enough to determine who does. This is a new political phenomenon, and one to which all parties need to adjust.

A newer entry says this:

Labour is winning support directly from the LibDems. Further south, Labour is winning seats from the Tories, because the Tories are losing votes to UKIP. According to John Curtice, where UKIP gets above ten per cent, the Conservative vote falls by five per cent.

The Guardian reports from the Press Association this:

Ukip are tipped to do well as the results pour in this morning, with the BNP falling further behind.

That is good news!  The BNP is a disgrace!  Everybody in the UK ought to thank UKIP for that result!  The BBC is reporting UKIP at 14% of the national vote – beating the LibDems for third place:

UKIP is fielding a record number of local election candidates, about 700, and is polling at about 14% in the areas where it is running candidates – ahead of the Liberal Democrats.

The party is attempting to broaden its message beyond its traditional anti-EU platform, with pledges to cut council tax and building more grammar schools but it has traditionally performed poorly at local polls.

Here’s a warning from a Tory backbencher:  Better listen to UKIP!

Backbench Conservative MP Gary Streeter said Conservative supporters were sending a message to David Cameron that “they don’t think our leadership is Conservative enough” by voting UKIP.

They’ll be more Friday!

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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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