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EU VOTE MOVED up to MONDAY! 67 MPs intend to defy whips and vote for EU Referendum! At least one Parliament Secretary will resign and vote YES!

Developments in the impending EU vote:

PM Cameron moved it up to Monday, October 24:

The stage therefore seemed set for the following drama: the debate would be rushed forward to Monday, in order both to thwart voter pressure on MPs to vote against the Government and to allow Cameron and William Hague to be in the Commons and make their case; the Prime Minister would promise to back the contents of the Eustice amendment, and this would be enough to isolate the MPs backing an in-out poll.  As I write, however, this outcome may be off.  The Guardian reports that although the Prime Minister agrees with the Eustice amendment, he won’t support it – because it is unacceptable to the Liberal Democrats.

67 MPs intend to defy the whips to vote YES Monday – in defiance of orders from 10 Downing Street!  But maybe the Prime Minister should read some of the comments on the ConservativeHome website:

I am disappointed not to see my MPs name there. If he doesn’t vote for it then I will vote UKIP and spend my time campaigning for their candidate instead of him. That is two weeks full time at every election and several hours a week throughout the year.

MPs beware! The issue of a referendum/withdrawal is so important as to require a vote against any candidate or politician who is not in favour of withdrawal.


Cameron has shot any hope of the Conservative Party gaining many seats at the next general election. He is a wrecker!

Still another:

How many people have stayed in the Tories to changing it from within only to find it is continuously changing for the worse? UKIP MPs will give us what we want, Tories MPs won’t.

One more:

I have just written to my MP, Amber Rudd, seeking her reassurance that she will vote for the referendum on 27 October and stating that I shall vote UKIP in future if she doesn’t. I suggest others write to their MPs not on this list in similar vein.

There also was a debate on Radio 4 between an MP who will vote yea and one who will vote no:

Tory MPs Mark Pritchard and Nadhim Zahawi debate EU motion on Radio 4

Mark Pritchard MP says he is willing to defy three line whip to give the British people their say on Europe while his parliamentary colleague Nadhim Zahawi says vote is a distraction from the economic crisis.

Up to FIVE Parliamentary Secretaries (unpaid assistants to government ministers) may resign so they can vote YES:

Stewart Jackson, an aide to Owen Paterson, the Northern Ireland Secretary, said yesterday that he was prepared to quit and back a referendum on Monday.

Tory sources said four more parliamentary private secretaries were considering following him into the rebel camp.

UKIP is encouraging protests:

P.S. If you want to help let Parliament and the media know how strongly you feel about the need for an EU referendum, on Monday afternoon there will be protest outside the Parliament organised by UKIP and a meet-your-MP lobbying operation inside Parliament organised by the People’s Pledge.

My take on this continuing drama:  The Prime Minister could find himself in a terrible situation.  Blood in the water may embolden the LibDems and Labour to seek a no confidence vote to force new elections.  Labour would then offer Nick Clegg the top spot in return for most of the other leading ministries going to Labour.  Cameron will have single-handedly split the Tory party.  Unless UKIP wins or holds the balance of power, there will be no referendum.  It’s time for the UK to reassert its sovereignty and leave the EU.  Monday’s the day…


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