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EUROSKEPTIC (call them SOVEREIGNTY/LIBERTY) TORIES from intraparty group in Parliament!

There are many stories involving Europe.  it is almost impossible to keep up.

A person I admire very much asked me what I thought the Greeks were up to:  I said I think it could be an attempt to force the EU to kick them out of the euro so they can go back to the drachma and have a cheap currency.  Hence, factories and businesses will flee to Greece due to cheaper wage and labor costs.  I also suggested that the socialists seek to let themselves be thrown out so the conservatives can take the blame for the austerity measures and then they win the next election soundly.  We’ll see.

But this is a story about the 81 Tories that voted to defy the whips and vote for sovereignty and liberty.  They are now organizing into a group within the Conservative party according to the Independent:

Conservative MPs have defied David Cameron by forming a new Eurosceptic group to keep up the pressure on him to redefine Britain’s relationship with the European Union.

In a provocative act, they are calling themselves the “81 Group” – a reference to the 81 Tories who rebelled last week by demanding a referendum on Europe. While Mr Cameron had hoped that the biggest backbench revolt of his premiership was a one-off, the sceptics are warning that it was only a start and are determined to maintain the momentum.

There numbers may be as much as 100 or even more.  These MPs may not all be governed by principle, I think they see that UKIP is gaining support among the British public.  The potential impending Greek referendum has emboldened several of them to call for a vote in the UK!

The Greek government’s surprise decision to call a referendum on the bailout has only fuelled the Tory demands for the British public to be given a say. Julian Lewis, MP, said: “If the Greeks can have a referendum on Europe, why can’t we?” Nadine Dorries, Tory MP for Mid Bedfordshire, said the setting up of the 81 Group was a sign that more rebellions are on the cards. “What happened last Monday night was historic in terms of parliamentary tradition and is worthy of being honoured in the same way as the 1922 [Committee],” she said.

Unbelievably, they new group wants to persuade Nick Clegg, the LibDem leader and Deputy PM, to join them in getting power back from Brussels!  But Clegg said NO already:

In an attempt to cast the Eurosceptics as unpatriotic, Mr Clegg added: ‘The last thing we should do is betray our own history and our own traditions by turning inwards and isolating ourselves from the outside world.’

UNPATRIOTIC?  It’s unpatriotic to take back sovereign powers and restore the authority of Westminster and liberty?  I have to say it but the Deputy PM is living in a fantasy world.

But I am also afraid some Tories are getting cold feet:

Some of the rebels said they saw no rationale for the group and would not join it. Tracey Crouch, MP for Chatham and Aylesford, said the 81 Group looked like “an organised faction against the Prime Minister”.

In a letter to Mark Pritchard, secretary of the 1922 Committee and one of those behind the new grouping, Ms Crouch said: “While I think the Government should be doing more to articulate its policy on repatriating powers from Europe, I have no desire to be part of this faction. Last week should not be seen as the start of some Tory Spring – I voted for a referendum not revolution!”

There SHOULD be a Tory Spring, or there will be a UKIP Spring instead:

But Ukip can still exercise a determining influence. The strength of its national support means that it holds the future of scores of Tory MPs in its hands. By running a candidate in a marginal seat, it can deprive the Tories of a few thousand votes, more than enough to cause him or her to lose – indeed, one Tory, David Heathcoat-Amory, ironically himself a Eurosceptic, blames Ukip for his loss in the 2010 election.

Meanwhile, the party can throw its weight behind Tory candidates fighting for their lives against Lib Dem or Labour rivals. But in return, of course, it is entitled to demand a price and insist that those candidates pursue strong anti-European policies. This ability to determine or affect the result in individual constituencies means that Ukip can intervene dramatically in the Tory civil war over Europe which broke out after last week’s Commons vote. It can terminate the careers of ministers and loyal backbenchers, while throwing a lifeline to rebels.

It is not just politics for me:  This is US’s battle.  We will have to battle (already are battling) for our sovereignty against foreigners, the UN and its friends such as ICLEI and the ICC.  Check out this article about Libya:  The ICC has gone from preaching to meddling:

Along with alleged crimes by Gadhafi’s forces, “There are allegations of crimes committed by NATO” and opposition forces, [ICC Chief Prosecutor] Moreno Ocampo said.

One of the usual suspects, Human Rights Watch, who wanted our former President G. W. Bush arrested, is out in force, egging the ICC to further action:

Richard Dicker, director of the international justice program for Human Rights Watch, said although council members gave broad support to the court’s work in Libya, “talk isn’t enough.”

Council members “need to use their diplomatic clout with states in the neighborhood to see the two ICC suspects arrested and surrendered for fair trial in The Hague,” Dicker said.

I would disagree that the Security Council authorized court action in Libya.  Furthermore, Libya NEVER ratified the Rome Treaty!  This is a threat to the sovereignty of Libya and the United States.  The ICC must be stopped.  In the meantime, patriotic Americans ought to resign in masse from Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International as well.  Americans must choose:  USA or globalism.  You cannot serve two masters, Jesus once said and while He referred to God and money, it’s also true in this situation.


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